Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Great Beauty In the Slums

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When the car reached the foot of the mountain, Si Huan stopped by a bus stop nearby.

“You can get off now. It’s very convenient to wait for the bus or take a taxi here.”

Huo Tian unbuckled her seatbelt but stopped a second before she opened the car door. She turned around and looked at Si Huan with anticipation in her eyes. “Helpful Sir, I’d like to ask for a small, small, small, small favor.”

Her index finger got close to her thumb, with her trying to use gestures to prove how insignificant the help she wanted was.

Si Huan took a deep breath. He felt that he had done too many abnormal things today and one more wouldn’t matter.

“Speak, what is it now?”

Huo Tian revealed an ingratiating smile. “I don’t have a single cent on me. I won’t be able to pay for a ride. Can you lend me some money first?”

Si Huan was here to attend a banquet. He didn’t have his wallet with him, so he couldn’t have cash on him.

He pulled out his phone and said, “I’ll transfer it to you from my phone.”

Huo Tian shrugged, her palms facing up. “The Huo Family bought the phone. I didn’t take it with me.”

Si Huan felt a little regretful to have been softhearted and picked up trouble on the mountain road. However, he was not cold enough to let a penniless girl wander the streets.

He said, “Where is your destination? I’ll send you there.”

Huo Tian did not stand on ceremony with him. She quickly mentioned a place and buckled her seatbelt again. “Sorry to trouble you, Sir.”

The luxurious and clean sports car was incompatible with the dilapidated and messy urban village. Si Huan’s car was parked at the outermost street of the urban village.

Huo Tian said to Si Huan, “The road conditions inside are very complicated. You can just drop me off here.”

Si Huan nodded. “Be careful on the road.”

When the luxury car left the area, Si Huan saw Huo Tian waving at him through the rearview mirror. Her bright smile lit up the dark streets.

Huo Tian had obtained her biological mother’s address from Huo You and found it near the center of the urban village.

The urban village was very large. Shangjing was a place with many high-rise buildings. This area with low buildings and lagging facilities would be what others called a slum. If one looked down from a high altitude, they would find that this area was like an ugly scar attached to the prosperous and beautiful Shangjing city.

Huo Tian asked for directions while looking for her biological mother’s address.

Probably because of the makeup on her face that wasn’t cleaned up yet as well as her strange attire, the hooligans in the urban village did not dare to do anything to Huo Tian. She successfully found the two-story brick house with peeling walls.

The first floor of the brick house was modified to a shop on the side of the street. The signboard wrote ‘Ah Rong Clothing’.

When Huo Tian entered the narrow shop, she saw clothes hanging from the ceiling. Rolls of fabric scraps were piled on a table by the wall and there was a piece of unfinished garment on the sewing machine beside the table.

There was a small room separated by a curtain. Two people were talking behind the curtain.

A gentle female voice asked, “Sister Lin, what do you think of this dress after it has been tailored? Does it fit well?”

“Ah Rong, your craftsmanship is really amazing. You’ve changed this dress of mine into something fitting and beautiful.”

The woman called Ah Rong smiled and said, “Sister Lin has lost a lot of weight compared to last year. Those loose-fitting clothes from before don’t suit you anymore. You’ll look more energetic if you tailor them.”

Sister Lin’s laughter didn’t stop upon hearing the unobtrusive compliments. She even said that she wanted to bring all her old clothes over to tailor them.

The two of them talked and laughed as they lifted the curtain and walked out. They were shocked by Huo Tian, who was standing in the room.

Sister Lin patted her chest. “Young people nowadays really like to dress up weirdly. I thought I saw a ghost.”

Sister Lin wanted to discuss Huo Tian’s outfit with Ah Rong, but she realized that Ah Rong was staring at this strange girl in a daze as if she had been shocked silly.

It took a while before Ah Rong came back to her senses. She smiled politely at Sister Lin and said, “Sister Lin, there are a few water pits on the roads nearby. Be careful when you go home.”

Sister Lin was sent away without a trace.

Ding Rong looked at Huo Tian with a complicated expression. “Are, are you Huo Tian?”

Huo Tian nodded and also sized up Ding Rong.

At the Huo Family’s banquet, she saw many women and young ladies who were well-dressed and had on exquisite makeup. However, after seeing Ding Rong, all of them seemed very ordinary.

She shouldn’t be young, but she was still beautiful. Every move she made was filled with charm.

Huo Tian tilted her head and asked, “The Huo Family gave me a DNA test report. You should be my biological mother, right?”

Ding Rong’s eyes reddened slightly. “Yes, you are my daughter.”

At this moment, Ding Rong was feeling particularly unsettled. She had heard from Youyou that her biological daughter was a willful and reckless girl. Ding Rong had been very worried about how to get along with Huo Tian, but the moment she saw her daughter, Ding Rong sensed the bond that came from deep within her blood.

She was still worried if Huo Tian would accept her.

Huo Tian smiled happily. “It’s great that Mom is so beautiful! I’ll definitely be beautiful in the future too!”

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