Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Two Different Families

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Huo You’s face twisted in anger when she heard the busy signal on her phone. She threw her phone on the bed and cursed, “This family is a bunch of useless people! They deserve to be poor for the rest of their lives!”

The Huo parents were very satisfied with Huo You, their biological daughter, and they showed her more patience.

On the morning after the day of the banquet, in the presence of everyone from the Huo Family, Mr. Huo was generous with his compliments toward Huo You.

“Youyou, you did well yesterday. Hein Corporation’s He Yu is very interested in your proposal for the new shopping district business project. He is also a handsome and capable young man. You can interact more with him.”

Huo You complained, “Dad! Why are you talking about this?”

Her shy behavior made Mr. and Mrs. Huo laugh. They felt that their biological daughter was more considerate.

They thought to themselves that a blood-related child could indeed bring good luck to the Huo Family. Huo You had just returned, but she had already facilitated the cooperation between the Huo Corporation and Hein Corporation. Although it was just a verbal agreement, it would bring at least two billion yuan of profits to the Huo Corporation in the future.

Huo You had memories from her past life and knew the future of the Huo Family like the back of her hand. She was thinking that in her past life, Huo Tian hadn’t left the Huo Family, so of course, the marriage agreement decided by her deceased grandfather with the Si Family was still there. Si Huan was involved in the Huo Family’s new shopping district project, but later on, both parties didn’t have a pleasant cooperation. Mr. and Mrs. Huo cursed Si Huan countless times for his wild ambitions.

After her rebirth, Huo You not only wanted to suppress Huo Tian, but she also wanted to build her own business empire based on her understanding of the future! The first step to take was to destroy the collaboration between the Huo and Si families, then find a more suitable partner for the Huo Family—Hein Corporation.

After breakfast, when Mr. Huo went to work, Mrs. Huo called out to Huo You, who was about to attend etiquette class. “Youyou, tell me more about Huo Tian’s mother and the other people in that family. I want to know more about the life that you led.”

“Mom, why are you asking this?” Huo You didn’t want to talk about the past.”

They’re just people from the lowest level who live in the slums. Huo Tian’s mother is a tailor, and her uncle is a thug who spends all his time doing nothing. There’s nothing to say about them.”

“And how are their characters?” Mrs. Huo asked. “Do you think they will come and disturb us in the future?”

Huo You snorted. “They’re all fools who value their pride more than anything else. For her reputation, that woman refuses to find another man for herself. So all the more she wouldn’t come to look for me.”

Mrs. Huo smiled and said, “Youyou, you’re still too young. Some people can’t put down their pride because they think they feel that there aren’t enough things on the line. No matter what, I hope you can understand your position and don’t get involved with them anymore.”

Huo You nodded and said obediently, “I understand, Mom.”

“That’s good. Youyou is a good child.” Mrs. Huo kept up her gentle and demure appearance.

“So, from now on, Youyou mustn’t call another woman ‘Mom’ like you did last night. Otherwise, I’ll be very sad.”

The smile on Huo You’s face froze up and she broke out into a chill.

She was clearly in her room when she called Ding Rong yesterday. How did Mrs. Huo know that she had called Ding Rong mom?

“Uncle, you don’t know how crazy the Huo family’s parents are. They have a strong desire to control things.”

Huo Tian chewed on the bun her uncle had bought her while complaining, “Before they gave up on me, they placed several surveillance cameras in my room. If I did anything wrong, they would teach me a lesson. I wonder if they’ll treat Huo You the same way.”

Ding Chen squatted by the roadside with a toothpick in his mouth. “Huo You deserves it. Hasn’t she been wanting to have rich parents for a long time? She can just enjoy a good life from now on.”

Huo Tian asked curiously, “Uncle, why do you hate Huo You so much? Had she offended you before?”

Ding Chen spat and looked at Huo Tian for a long while before saying, “I can tell you if you want to know, but if you’re like that ingrate Huo You, don’t blame Uncle for not holding back.”

Huo Tian was speechless. “In what ways do I look like the same kind of person Huo You is?”

“I’m just getting things straight,” Ding Chen pointed at Ding Rong, who was busy at the tailor shop.

“Your mother is very pretty. In the past, many men wanted to marry her even though she had Huo You with her. Many big bosses also wanted to keep her as their mistress. Huo You, that ingrate, even persuaded your mother to be a mistress for a rich man. Pfft, if your mother hadn’t stopped me, I would have beaten her half to death on the spot!”

Huo Tian turned around to look at Ding Rong, who was tidying up the clothes she had tailored. She didn’t expect that this was the truth behind what the guests said about Ding Rong being someone’s mistress.

Ding Rong seemed to have sensed Huo Tian’s gaze and raised her head to smile at her.

She walked over and gave Ding Chen a stack of money. “Little Chen, bring Tiantian to buy a cell phone and have some fun nearby. She’d be bored at home.”

Ding Chen took the money and stuffed it into his pocket, then beckoned for Huo Tian to follow him.. “Let’s go. Uncle will take you to eat something delicious!”

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