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Chapter 350 - End of the Banquet

Chapter 350: End of the Banquet

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Mr. and Mrs. Huo appeared at the latter half of the banquet. They had wanted to make more connections, but they didn’t expect to be tricked by their biological daughter, Huo You. They had no choice but to agree to transfer the Huo Entertainment to Huo You’s name in public.

After that, they forced themselves to stay alert. They socialized with the other guests, and everyone appeared friendly in front of them. Their words were also very pleasant to the ears. Mr. and Mrs. Huo would always be mentioned by the other party about things they didn’t want to hear.

For example, “Mrs. Hill is willing to admit that she has a close relationship with Miss Huo You as her adoptive mother. Miss Huo Tian is also very close to Young Master Huo. The Huo Family has managed to hitch a ride with the Hill Family. From this, one can see their future prospects. It’s enviable.”

Another example was, “The Huo Family and the Hill Family can be considered to be on good terms now. Mr. and Mrs. Huo, in the future, when the Huo Family and the Hill Family collaborate, you should let us, your old friends, share some of the glory.”

There were even some ignorant people who brought up the matter of them handing the entertainment company to Huo You. “Mr. and Mrs. Huo really dote on your daughter. I believe you must have given the same treatment to Miss Huo Tian, who you’ve interacted with for 18 years. Which part of the family

business are you planning to hand over to Miss Huo Tian to take charge of”

In the end, this man who was asking around for information was not interested in other people’s private matters. He only felt that his company was small and was prepared to ask which part of the Huo Family’s business the Huo Family was planning to hand over to Huo Tian. He could conclude that this part

of the business would definitely be jointly protected by the Huo Family and the Hill Family. Then, this man could make the first move and take a share of the profits.

These questions rendered Mr. and Mrs. Huo speechless, but they could not show any abnormal expressions and could only brush these questions away.

When the banquet finally ended, Mr. and Mrs. Huo heaved a sigh of relief. At that moment, both of them regretted coming to this banquet.

Back then, Mr. and Mrs. Huo had tried their best to get Huo You to get the invitation letter, and they had even fallen out with her over this. If they had known earlier, they would have found a reason to be unwell or busy with work to miss this banquet.

Other than Mr. and Mrs. Huo, most of the guests felt that this banquet was organized perfectly. Under everyone’s praise, the banquet came to an end. As the banquets host, Xi Cheng and Ding Rong appeared at the banquet venue again to bid farewell to some of the more important guests.

Most of the guests who could be valued by Xi Cheng were from top-notch foreign families, including the Cameron Family.

Previously, Ding Rong had only followed Xi Cheng around and gotten to know some guests briefly. As a Chinese, Ding Rong was a little unclear about the appearances of those foreigners. Actually, she did not remember many of them.

However, when she sent them off, Ding Rong became very alert. This was especially when she heard Xi Cheng mention the surname Cameron. She became very focused and looked at the young man standing behind a middle-aged man with bright eyes.

Of course, Andrew Cameron wasn’t here to attend the Hill Family’s banquet alone. Other than the junior, Andrew Cameron, there was also a middle-aged man who was in charge of the family’s charity business.

They politely bade Mr. and Mrs. Hill farewell, but in the process, they could not ignore Mrs. Hill’s burning gaze when she looked at Andrew Cameron.

Andrew Cameron was already used to being watched by others. His beautiful face was easy to attract people’s gaze. As long as the people who looked at him didn’t make any rude requests, Andrew Cameron usually wouldn’t care about other people’s gazes.

Andrew Cameron hadn’t taken Ding Rong’s gaze to heart either, but the gaze that landed on his face was too long and too hot, making it impossible for him to ignore it.

In the end, he frowned slightly and looked up at Ding Rong. He saw that Ding Rong did not avoid his cold gaze at all. She did not show any awkwardness of being caught red-handed. Instead, she revealed a loving smile.

Andrew Cameron didn’t know what Ding Rong was trying to do. He moved a little so that the elder from the Cameron family blocked Ding Rong’s view.

At least half of Xi Cheng’s attention had been on Ding Rong. He was well aware that Ding Rong was paying too much attention to Andrew Cameron and knew why Ding Rong was paying attention to this young man…

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