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Chapter 349 - The Huo Family’s Little Uncle

Chapter 349: The Huo Family’s Little Uncle

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Huo Feng’s gaze landed on the man beside him. He saw the man cover his mouth with the handkerchief again and start coughing softly.

Huo Feng handed the man a cup of hot water and patted his back to help him breathe. When the man’s cough calmed down, he said helplessly, “Uncle, your health is too worrying. You’re so weak, so how would I dare to trouble you to worry about the company?”

The man took the glass of water Huo Feng handed him and took a few sips of hot water. His dark eyes looked at Huo Feng and stared at him. After a long while, a faint smile appeared on his lips.

‘When he spoke, his voice was a little hoarse. “If it wasn’t for my dilapidated body, how could you feel at ease to be working with me?*


Huo Feng smiled and didn’t say anything. He and the man in front of him were both smart people and knew each other’s personalities. He also knew the goals both parties had for this cooperation.

This uncle of Huo Feng’s was called Huo Xia. He shared the same father as Mr. Huo but had a different mother. He had shown extraordinary intelligence since he was young, but his body was extremely weak. Even if he could surpass Mr. Huo in terms of talent, Huo Feng’s grandfather did not dare to leave the

heavy responsibility of managing the family to his beloved youngest son before his death, afraid that it would be too tiring for him and detrimental to his health.

He left all his businesses to his eldest son, who was also Huo Feng’s father, and sent his youngest son and young wife abroad, leaving only fixed assets that were enough for them to live a rich life.

The arrangements Huo Feng’s grandfather had made before his death were done out of concern for his youngest son. However, for Huo Xia, this arrangement was not satisfactory. He was a genius whose intelligence and talent far exceeded his elder brother’s, but he could not get the attention of his father

and the family. If he could be more at ease and recuperate overseas, he would not have developed any resentment towards the family. However, what happened later made Huo Xia hate the Huo Family as well as his half-brother completely.

A few years ago, Huo Xia’s biological mother had died from an illness. In the days before she died, she had become a little absent-minded. She always thought that her husband had not passed away and that her biological son was still a four or five-year-old child. Facing her biological son who had already

grown up, she always thought that he was the eldest son her husband’s ex-wife had given birth to, Mr. Huo.

And when she faced the Mr. Huo she imagined, she always acted as if she saw a demon, appearing horrified.

From his mother’s words and her reaction after being agitated, Huo Xia understood a part of the truth that she never knew.

It turned out that when he was young, his older brother, who was also Huo Feng’s father, had wanted to kill him. Their father’s death was also planned by his older brother. All of this had been noticed by Huo Xia’s mother, but she didn’t have any substantial evidence. In addition, her personality was more

cowardly, so she only buried these things deep in her heart as a secret. Only before she died, when she was in a daze, did she let Huo Xia know his older brother’s true colors.

Over the years, Huo Xia had been trying to think of ways to destroy the Huo Family. However, for Huo Xia, who only had some assets, the Huo Family was like a colossus that he could not shake.

Hence, Huo Xia had no choice but to settle for the next best thing. He just wanted to take revenge on Mr. Huo.

Huo Feng probably noticed some clues from his actions against the Huo Family and Mr. Huo. He took the initiative to contact his uncle, who he hadn’t seen in a long time. After a long period of mutual probing, the two parties finally reached an agreement.

Huo Xia did not understand why Huo Feng hated his biological parents so much, but he did not want to explore the reason either. He did not have much time to tell if Huo Feng was lying to him. He only wanted to take revenge for his younger self and his father, who had died young, while he was still alive.

The person he hated was also the person Huo Feng wanted to deal with. Since their goals were the same, the cooperative relationship became reasonable.

Huo Xia and Huo Feng had interacted on the Internet for a period of time. They had also met a few times in the interim and didn’t spend much time together. However, he felt a bit more admiration for his nephew.

At this moment, looking at Huo Feng’s pretentious concern for him, Huo Xia couldn’t help but laugh. Huo Xia found his laughing very strange.

Then, Huo Xia said mysteriously, “A child like you is indeed from our Huo Family.

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