Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 348 - The People Watching the Show From the Corner

Chapter 348: The People Watching the Show From the Corner

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The grand banquet hall provided the guests sufficient room for socializing, but there were also a few quiet and secluded corners for them to rest in.

At this moment, Huo Feng was sitting in a booth separated by green plants. This corer wouldnt easily attract other people’s attention, but he could ingeniously see the entire banquet hall and also take in everything that happened at the banquet.

‘There was another man beside Huo Feng. This man’s face was pale and his body was weak. Every few moments, he would need to cover his mouth with a handkerchief and suppress his coughs.

He looked exceptionally weak, but his pitch-black eyes seemed to be burning with scorching flames. This made him look extremely contradictory.


He had an extremely weak outer shell, but it was wrapped in vigorous vitality. This contradictory characteristic made him attract other people’s attention especially easily.

However, right now, there was only Huo Feng and this man in this area, and Huo Feng was already immune to the man’s strange attractiveness and didn’t show any abnormal behavior.

At the banquet, the confrontation between Huo You and her parents was coming to an end. Under Huo You’s deliberate guidance and the unknown motivations of the surrounding guests, Mr. and Mrs. Huo had no choice but to announce in public that they would find time to hold a press conference and

officially announce that Huo You would take over the Huo Entertainment and become the head of this entertainment empire that had a long history to it.

Mrs. Huo’s expression had already turned extremely grim. She had always been in charge of Huo Entertainment in the past and didn’t care much about this declining entertainment company. However, the film and television department under the entertainment company had a large amount of resources.

There were also many celebrities who had already made a name for themselves in the celebrity department, creating a large amount of benefits for her every year.

In the past, other than the dividends given to the shareholders, most of the profits fell into Mrs. Huo’s hands.

Now, in front of everyone, Mr. Huo was forced by Huo You’s words to agree to transfer the entertainment company to Huo You after they went back. This was clearly snatching the cake from Mrs. Huo’s hands and handing it over to Huo You.

How could Mrs. Huo be willing to accept this? However, she also understood that if he were to cause a scandal with Huo You at the Hill Family’s banquet, it would not be beneficial for the Huo Family. Therefore, she could only endure it.

After the surrounding guests had seen enough of the commotion, they gradually stopped paying attention to the Huo Family. Mrs. Huo’s face was livid as she glared at Huo You and said in a low voice through gritted teeth, “Huo You, you really have a big appetite. Aren’t you afraid of choking yourself to


The smile on Huo You’s lips hadn’t faded. Her expression hadn’t changed at all and she still looked innocent and pure. However, her response was piercing and pierced into Mrs. Huo’s heart. “Mom, you look like you’re very unwilling to hand the entertainment company over to me, but didn’t you and Dad

promise that as long as I get engaged to He Yu obediently, you’ll hand the company over to me? Were you just patronizing me previously?”

Huo You’s gaze swept past Mrs. Huo and Mr. Huo, and she sharply noticed that their expressions were a little stiff. She couldn’t help but sneer in her heart, but the smile on her face grew brighter. ‘It seems like my guess was right. You were really joking with me previously. That’s right, the person you like to

trust the most has always been your precious son, Huo Feng. With him around, how could you possibly hand over the Huo Family’s assets to me to manage? Even if it’s an entertainment company that’s insignificant to the Huo Family, it won’t be handed over to an outsider like me, right?”

Mrs. Huo’s expression became calmer after Huo You exposed her thoughts. She no longer looked as unnatural as before.

She looked at Huo You coldly and avoided her question. Instead, she said warningly, “Do you think it’s easy to manage a company? Even if you force us to have no choice but to hand the entertainment company to you, what results can you achieve?”

Huo You smiled. “Mom, this is not something you should be concerned about.”

Mrs. Huo gritted her teeth secretly. “Then let’s wait and see. When you’ve made a huge loss with the entertainment company, don’t come back crying to beg us!”

With that, Mrs. Huo didn’t seem to want to see this rebellious daughter anymore. She turned around and strode away. Mr. Huo gave Huo You a deep look and turned to follow Mrs. Huo.

Huo Feng and the frail man watched the entire scene with interest..

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