Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 347 - Confrontation Between Father and Daughter

Chapter 347: Confrontation Between Father and Daughter

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Huo You had a gentle smile on her face, but in Mrs. Huo’s eyes, she seemed to be assuming airs and there was even a hint of mockery in her eyes.

Mrs. Huo only felt anger rising in her chest. She clenched her fists tightly, her exquisite nails digging into her palms. She had to rely on this sharp pain to maintain her rationality and not do anything rude at the banquet.

Mr. Huo’s expression also darkened slightly. He could also sense Huo You’s dissatisfaction with him and his wife. Now, Huo You was using her relationship with Mrs. Hill to resist against her biological parents

Although Mr. Huo was very unhappy with his daughter’s attitude, he couldn’t show his dissatisfaction towards Huo You at the Hill Family’s banquet.

As if he didn’t notice Huo You’s rebellion, he smiled warmly and looked at Huo You lovingly. “Youyou, your mother and I are very happy that you can maintain a close relationship with Mrs. Hill. It’s just that you have to be careful in the future and don’t do anything that will put Mrs. Hill in a difficult


Although Mr. Huo’s words were gentle, there was also a warning hidden in them. Huo You’s expression changed slightly. She gritted her teeth and thought to herself that this couple from the Huo Family was indeed much more mentally strong than ordinary people. To think that they could still remain

calm at a time like this.

The reason Huo You had revealed the relationship of her being Ding Rong’s adopted daughter to the Huo couple openly at the banquet wasn’t just to agitate them and make them lose control of their emotions. More importantly, she wanted to achieve her goals.

Realizing that the others were vaguely looking in her direction, the smile on Huo You’s face became even brighter. She was like a spoiled young girl, her cheerful voice carrying a hint of spoiled playfulness. “Dad, Mom, I just chatted with Mrs. Hill in the dressing room for a while. She asked about my recent

situation, and I told her everything…”

“What did you tell her?” Mrs. Huo, who had been barely maintaining her composure, suddenly changed her expression and asked anxiously.

Perhaps it was because her tone was a little harsh that everyone sensed that something was wrong and turned to look over.

At such a critical moment, Mr. Huo was still more composed. He held Mrs. Huo’s wrist and looked at her with deep eyes.

Then, Mr. Huo said to Mrs. Huo in a soft voice, “Youyou and Mrs. Hill have been together for 18 years, after all. Their deep relationship is there. Even if you’re unwilling to let Youyou cling to the Hill Family, you don’t have to be anxious on such an occasion.”

With just a few words, he managed to give a reasonable explanation for Mrs. Huo’s loss of composure. At the same time, he also established a noble reputation for the Huo Family that they didn’t want to cling to wealthy families.

Huo You’s lips twitched as she thought mockingly, (My biological father is indeed very outstanding at adapting to situations. It seems that unless he’s facing an opponent with a strong disposition like Mr. Hill, he won’t easily reveal a flaw in his emotions.)

As Huo You thought this, she no longer planned on playing mind games with the Huo couple. She went straight to the point and revealed her motive.

Huo You said to Mrs. Huo ina spoiled tone, “Mom, | didn’t ask for anything overboard from Mrs. Hill. I just told her about my recent situation.”

Mrs. Huo took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her heart. A slightly ferocious smile appeared on her face. “Then can you tell me what you told Mrs. Hill?”

Huo You said proudly, “I said that Dad and Mom treat me very well. Not only did you decide on a fiancé who is outstanding in both looks and capabilities for me, but you’ve also promised to put the family’s entertainment company under my name, make it my personal property. The thought of you guys

putting me in charge of a company at such a young age makes me excited and nervous…”

As soon as these words landed, the guests who were secretly paying attention to the situation were a little surprised.

A few guests who knew the Huo Family better couldn’t help but sigh. “The Huo Family’s cultural and sports industries are flourishing day by day, and the entertainment company is established and has a strong dominance in the industry. Although their current momentum can’t be compared to the past,

they still have great prospects. To hand them over to their daughter just like that… This boldness is really something that others can’t compare to…”

Mr. Huo, who had been maintaining his composure, finally had a change in expression. He took a long look at Huo You, but there was no love in his eyes, only bone-chilling coldness.

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