Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 346 - Out of Control

Chapter 346: Out of Control

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There was no need to explain Mrs. Huo’s dislike for Huo You. Her true feelings for Huo You could be seen from her furious expression.

The truth was, if Huo You really did mend her relationship with Ding Rong, the Huo Family would take this opportunity to obtain great benefits. However, Mrs. Huo would rather not take those benefits than let Huo You be too smug.

The reason Mrs. Huo had such thoughts even though she wouldn’t benefit at all was not that her relationship with Huo You had reached an extremely incompatible stage like fire and water. It was because of the distrust she had for Huo You.

The current Huo You wasn’t an obedient and cute daughter in Mrs. Huo’s eyes. Instead, she was someone who refused to be disciplined and was rebellious, someone who could ruin her plan at any moment.

If Huo You remained to be someone without anyone to rely on, weak, easy to bully, and could be threatened and controlled, Mrs. Huo wouldn’t have bothered with this good-for-nothing daughter. Once Huo You had Ding Rong’s support and had a relationship with the Hill Family, she would become out of

control. More importantly, Huo You was an unfilial daughter who had already fallen out with her parents. Who knew if she would do anything that would harm the Huo Family?

Mrs. Huo was very certain of her thoughts. She gritted her teeth and said to Mr. Huo, “Huo You is an ingrate. Back then, in order to return to the Huo Family, she was able to belittle Ding Rong in front of us to the point as if Ding Rong was useless. Now, she might very well smear our reputation in front of

Mr. and Mrs. Hill in order to please the Hill Family. If Mr. Hill misunderstands our attitude towards Huo Tian and thinks that we have malicious intentions towards Tiantian, it’d be over for the Huo Family!”

When Mr. Huo first heard that Huo You had managed to get connected with Mrs. Hill and was officially recognized as her adopted daughter, he was ecstatic.

He didn’t care how Huo You did it. Mr. Huo only knew that if Huo You became Mrs. Hill’s adopted daughter, the Huo Family would be able to rely on Huo You to obtain huge benefits from the Hill Family. These benefits included the rise in the family’s status, the expansion of their social circle… and other

invisible wealth that couldn’t be calculated in numbers.

Mr. Huo’s heart churned again after hearing Mrs. Huo’s words. That’s right, if Huo You had a good relationship with the Huo Family, then the closer the Huo Family and the Hill Family were, the better. Now, Huo You’s attitude towards the Huo Family had become very subtle, making Mr. Huo unsure how

much respect she still had for the Huo Family. Therefore, Mr. Huo could not refute Mrs. Huo’s words at this moment.

He could only lower his voice to stop Mrs. Huo from continuing, “Alright, stop talking. No matter what Huo You wants to do, she has already affirmed her identity as Mrs. Hill’s adopted daughter at today’s banquet. Even if she arouses our dissatisfaction, this matter can’t be changed anymore, so what’s the

point of getting angry? You might as well get over it and accept other people’s blessings generously as Huo You’s biological mother.”

Mrs. Huo couldn’t be as magnanimous as Mr. Huo. She was infuriated by what Huo You had done, so how could she speak up for Huo You?

However, Mrs. Huo was good at observing people’s expressions. She carefully observed her husband’s expression and knew that Mr. Huo was getting impatient. She could only hide her dissatisfaction and complaints towards Huo You, not daring to reveal anything.

When Mrs. Huo and Mr. Huo found Huo You, they realized that there were already many guests gathered around her.

Most of these guests were middle-aged women. They were gathered together and chattering non-stop. No one knew what they were talking about. Most of the men watched from afar and shrank back at the sight of this group of women who were high and mighty.

Fortunately, the group of madams and young ladies gathered around Huo You were good at reading people’s expressions. When they noticed Mrs. Huo and Mr. Huo’s arrival, they felt that they should leave a time and place for the three Huo Family’s members to talk, so they politely found an excuse to say

goodbye to Huo You.

It just so happened that the entire banquet was coming to an end. The madams and young misses still had to go greet their new and old friends. Therefore, they naturally left space for the Huo Family’s parents and daughter.

However, the relationship between Huo You and her biological parents could be considered subtle, She faced her parents’ gazes calmly and said, “Dear Dad and Mom, Mrs. Hill has recognized me as her adopted daughter… You’re happy for me too, right?”

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