Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 345 - Quietly Appeared

Chapter 345: Quietly Appeared

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Although there were some twists and turns at the banquet, overall, it was quite satisfactory.

The guests had either expanded their connections, gotten to know new friends, or met the person they liked and were about to start a relationship… They had more or less gained something, but this didn’t include the Huo couple.

In the first half of the banquet, Mr. Huo pretended to be unwell and hid in the lounge with Mrs. Huo. Although the lounge was equipped with professional waiters to provide them with refreshments and drinks, as well as satisfy their other requests, Mr. and Mrs. Huo still felt impatient when the banquet

was halfway through. Not wanting to stay in the lounge any longer, they discussed showing up at the banquet.

Compared to Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo was even less composed. As time passed, she became a little agitated and probed Mr. Huo, “You’ve rested for so long and you’re fine now. Let’s go to the banquet to take a look.”

Mr. Huo was still hesitant, but he remained silent and didn’t answer.

Mrs. Huo found another reason and said with a worried expression, “Little Feng is young and doesn’t know much about the company. I’m afraid he won’t be able to handle those elders who have a cooperative relationship with the company.”

Mr. Huo only needed a legitimate reason to appear at the banquet so that he wouldn’t appear so utilitarian. Mrs. Huo’s words gave him a way out, so he nodded and agreed readily.

“You’re right. Little Feng is still young after all. If he says the wrong thing and offends someone, it won’t be good for him and the company.”

Hence, Mr. and Mrs. Huo, who had disappeared for several hours, appeared at the banquet just like that. However, they kept a very low profile. In addition, there happened to be something more worth discussing at the banquet, so no one paid any attention to Mr. and Mrs. Huo, who had quietly appeared.

This incident, which had attracted the attention of almost all the guests, was referring to what the Hill Family’s butler had specially done for Huo You. At first, Mr. and Mrs. Huo didn’t know what everyone was talking about. After asking a few guests who they weren’t familiar with, they found out that

their biological daughter, Huo You, had looked good at the banquet.

The foreign guest wasn’t familiar with the gossip in the S City’s high society. He only vaguely understood that the Huo Family and the Hill Family’s daughter had each brought back the wrong child and had raised each other’s child for 18 years. He thought that the Huo Family would definitely be able to

become the Hill Family’s distinguished guest with this relationship and his tone revealed 120% of envy.

“The Huo Family’s good luck is really enviable, to be able to raise each other’s daughter with the Hill Family. This relationship is stronger than any cooperation. Mr. Huo, seeing that the Huo Family is about to go up another level, I’ll have to trouble you to guide us in the future

However, Mr. Huo, who was flattered, did not look as if good luck had descended on him. Instead, he looked a little embarrassed and replied humbly, “I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare. The Huo Family hasn’t reached the level where they can collaborate with the Hill Family yet. We don’t dare to cling onto

“Mtr. Huo, you’re being too careful. The Hill Family has shown the Huo Family enough kindness. Why are you so humble?”

Mr. and Mrs. Huo exchanged pleasantries with a few guests who didn’t know the truth and used the excuse of going to look for Huo Feng and Huo You so that they could have a private discussion amongst themselves.

Mrs. Huo was naturally wary of Huo You. She frowned and said, “What the hell is Huo You doing? Back then, in order to return to the Huo Family, she despised that Ding woman. Now that she sees that her status is different, she wants to cling to her again. She’s extremely shameless!”

The more Mrs. Huo thought about it, the more she felt that what Huo You was doing was despising the poor and loving the rich. Although the Huo Family was definitely not poor, compared to the wealth and status of the Hill Family, the things that the Huo Family could give Huo You were not worth

mentioning. Moreover, Huo You had a past of being selfish. Therefore, Mrs. Huo naturally thought that Huo You was preparing to abandon the Huo Family and turn to Ding Rong’s embrace.

At the thought of this, Mrs. Huo couldn’t help but feel exasperated, her eyes filled with anger. “That b*tch! Everything she has now was given to her by us, but she’s actually thinking of abandoning the Huo Family now. I’m not the Ding Rong from back then who will act as she wishes!”

Seeing that Mrs. Huo was getting more and more overboard, Mr. Huo quickly scolded her in a low voice, “That’s enough. Do you still look like the Huo Family’s madam with your vulgar mouth?”

Mrs. Huo was so angry that her chest heaved up and down. Even though she had been scolded by Mr. Huo, there was no regret on her face. However, her tone softened.. “But Huo You

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