Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 351 - Maintaining A Relationship While Seeking A Better One

Chapter 351: Maintaining A Relationship While Seeking A Better One

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Even if Ding Rong wasn’t the kind of middle-aged lady who couldn’t walk when she saw young hunks, Xi Cheng couldn’t help but feel a little jealous when he saw her staring at Andrew Cameron.

Xi Cheng had secretly tugged at Ding Rong a few times, but Ding Rong was unmoved by his small actions.

In the end, Xi Cheng had no choice but to cough hard a few times to remind Ding Rong to pay attention to her gaze. Ding Rong finally came back to her senses and smiled at Andrew Cameron awkwardly.

Ding Rong then turned around and looked at Xi Cheng suggestively. Xi Cheng and Ding Rong looked at each other for a long time. Xi Cheng hadn’t want to do anything at first, but when he realized that Ding Rong’s gaze was gradually becoming murderous, Xi Cheng could only sigh helplessly in his heart.

He looked up at the two representatives of the Cameron Family who were puzzled. Xi Cheng said to Mr. Cameron, who hadn’t interacted much with him, without changing his expression, “I remember that young Mr. Cameron is now focusing on genetic technology and brain neurology research, right? The

company of my wife’s brother is coincidentally developing products in this area. If young Mr. Cameron doesn’t mind, you can talk to the researchers in their company about the research results.”

The reason why he didn’t directly say that he wanted Andrew Cameron to interact more with Huo Tian was to not give the other people present the illusion that they wanted to matchmake the young couple.

In the end, even though Andrew’s looks and intelligence were top-notch, Xi Cheng did not want to pull him into a relationship with his precious daughter in front of everyone, making everyone think that Huo Tian would definitely marry a brat from the Cameron Family. There were many outstanding boys in

this world, and Xi Cheng felt that his precious daughter deserved the best. He had to choose carefully.

Ding Rong was very satisfied with Xi Cheng’s performance. She gave him an approving look and turned to look at Andrew Cameron expectantly.

Andrew Cameron thought about it carefully. Before the elder beside him could answer, he nodded and said indifferently, ‘I’m very interested in the products displayed by Mr. Ding Chen’s company. The technology of connecting the exoskeleton products to users’ nerves has surpassed the current known top

level. I hope to be able to have an exchange with the researchers on this aspect.”

The middle-aged man from the Cameron Family didn’t comment on his genius nephew’s decision. He also went over to say a few good words before leaving in satisfaction.

After sitting in the Cameron Family’s exclusive luxury car, the middle-aged Mr. Cameron asked Andrew hesitantly, ‘Is it out of your own will that you promised Mr. Hill to interact with the researchers in the company belonging to his wife’s brother?”

Andrew Cameron’s expression and voice were very indifferent. He nodded and said, “Yes, I don’t have to force myself to do something I don’t like.”

Only then did the middle-aged Mr. Cameron relax and sigh. “That’s good. I’m really worried that you agreed to Mr. Hill’s unreasonable request because of that ridiculous marriage agreement between the Cameron Family and the Hill Family. To be honest, Miss Hill’s figure and looks are ordinary, and she

seems to have developed feelings for her dance partner. I really don’t understand why Mr. Hill didn’t directly call off the engagement with our family.”

Although Andrew Cameron hadnt entered his family’s company, he was very precise in grasping complicated human nature. He said indifferently, “Miss Hill’s dance partner isn’t her fiancé yet. I guess Mr. Hill hasn’t decided how to plan Miss Hill’s marriage yet.”

These words were already said very politely. To put it bluntly, they were saying that Xi Cheng was maintaining a relationship while looking for a better one and that he was being careful and calculative when it came to Huo Tian’s marriage.

Of course, the middle-aged Mr. Cameron was on his side. He was a little angry after hearing Andrew’s analysis and felt that the Hill Family was being too dishonest.

He wanted to say something unpleasant, but he suddenly recalled the advice given to him by the elders of the Cameron Family.

Before they left, the elders of the Cameron Family had reminded them repeatedly not to anger Mr. Hill, describing Xi Cheng as a demon from hell.

The middle-aged Mr. Cameron did not dare to say anything bad about Xi Cheng, He only said angrily, “Mr. Hill actually asked you to have an exchange about research achievements with the researchers from the company owned by his wife’s brother. It’s just a newly established technology company and

they’ve only hired Chinese researchers. How many patents would they have?”

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