Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 328 - Teaching

Chapter 328: Teaching

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Huo You smiled self-deprecatingly, and her tears fell silently again. “Back then, I only wanted to return to the Huo Family and live a better life. I felt that I could abandon everything, including the 18 years of feelings between us. I thought that I would be able to live a happy life after returning to the Huo Family, but later on, I realized that that wasn’t the case at all. Although I had a rich life, I also lost a lot. What made me feel the most pain and I was most unwilling to accept was you. I had lost the only mother who would treat me well unconditionally…”

In the past, Ding Rong had thought that she knew Huo You well enough, but later on, Huo You had contacted the Huo Family without a word, returning to her biological family, and cutting off all contact with her.

Only then did Ding Rong realize that she had never understood this child. However, looking at the silently crying Huo You, she had a feeling that the Huo You in front of her was true.

It was precisely because Huo You was so realistic that Ding Rong’s heart ached even more. If Huo You were a completely selfish and cold-blooded person, Ding Rong wouldn’t have to waste any more time and effort on her. However, she still had a trace of conscience, so Ding Rong could not help but pity the girl in front of her.

However, no matter how much Ding Rong sympathized with her, she knew that they could not return to the past.

Ding Rong watched as Huo You’s tears gradually stopped. She then said softly, “That’s all in the past.”

Huo You could hear the helplessness in Ding Rong’s tone. She could also tell that although Ding Rong sympathized with her, she wasn’t prepared to continue showing her kindness.

Huo You lowered her head and wiped her tears. When she looked up again, her eyes were red. Her makeup had come off a little, but she didn’t look too disheveled.

She smiled at Ding Rong, showing an arc that could barely be considered a smile. “Thank you for raising and teaching me in the past. It’s precisely because I have more than ten years of warm memories that I don’t feel like my life is in a mess.”

With that, Huo You stood up. She didn’t want to reveal her fragile and disheveled side in front of Ding Rong. This was probably the last time she would analyze her inner heart. From now on, she wanted to live stronger.

As for the consequences of not completing the plan according to Huo Feng’s request, it wasn’t within Huo You’s consideration.

She thought that at least at this moment, she had followed her heart. This was enough…

Before Huo You could step out of the dressing room, Ding Rong’s gentle and soft voice rang out from behind her. “Hold on.”

Huo You turned around and looked at Ding Rong, who was still sitting on the small sofa. “What else do you want to talk about?”

Ding Rong sighed lightly and said, “When I came in just now, you deliberately pretended to be pitiful. What was it that you wanted me to help you with?”

Huo You didn’t expect Ding Rong to ask such a question and stood there in a daze. She didn’t dare to meet Ding Rong’s gaze, not wanting her careful schemes to be exposed in front of Ding Rong. That would make her seem very despicable.

After a moment, Ding Rong didn’t get Huo You’s reply.

She seemed to know what Huo You was thinking and didn’t force her to answer. Instead, she said gently, “Huo You, I’ve always known you to be a child who likes to scheme against people. In the past, I’ve always taught you to fight for what you want openly. You deliberately hide your true nature. I thought I had taught you very successfully, but later on, I realized that that’s not the case. You’ve always liked to beat around the bush to achieve certain goals. Can you stop using this method on me anymore?”

Huo You’s body tensed up instantly. She felt a buzzing sound in her ears as if the world had excluded her.

For a few seconds, she seemed to be unable to hear anything. Her vision seemed to be covered in a thin layer of fog. After a long while, she could once again sense the real world around her…

Huo You looked at Ding Rong in a daze and muttered, “I’m sorry…”

Ding Rong shook her head. “I’m not criticizing you when I say this. I just want to do some things for you one last time. Also, I want to remind you not to plot against others anymore.. You’ve never properly learned how to scheme against people, so the methods you reveal will appear to be despicable. If you want to obtain what you want, you can only make yourself stronger…”

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