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Chapter 329 - Giving Up

Chapter 329: Giving Up

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Before Ding Rong spoke, Huo You had already given up on her initial plan.

According to Huo Feng’s plan, Huo You could indeed rely on her relationship with Ding Rong to obtain power from the Huo Family and the He Family. However, that also meant that she would become a tragic and shameless person.

Compared to the bad things Huo You had done in the past, this matter wasn’t considered serious. However, Huo You didn’t want Ding Rong to see her shameless and despicable side.

Therefore, Huo You had wanted to leave directly, but she didn’t expect that even though Ding Rong had seen through her intentions, she didn’t intend to stop her. Instead, she wanted to help Huo You.

Huo You looked at Ding Rong with a complicated expression. Her expression was still so calm as she looked at her with tolerant eyes, no different from when she was still her daughter…

Huo You’s eyes became a little moist and she avoided Ding Rong’s gaze awkwardly.

Ding Rong knew that she had touched Huo You’s self-esteem. This child had always been like this, unwilling to show her disheveled side in front of others, especially in front of her, who used to be her mother.

After a moment of silence, Ding Rong said again, “I’m very sorry that you were harassed at the Hill Family’s banquet. Take it as compensation and let me do one last thing for you. Of course, this matter can’t go against my moral bottom line.”

The reason Ding Rong said this was completely to take care of Huo You’s self-esteem.

Huo You understood that this was Ding Rong’s consideration, so she stopped hesitating.

After taking a deep breath, Huo You said softly, “I fell out with the Huo Family’s couple and they’ve already decided on a fiancé for me. If it wasn’t for this banquet held by the Hill Family, today would have been my engagement party. Actually, I’m very glad to be able to postpone the engagement and give myself more time to catch my breath…”

Due to the uneasiness and nervousness in her heart, Huo You was still a little incoherent. When she realized that Ding Rong’s brows were gradually frowning, she realized that she seemed to have said a lot of crap and immediately stopped talking.

She looked at Ding Rong uneasily. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said so many unimportant things…”

“These things aren’t unimportant.” Ding Rong said hesitantly, “I can tell that you’re very against this marriage. So, you want me to help you think of a way to break this marriage agreement?”

“Break off the marriage agreement?” Huo You muttered with a hesitant expression, not knowing what to say.

When the Huo Family’s couple had first revealed their intentions to get Huo You and He Yu engaged, Huo You had indeed wanted to resist. However, after careful consideration of the benefits and losses, she had already accepted this marriage agreement.

Right now, Huo You’s only value in the Huo Family was to marry He Yu. If this marriage agreement was annulled, the Huo Family would have even more reason to cut her off.

At the thought of this, Huo You muttered, “No, I cannot and must not break the marriage agreement…”

Ding Rong frowned slightly and looked at Huo You in confusion. “But you don’t really like that man, right? The two of you aren’t really engaged yet. If living with him will only make you feel pain, why do you still insist on the marriage agreement?”

Huo You looked at Ding Rong steadily. After a while, she said bitterly, “Yes, I don’t love He Yu, and he’s not a good marriage partner. He has a temperamental personality and will vent his negative emotions on me. Sometimes, he will even exert violence on me. But I have no choice. I need a marriage that can bring benefits to the Huo Family. He Yu is already the best choice.”

“How ridiculous! Why did your parents choose such a marriage partner for you…” Ding Rong raised her voice in disbelief when she heard Huo You say that He Yu would exert violence on her.

However, Ding Rong came to a realization a moment later. Not all parents in the world loved their children wholeheartedly.

Didn’t the couple from the Huo Family know what kind of person He Yu was? Of course they knew, but they didn’t care if their daughter could obtain happiness in a marriage or if she would be hurt by that man. They only cared if they could get benefits from their daughter’s marriage.

Ding Rong’s gaze landed on Huo You and she realized that she was looking down, avoiding her gaze with an embarrassed expression.

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