Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 327 - True Self

Chapter 327: True Self

After getting along with Mrs. Huo in her previous life, Huo You knew long ago that Mrs. Huo was a hypocritical woman. Although she said that she could let Huo You and Ding Rong continue to get along, Huo You knew that if she agreed to acknowledge Ding Rong as her godmother, she would definitely anger Mrs. Huo. Therefore, she rejected this suggestion without hesitation.

Huo You didn’t remember anything after saying that.

However, at this moment, those words once again appeared in her mind clearly. “I’m not going to acknowledge her as my godmother. There’s no more mother and daughter relationship between us. From today onward, you’re the only mother I have. Therefore, Mom, can you not bring up those people who’d dampen our spirits in the future?”

Huo You, who had just returned to the Huo Family, was bent on building a good relationship with Mrs. Huo. She completely went along with Mrs. Huo’s wishes and said these words. Then, she leaned into Mrs. Huo’s arms in a spoiled manner and felt her hand patting her back gently. At that time, she thought that she had obtained the most perfect maternal love. However, she didn’t expect that the woman she had abandoned so easily was behind the tall green plants a few steps away, hearing their conversation clearly…

Back to this moment, Huo You listened to Ding Rong speak of the past in a calm and indifferent tone.

Huo You’s face was as pale as paper, and her lips were trembling as she stared at Ding Rong. She wanted to explain that those weren’t her true thoughts, but when she met Ding Rong’s calm gaze, she couldn’t say a word…

Ding Rong looked away and no longer looked at the panicking Huo You. She continued, “Back then, I felt that it was impossible for either you or Tiantian to return to my side. After all, the child I had raised for 18 years detested me to that extent. How could the other daughter, who hadn’t spent a minute with me since she was young, abandon the wealthy environment she grew up in and return to the side of a poor, middle-aged woman?”

At this point, Ding Rong smiled self-deprecatingly. “I’ve always been optimistic and carefree, but after I returned from the Huo Family that day, I broke down. I even wanted to end my life because at that time, I felt that my life had really failed. It was Ding Chen who had stopped me. Further down the road, it was Tiantian who had saved me.”

At the mention of Huo Tian, a warm smile appeared on Ding Rong’s face. When she looked at Huo You again, that warmth became unyielding. “Huo You, you said back then that you have nothing to do with me anymore. I don’t want Tiantian to be sad because of you either. Although I don’t know why you called me that just now, I think since we’ve already made our choice, let’s not do anything that would cause others to misunderstand, okay?”

Ding Rong seemed to be thinking while saying those words, so she spoke very slowly. After she finished speaking, she did not hear any response for a long time.

Ding Rong looked up and realized that Huo You was sitting on the sofa in a daze, tears trickling silently…

For some reason, Ding Rong suddenly had a feeling that Huo You’s tears were not a disguise but her true emotions. At the thought of this, Ding Rong felt a little depressed and she didn’t feel good.

Huo You didn’t seem to want Ding Rong to realize that she was crying. She turned her head away in a panic and wiped the tears on her face, not caring if the makeup she had just touched up had been ruined by her actions.

Ding Rong sighed, feeling bad for Huo You. She took out a tissue and handed it to Huo You, consoling her gently, “Don’t cry. Wipe your tears.”

Huo You took the tissue and covered her eyes. It took her a long while to barely calm down.

Her voice was muffled, still sounding a little teary. “I’m sorry. I know I’ve done a lot of wrong things in the past.”

Ding Rong shook her head. “No, you’re just pursuing the life you want. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“But the life I want is obtained at the price of hurting you. That’s not my intention.”

At this moment, Huo You no longer cared about any plans. She only wanted to tell this woman, the only woman who had ever given her warmth, her true thoughts. Perhaps this was the first and last time she would be her true self like this…

Huo You took a deep breath and looked straight at Ding Rong. “I don’t want to hurt you, but even this is something that I realized after a very long time..”

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