Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 317 - Splashing Alcohol

Chapter 317: Splashing Alcohol

The girl in front of him had finally revealed her cold nature and distorted soul. How wonderful that was…

More importantly, He Yu thought that such a girl was the soul mate who was compatible with him.

In just a short moment, He Yu had dismissed the thought of staying away from Huo You.

He didn’t care that this was a banquet with guests everywhere. As long as someone shifted their gaze slightly, they would be able to see what the two of them were doing in the corner.

He didn’t hesitate to lower his head and kiss Huo You’s red lips. He Yu could feel the shiver that came from the depths of his soul.

He rubbed Huo You’s lips unbridledly. Compared to the slow and repeated contact he did in the past as if he was teasing prey, this kiss was too crazy. Huo You couldn’t help but have her consciousness snatched away by his lips and teeth…

Only when Huo You realized that the hand on her lower back had moved and that her hips were being massaged more and more forcefully did Huo You regain her senses and push away the agitated He Yu.

She slapped He Yu’s hand away and gently touched her slightly stinging lips. She frowned and glared at He Yu unhappily. “Is your zodiac dog?”

He Yu’s skin was unimaginably thick. He had a frivolous smile on his lips, and a layer of red marks on them from Huo You’s lipstick. Under Huo You’s dissatisfied gaze, he bent over and kissed her cheek again. “I can’t help it. You’re too mesmerizing today.”

Huo You was about to find a place to touch up her makeup when someone interrupted the overly passionate atmosphere between the young couple.

This was a young man in his thirties. His figure and appearance were average, and his face looked like he had been indulging in excessive indulgence all year round.

When other people saw the situation in the corner, they would smile kindly and then leave quietly, not disturbing this young couple who could not control their emotions. However, this man clearly did not have the self-awareness of not disturbing other people’s intimacy.

He glanced frivolously between Huo You and He Yu before his gaze landed on Huo You’s lips, which had smudged red marks.

He clearly knew He Yu. When he spoke, his tone had some familiarity, but he seemed very unrestrained. “Mr. He, you really have good luck with the ladies, still daring to be so bold at the Hill Family’s banquet. I really have to admire you…”

He Yu didn’t care that his licentious appearance had been seen by others. He leaned back on the sofa and smiled faintly in response to the man’s teasing. “I just couldn’t control myself. Young Master Zhao, why did you come to tease me?”

The man with the Zhao surname didn’t sense the displeasure in He Yu’s frivolous words. He smiled and got a little closer, his lascivious gaze landing on Huo You. “Mr. He, I just came back from abroad. Which family’s young miss is this? It’s really enviable for you to have such a beautiful lady to yourself. If there’s a chance, why don’t we play together?”

Huo You was feeling a little uncomfortable because someone had bumped into her getting intimate with He Yu. Her expression turned cold when she heard the man’s words.

She looked up at the man who was looking at her with a perverted gaze and anger welled up in her heart.

Huo You immediately stood up. A waiter happened to walk by with a tray. Huo You picked up a glass of red wine from the tray and splashed it on the man’s face.

This man was leaning close to He Yu, wanting to share some interesting things he had seen overseas. He didn’t expect to be splashed with a glass of red wine and was stunned on the spot.

He Yu hadn’t expected Huo You to be so shrewd either. He watched as the glass of red wine was splashed at the man’s face, but he couldn’t dodge in time. Half of the wine splashed onto his white coat.

Fortunately, they were in a corner of the banquet hall and not many people noticed what had taken place here. The waiter was well-trained and immediately kept the tray in his hands further away from Huo You.

He suggested gently, “Miss, your makeup is smudged. Can I get a female colleague to bring you to touch up your makeup?”

Huo You nodded with a cold expression. The waiter immediately beckoned for a waitress. This female waitress even brought a small ornamental fan and asked Huo You to cover her smudged lips before bringing her to the dressing room..

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