Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 316 - : Mesmerizing Evil

Chapter 316: Mesmerizing Evil

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Even though He Yu was already hesitating to stay away from this girl who should have become his fiancée, he couldn’t help but look at her in surprise.

Huo You smiled mockingly and took another sip of champagne. She glanced at He Yu before her gaze landed on the busy banquet hall.

“Are you very surprised that I would gloat over my parents’ humiliation?”

He Yu had to admit that the girl in front of him, who looked like she was covered in spikes, piqued his interest again. “Of course, you always surprise me…”

Huo You didn’t reveal a strange expression because of these flirtatious words. Her expression was still filled with mockery, but part of it was directed at He Yu.

However, after Huo Feng’s reminder, she understood that she mustn’t appear too aggressive in front of He Yu. Hence, she returned to the topic from before. “I just don’t have any expectations for such parents anymore.”

Huo You chuckled as if she wasn’t talking about herself. Her tone was exceptionally cold. “In the past, I thought that I could get my parents’ love, but now I finally understand. In their eyes, whoever can bring benefits to themselves is their good daughter.”

She looked at He Yu, who seemed to be able to see a trace of sadness in her mocking eyes. “The rebellious Huo Tian in the past made them feel embarrassed, and I managed to get into Qingli High School with my own efforts. They thought that only someone like me was worthy of the Huo Family’s identity, so they accepted me and abandoned Huo Tian. Now, they think that Huo Tian was raised by the Huo Family and want to rely on her to get involved with the Hill Family. I became the one who got them to chase Huo Tian away and ruin the Huo Family’s business…”

After saying that, Huo You raised an eyebrow and smiled at He Yu. “So, I don’t want to pretend to be an obedient girl anymore. I don’t want to be the Huo Family’s docile daughter anymore. Are you disappointed by this?”

Although Huo You was wearing a pure white gown with light makeup and a gentle smile, her gaze Was deep and dark.

This filled her with an innocent yet evil disposition. He Yu could clearly feel his heart racing.

He followed his desires and wrapped his arm around Huo You’s slender waist. Huo You fell into the man’s embrace, following his force.

Huo You didn’t panic at all. She placed her hand on He Yu’s chest to pull away some distance from the man and looked up at him.

From Huo You’s calm expression, He Yu seemed to be able to peer into the soul hidden in the deepest part of this girl.

Huo You didn’t say anything, but her eyes, which were calmer than usual, seemed to be saying, (Even if I’m imprisoned in your arms, I’m still high and lofty and won’t submit to you…)

He Yu’s breathing became uncontrollably heavier. He lowered his head slightly and planted a soft kiss on Huo You’s cheek.

He Yu’s hoarse voice entered her ears. “I won’t be disappointed by this. On the contrary, I’m deeply infatuated with you because of this.”

He Yu wasn’t a rational person. When he made a decision, instead of saying that it was for benefits, it was more accurate to say that it was in line with his heart.

Just like when he was young, He Yu knew that once he made a move on his illegitimate brother, his father would blame him. If things were serious, he would even be stripped of his right to inherit the company.

However, at that time, Bi Ying’s extraordinary intelligence had started to show. The elders of the He Family kept praising him, and He Yu knew that he should take his time to plan things and eliminate his younger brother, who was a great threat, without leaving any traces.

However, he didn’t choose to do that. Instead, he pushed the five-year-old Bi Ying down the stairs crazily and viciously. The only thing He Yu felt regretful about was that the accident didn’t take Bi Ying’s life. It only caused him to lose his legs.

From He Yu’s childhood experiences, one could tell that when he was crazy about something, he wouldn’t consider the negative consequences that would arise.

He Yu was in such a condition at this moment. He knew that Huo You wasn’t a good girl and that she only was the Huo Family’s daughter in name. It was impossible for him to get any substantial support or help from the Huo Family through her.

However, he couldn’t help but be attracted to this girl’s true side.

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