Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 315 - Low-Profile He Yu

Chapter 315: Low-Profile He Yu

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After Huo Feng got to know some people through Si Huan, he took the initiative to thank him, then proposed that they split ways.

Si Huan didn’t like Huo Feng either and he wasn’t Huo Tian’s biological brother either. He felt that he didn’t have any responsibility towards Huo Feng, so he nodded and agreed.

However, after Huo Feng left, Si Huan stood rooted to the ground and observed for a while. He realized that instead of looking for Huo Tian, he was walking towards Huo You, who was in the corner. Si Huan heaved a sigh of relief and looked away.

Although Huo You didn’t need to participate in business and social interactions like Huo Feng, she also couldn’t relax and enjoy this grand and very important banquet.

After Huo Feng sent her away, Huo You followed his instructions and found He Yu, who was also here to attend the banquet.

He Yu had always been an ostentatious person, but at this banquet, he kept a very low profile. This was not his usual style.

As his behavior was different from usual, he was even teased by some familiar people. “CEO He, you don’t seem to be in high spirits today. What can that do? Your relationship with the Hill Family is not simple. I heard that you’ve already reached a business cooperation with them. We’d like to ask you to introduce us so that I can show my face in front of the Hill Family’s head…”

He Yu brushed his friends off. When no one noticed, his expression turned grim.

As the first person in S City to reach a business agreement with the Hill Family, He Yu should have been in the limelight at this banquet. In fact, he had planned to use this opportunity to deepen his connection with the Hill Family. However, before he was about to greet the Hill Family’s head, the Huo Family met him first.

The Huo Family’s performance was extremely embarrassing. He Yu stood in the crowd and listened to everyone’s whispers. In their mouths, the Huo Family had become a joke.

Even though Huo Tian’s last words had made the relationship between the Huo Family and the Hill Family complicated again, everyone still treated the Huo Family as a joke.

The Huo Family’s matters had nothing to do with He Yu, but news of He Yu and the Huo Family’s daughter, Huo You, being about to get engaged had spread far and wide. They had even prepared the invitations, with the date being today.

These two banquets had coincided with each other, so the ones to back off were naturally the Huo Family and the He Family. Everyone knew that their families didn’t dare to go against the Hill Family and they had quietly changed the date of the engagement just to save themselves some face. However, someone had to bring this matter up in front of He Yu. How could He Yu not be angry?

Moreover, He Yu realized that the attitude of the Hill Family’s head towards the Huo Family’s couple was like a victorious cat teasing a mouse that had been forced into a corner yet still wanted to resist. When he had had enough fun, he would tear that pitiful mouse apart.

He Yu couldn’t help but wonder if it was the right strategy to be tied to the Huo Family.

When Huo You found He Yu, she realized that he was sitting alone in a corner, his gaze was dark as he looked out the window into the garden. She didn’t know what he was thinking about.

Even now, Huo You still subconsciously felt fear for He Yu. This fear was a subconscious psychological reaction a woman had when facing a man who had tried to use violence on her.

However, Huo You knew that she had to overcome this fear. She mustn’t even show any hint of resistance when the other party looked over.

Only in this way could she baffle this unpredictable man and cooperate with Huo Feng’s actions to achieve the future Huo Feng had drawn for her.

Huo You took a sip of champagne and sat down beside He Yu.

Of course, He Yu noticed Huo You’s arrival. He didn’t sit beside the girl as usual nor deliberately use physical contact to express his closeness with her.

Huo You also noticed He Yu’s coldness towards her today. She thought about it and understood why. Her heart turned cold, but she still wore a gentle smile on her face.

After a moment, Huo You took the initiative to speak up, mentioning the Huo couple’s embarrassing incident earlier.

She said casually, “Something very interesting just happened. You probably know by now. I can’t help but feel happy at the thought of my parents’ performance just now…”

He Yu knew that Huo You wasn’t the obedient girl she appeared to be, but he hadn’t expected her to openly mock her parents.

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