Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 314 - Don’t Want To Change

Chapter 314: Don’t Want To Change

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Huo Tian didn’t believe Zhang Meng’s words. In her impression, even if she could occasionally sense Si Huan’s extraordinary feelings for her from his gaze and actions, Si Huan’s expression had always been reserved.

Si Huan had never really confessed to her before, nor had he done anything that would cause others to misunderstand. This was especially so in school, where he had always kept a suitable distance from Huo Tian. How did these students come to this conclusion?

With this in mind, Huo Tian said doubtfully, “You guys should be mistaken. Si Huan’s attitude towards me is just like that. It’s similar to his attitude towards Zhao Feng, right?”

The girls around them looked at Huo Tian in disbelief. Zhang Meng was the first to complain, “Please, it’s very different! Don’t treat us as if we’re blind!”

She gave an example. “Didn’t you realize that Senior Si Huan always has a cold and unapproachable attitude towards everyone else? Even the teachers have to choose their words carefully when talking to him. But in front of you, Senior Si Huan is like a melted iceberg, gentle and patient. That doting gaze doesn’t seem to be him!”

Song Ting also echoed, “Zhang Meng is right. In the past, we all thought that Senior Si Huan had facial paralysis and didn’t know how to smile at all. It was only when we met you walking with him and didn’t know what you said to him that he laughed. It simply shocked the entire school.”

“And most importantly, Senior Si Huan has always been protecting you,” another more introverted girl said. “Previously, when you left the Huo Family and didn’t reveal that you were the young miss of the Hill Family, some people felt that you had ulterior motives for getting close to Senior Si Huan. Back then, many people’s words weren’t nice. They even posted on the school’s forum to scold you. As soon as this matter spread, Senior Si Huan found a way to close down the school’s forum. Then, our school’s forum changed from being able to post anonymously to posting with our actual identities. After that, no one dared to scold others recklessly on the school’s forum anymore.”

After saying that, the girl looked at Huo Tian carefully. “Huo Tian, don’t you know about this?”

Huo Tian was silent for a moment, then she shook her head and said, “He never told me about it.”

For a moment, no one knew what to say. After a short silence, Zhang Meng sighed exaggeratedly. “Senior Si Huan is an exceptional man of the new era! He has always been silently protecting the girl he loves behind her back, but he has never thought of letting you know about the things he has done. It must be because he doesn’t want you to be with him only because you feel touched, right?”

Looking at Zhang Meng, who had her hands on her chest and was immersed in her own world, Huo Tian’s back unconsciously broke out in a cold sweat. She quietly distanced herself from Zhang Meng and suddenly understood why the hobby of liking CPs would be viewed with raised eyebrows.

Huo Tian didn’t waste too much time on this group of gossiping girls. As the host, she would show concern for her other friends from time to time. While she was busy, the words the girls said would occasionally appear in her mind…

Huo Tian originally wanted to take out her phone to take a look at the school’s forum, but for some reason, she felt that if she really saw those posts, it might open a new door for herself. It might also change the way she interacted with Si Huan, but she didn’t want it to change…

After a moment of hesitation, Huo Tian ended up not opening the link the female student had shared with her.

Other than the girls who were gathered together to gossip, the other students were also having a good time. In order to make this banquet perfect, the Butler had specially prepared many things that young people and children would like. There were all sorts of toys, figurines, comics, movies… He had even specially prepared a computer room with top-notch computers. At this moment, a group of boys was sitting inside, playing games excitedly.

Not all people their age could be carefree and immersed in playing. At the age of 18 or 19, many children had already taken up their responsibilities.

Si Huan fulfilled his promise to Huo Tian and brought Huo Feng to meet a few business partners with whom he had a good relationship.

Huo Feng’s performance was very appropriate. Even though some overly arrogant people were mocking the Huo Family in front of him, he didn’t show any abnormality.. This calmness and composure impressed Si Huan but also made him involuntarily raise his guard.

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