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Chapter 313 - Exceptional Man

Chapter 313: Exceptional Man

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Zhang Meng leaned close to Huo Tian, her face flushed red from excitement. She said in an agitated tone, “Actually, I didn’t intend to indulge in real-life CPs from the start, let alone one between my classmate and the president of the student union. The main thing is that Senior Si Huan is so scary. Who would dare to believe that he would fall in love? But you guys are really too sweet. I’m fed dog food1 every day. It’s really hard for me to like the two of you…”

Although Huo Tian had a preliminary understanding of what a CP was, she still couldn’t follow Zhang Meng’s train of thought. “Wait, slow down. What do you mean by we’re too sweet and it’s hard for you to not like us? I feel that Si Huan and I are just normal friends?”

“How is that possible? When Senior Si Huan looks at you, his gaze can melt people, okay?” Zhang Meng wasn’t going to allow anyone to question the CP she liked. Not even the couple themselves!

She took out her phone, scrolled through the album, and quickly found a photo. She placed it in front of Huo Tian and said firmly, “Take a good look. When Senior Si Huan looks at you, he has a smile on his face and his eyes seem to be filled with stars. If this isn’t love, then what is?”

Huo Tian couldn’t help but be attracted by the photo on Zhang Meng’s phone. It was under the tree in school. Si Huan was wearing a neat uniform and had a refreshing look.

Compared to the handsome and clean Si Huan, she looked a little sloppy. Her long purple hair was messy, and she wasn’t wearing a girl’s uniform dress. Instead, she wore shorts that reached to her knees and a shirt from her uniform, looking a little incongruous.

From just their external appearances, the two people in the photo didn’t match at all. And if one were to observe their expressions carefully, they would realize that this photo was surprisingly harmonious. A tall boy with long legs was looking down slightly at the girl who was moving her hands and feet as she talked. His gaze was very focused, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised with a smile. His entire expression was gentle.

Huo Tian looked at Si Huan’s gaze carefully. She didn’t know if it was because she was affected by Zhang Meng, who was beside her, but she really felt that Si Huan’s eyes were bright and there seemed to be tiny stars in them…

Huo Tian only felt that her heart seemed to have slowed down by a beat. For some reason, she felt a little embarrassed and muttered softly, “This photo makes me look too ugly, but it makes Si Huan so handsome. This is unfair!”

Everyone thought that Huo Tian would be a little shy, but who’d have expected that she would have such a reaction? They couldn’t help but laugh.

Zhang Meng also smiled and retracted her hand. “Senior Si Huan has always been expressionless, so no one can take pictures of his ruined image. However, Huo Tian is always lively and spirited. You look especially compatible with the calm and collected Senior Si Huan.”

As she spoke, she couldn’t help but reveal the true nature of a CP fan.

When Zhang Meng put away her phone, Huo Tian subconsciously felt a little reluctant. She opened her mouth slightly, wanting to ask the other party to send her the photo, but she immediately realized that this was a photo that had been posted on the school’s forum. She could actually download it herself.

Zhang Meng scrolled through the pictures saved in her phone and said with a sigh, “The main reason I like you guys as a CP isn’t because of these pictures. After all, I’m used to seeing the tricks of the entertainment industry. Even if two people have a deep hatred for each other, as long as you use filters or take advantage of positioning, you can take pictures of them looking at each other lovingly.”

These words puzzled Huo Tian. “As you said, Si Huan and I are just ordinary friends. Some pictures only seem ambiguous because of the angle. Since you know this, why do you still like our CP?”

“I didn’t want to like it at first, but you guys are so sweet and always keep on tempting me.” Zhang Meng looked at Huo Tian helplessly and said resentfully, “It’s fine if you guys are really just ordinary friends, but think about it carefully. Is there really no ambiguous relationship between you and Senior Si Huan?”

Huo Tian was slightly stunned. She recalled her past with Si Huan and could not refute Zhang Meng’s words boldly and confidently, forcefully defining the many times their gazes met and her heartbeat quickened as a normal phenomenon between ordinary friends.

Without waiting for Huo Tian to answer, Zhang Meng said, “Even if you don’t admit it, Huo Tian, I won’t give up on you two as a CP. It’s just that you’re so careless that you didn’t realize that Senior Si Huan has never concealed his feelings for you.”

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