Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 312 - CP

Chapter 312: CP

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Being able to attend the Hill Family’s banquet and meet so many world-class wealthy people whom they could only see on the news made these high school students very excited.

Of course, what was the most unbelievable for these high school students was that Study God Huo Tian, who seemed to be able to do anything, turned out to be the only daughter of the Huo Family’s head. At the start of the banquet, Xi Cheng had only briefly introduced how their family of three had been separated and then reunited. These youngsters couldn’t help but feel curious.

In order to satisfy their curiosity, a few female students surrounded Huo Tian and asked her in an appropriate manner, “Huo Tian, can you tell us more about your parents’ story? I’m really too curious about the love story between them.”

“Love story?”

Huo Tian looked up at the girl who had asked the question. There was no malice in the girl’s eyes, only pure curiosity. Probably because she felt that her question was a little inappropriate, her round face flushed red and she looked a little nervous.

Most of the students in the class had high EQ. They were worried that this question would make Huo Tian unhappy. Immediately, someone smiled and complained to the girl who had just spoken, “Zhang Meng, this is a private matter between Mr. and Mrs. Hill. It’s not appropriate for you to ask recklessly. Why don’t you forget about it?”

The girl who had tried to mediate things turned to Huo Tian. “Huo Tian, don’t hold it against Zhang Meng. She just likes all sorts of CPs1 too much. Not only does she like those celebrities who have been paired up, but she also likes those married couples or love couples with romantic relationships in real life. Oh right, she’s also the leading supporter for the CP between you and Si Huan…”

“Ahhhhh, shut up!” The girl called Zhang Meng quickly pounced over and covered the girl’s mouth. Her face was completely red and she did not dare to look at Huo Tian’s expression. She lowered her eyes slightly and explained softly, “I’m sorry Huo Tian. I just, just…”

She stammered for a while but couldn’t think of a suitable reason. In the end, she could only say pitifully, “I’m sorry, my hobbies are a little special. If you feel offended, I definitely won’t do this in the future.”

The Zhang Family had started off as a supermarket chain. Zhang Meng was also the princess of the family. During her spare time in class, she liked to chase after celebrities and all sorts of CPs. She would often be moved to tears by other people’s fairytale-like love.

Zhang Meng knew that although celebrities nowadays would hype things up by forming CPs, the celebrity teams and their loyal fans were very fed up with CP fans. As time passed, CP fans became an unpresentable eccentricity in the eyes of the public.

The person who had helped Zhang Meng explain things was her good friend, Song Ting. Although Song Ting did not like CPs, she did not think that Zhang Meng’s hobbies were worth criticizing. She had subconsciously mentioned this matter just now in order to help Zhang Meng explain. Only then did she realize that she had said something wrong. Her face turned pale and she also looked at Huo Tian anxiously.

Everyone fell silent for a moment. Although they felt that Zhang Meng and Song Ting’s words were a little rude, on the account that they were classmates, they didn’t want them to be hated by Huo Tian.

However, Huo Tian’s reaction was far beyond everyone’s expectations. She looked up at the surrounding students in a daze, then looked at the guilty and uneasy Zhang Meng and Song Ting in a daze. “Why are you apologizing? I don’t think there’s anything offensive about wanting to know my parents’ love story. Their story is very simple, just like what Dad said just now. But what did you mean by that earlier? What do you mean by CP?”

In the silence, the students could not help but look at each other. After a few seconds of silence, someone was the first to burst out laughing. Instantly, the entire lounge was filled with laughter.

Even Zhang Meng and Song Ting, who were originally feeling uneasy, laughed helplessly.

After a round of laughter, the atmosphere immediately became relaxed and happy. Everyone ate their snacks separately or gathered in groups of two or three to play games that they were interested in. Occasionally, they would prick up their ears to listen attentively to Huo Tian and the other female students discussing something.

After everyone’s discussion, Huo Tian finally understood what a CP was. She also knew that many students in the school had posted posts about her and Si Huan on the school’s forum. Many people felt that the relationship between the two of them was not simple.

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