Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 311 - Attraction

Chapter 311: Attraction

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Andre was a very focused person. Other than dealing with his professional research field, he didn’t have much curiosity or emotion.

Such an Andrew was more like an absolute rational artificial intelligence than a living person.

If he developed the desire to research something, he would definitely not be distracted by other things.

However, at this banquet tonight, Andrew could not concentrate on observing the person he wanted to study—Xi Cheng. His gaze would always involuntarily land on Huo Tian.

Andrew Cameron was a smart man. He quickly realized that he was attracted to this girl named Huo Tian, but he couldn’t analyze the reason for his abnormal emotions.

William Hill had always been a carefree person. Moreover, Andrew’s expression had remained very calm without any fluctuations. Therefore, William did not know the complicated emotions in his good friend’s heart.

China was a market with great potential. The foreign guests invited to the banquet did not act too arrogantly even though they looked down on these Chinese people because of the large market share involved. Therefore, the banquet was very harmonious overall.

The adults had their social circles, and some youngsters who were involved in their family business also needed to actively express themselves on such an occasion.

As for the younger children and the youths who didn’t feel the pressure of inheriting the family, they felt much more relaxed. They basically didn’t need to take into consideration the many social activities involved in business. As the host of the banquet, Huo Tian’s very important mission today was to entertain her classmates, friends, and the younger children well.

After Huo Tian spent some time chatting with Huo Feng, she sent him and Si Huan to participate in socializing. “You guys should have other things to do, right? Don’t loiter around me. Little Feng, if your parents know that you’ve been sticking to my side the entire night, they’ll probably be angry.”

After saying this to Huo Feng, Huo Tian looked at Si Huan, who had been quietly following by her side. “You have more responsibilities than Little Feng. You’re already the head of your family, so you have to be a little more proactive on such an occasion. Otherwise, those old fellows from your family will find fault again.”

Huo Feng looked at Huo Tian deeply, many words hidden in his heart. However, before he had taken full control over the Huo Family, he couldn’t say these words to Huo Tian.

Hence, he only gave Huo Tian a smile that didn’t contain any gloominess. “Sister, I thought you’d gradually distance yourself from me. I didn’t expect that even now, Sister will still consider things for me…”

Huo Tian patted Huo Feng’s shoulder. “What nonsense are you talking about? I’ll always be your sister.”

The expression on Huo Feng’s face did not seem happy. Instead, it was a little subtle and unnatural. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but Si Huan interrupted him.

Si Huan glanced at Huo Feng indifferently. He thought to himself, (You’ve been hogging Huo Tian for almost an entire night, yet you’re still not letting me say a few words. You’re really a greedy and annoying person!)

As if he didn’t sense Huo Feng’s resistance at all, Si Huan put his arm around his shoulder and assured Huo Tian, “Don’t worry, I’ll look after him.”

This attitude was completely like that of a reliable older brother. Not only was Huo Feng not touched, but he even wanted to shiver.

Huo Tian trusted Si Huan very much and didn’t sense anything wrong with the atmosphere between the two of them at all. She nodded and said happily, “Then it’s decided. You guys can go ahead with what you need to do. I’ll go to entertain my schoolmates and the children who have been brought here by their parents.”

Xi Cheng did not want to force Huo Tian to give up on things she was interested in to take over the Hill Family, so he had never planned on letting her participate in meaningless business and social interactions.

The task of entertaining business partners was handed over to the Hill Family’s professional manager and Ding Chen. This was also to build a good foundation for Ding Chen to develop overseas markets.

As the protagonist of this banquet, Huo Tian’s mission was the simplest. She only needed to entertain her peers and some ignorant children.

40 to 50 of her schoolmates came. Some were Huo Tian’s classmates, while others came to attend the banquet with the adults in their family. Huo Tian brought these people to another lounge that had been prepared in advance.. There were all sorts of entertainment activities here.

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