Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 318 - End of the Minor Incident

Chapter 318: End of the Minor Incident

To be able to serve as a waiter at the Hill Family’s banquet, one had to have good psychological quality and the ability to adapt to situations well.

Therefore, the waiter didn’t panic because of the sudden accident in front of him. He calmly made arrangements to handle the situation.

Huo You was led by the waitress to the dressing room to touch up her makeup. The waiter from before looked calmly at the two men who looked to be in a sorry state and said respectfully, “Sirs, there are spare clothes prepared in the changing room. The two of you can change into them. Your clothes will be sent back to your residence after they are dry cleaned and ironed.”

He Yu was only implicated by the red wine that Huo You had splashed over. His expression didn’t turn worse because of this. He nodded and said, “I’ll trouble you then.”

He stood up and left without giving the drunk man beside him a look, walking past him and following behind another waiter.

“Mr. He, you…” The man who had stayed behind opened his mouth, wanting to call out to He Yu, who was striding away.

He had always been a person who bullied the weak and feared the strong. Previously he noticed that Huo You was an unfamiliar face. In addition, she had dared to be locked in a kiss with He Yu at the Hill Family’s banquet, so he had thought that she was a mistress who wasn’t in the circle or a plaything sent by an unknown family. That was why he had made such a rude suggestion.

However, he did not expect that the girl, who he thought had no background, would have the confidence to cause such a ruckus at the Hill Family’s banquet. At this moment, the man could not help but weigh in his heart and wonder if this woman had some unknown background. No matter how angry he was, he did not dare to kick up a fuss.

The waiter beside him was bowing slightly, looking respectful, but his attitude was actually firm. The surrounding guests’ gazes landed on the man from time to time. His face was livid and his expression was very grim. He gritted his teeth secretly but did not dare to say anything. He followed behind the attendant and obediently went to change.

Huo Feng had come to look for Huo You, but before he could get close, he came across this incident.

Although the person who was verbally insulted was his biological sister, he had no intention of standing up for Huo You.

He stood in the crowd, staying in a spot that was not easily discovered. He wore a faint smile on his lips, happily observing this amusing scene.

Only after Huo You splashed wine on the wretched man’s face and left in big strides did the smile on Huo Feng’s lips deepen a little. He turned around in a good mood and followed Huo You and the waitress unhurriedly out of the banquet hall.

There were professional makeup artists on standby in the dressing room all day just to deal with the various situations that might happen at the banquet and provide thoughtful service to the ladies who needed it.

These makeup artists were very happy to take on such jobs. This was because those who came to attend the banquet were all socialites with statuses. Typically, there wouldn’t be any accidents. At most, the ladies would have their lips stained with makeup due to the drinks and food and they’d come to get some touch-up.

This job was leisurely and simple, but the remuneration was generous. The makeup artists with connections were eager to get this short-term job. However, the host had very strict requirements. Not only did they have to have makeup skills that were much better than their peers, but they also had to sign a confidentiality agreement beforehand and have to go through two days of training before they could start work.

The trained makeup artists understood the Hill Family’s rules. During the banquet, they could not leave the dressing room without permission and appear in front of the guests. Therefore, the makeup artists could not help but feel bored.

Just as they were idly chatting, the door of the dressing room was opened. A few makeup artists immediately stood up. They thought that the guest who came this time only needed to put on some simple makeup, but when they looked up, they realized that the makeup on this lady’s lips was stained around her lips. It looked very exaggerated, clearly having gone through an intense kiss to leave such marks.

A few makeup artists who were familiar with each other could not help but exchange glances, secretly wearing gazes as if they were watching a show.

However, because of the confidentiality agreement they had signed before they went to work, they didn’t dare to make it too obvious. They pulled out the chair in front of the makeup mirror with a professional attitude and helped Huo You remove her makeup with a natural and passionate attitude.

They appeared very calm the entire time as if they didn’t notice that Huo You’s makeup had been ruined. This also made Huo You feel less uncomfortable..

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