Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 307 - : Jealousy

Chapter 307: Jealousy

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Jealousy was a rather complicated emotion. Huo Tian had never been jealous of others, but there were often people who were jealous of her.

“Of course I won’t take Huo You’s jealousy to heart.” Huo Tian raised her eyebrows and took a sip of the delicious sweet and sour tomato juice. She couldn’t help but say in a proud tone, “I’ve learned an ancient saying, ‘those who don’t attract jealousy are mediocre’. So isn’t it normal for geniuses like me to be envied?”

Huo Feng didn’t seem to expect Huo Tian to be so shameless either, being proud of the jealousy from others. After being stunned for a while, he smiled. “Sister, you’re always so dazzling. That’s so nice…”

There was a hint of sigh in Huo Feng’s voice. Only Huo Feng knew what he was sighing about.

In Huo Feng’s eyes, Huo Tian was indeed an existence that easily evoked jealousy from others. Putting aside the talent she had revealed after leaving the Huo Family, her personality was already enough to make people jealous.

Huo Tian seemed like she would never be able to learn to yield. She was always optimistic and stubborn. Even though she had grown up in a family with distorted control desires, she still had the courage to rebel deep down. That was why she would appear so rebellious.

How could such a person not make those who were bound by reality and had to helplessly lower their heads to fate feel jealous?

This was especially when surrounded by those naturally dark-minded people from the Huo Family, they were all hypocrites who were used to pretending to be polite. Only after seeing disgusting people would one understand how precious Huo Tian’s realistic personality was.

A person with dark thoughts would feel jealous of someone who had a pure heart.

It was just like how Huo You was. She was jealous of Huo Tian’s excellence and luck. Her jealousy turned into hatred for Huo Tian, causing her to hate everyone close to her.

Actually, it was the same for Huo Feng. He was jealous that Huo Tian had a bravery and fighting spirit that he didn’t have. This jealousy turned into fondness and reliance, making him involuntarily get close to Huo Tian, wanting to absorb the warm power she was transmitting.

Huo Feng had a talent. He had been very sensitive to other people’s true emotions since he was young. As he slowly grew up, he seemed to be able to see through a person’s nature very easily. Therefore, Huo Feng was better at analyzing himself than most people.

He understood himself completely and knew that he was definitely not as innocent and harmless as he appeared to be.

On the contrary, Huo Feng knew that he was a member of the Huo Family through and through, having the dark nature unique to the Huo Family. He understood that when he was young, he simply wanted to get close to Huo Tian. When he was by her side, Huo Feng could feel calm and a sense of calmness and security.

Later on, his young self got used to Huo Tian’s protection. His fondness for her was mixed with some reliance. Further on, when Huo Feng grew up to be a youth and saw through his parents’ true colors, he also completely realized that the Huo Family was a dark hell without any light.

This hell first imprisoned a person’s body, then slowly, it would use rules and repeated forceful interventions to tame a person’s soul until an ignorant child became as hypocritical and cold as the rest of the Huo Family’s members.

That was when jealousy arose. Huo Feng knew that he was deep in the mud and was slowly sinking. He knew that one day, he would become a cold-blooded monster that was no different from his parents.

Huo Tian, who was a few years older than Huo Feng, had been influenced by the Huo couple for a longer time than him, even getting scolded and beaten by them more. Why was it that she could still be like a ray of light that refused to be disciplined? No matter how dark the outside environment was, she still shone stubbornly.

It was precisely because Huo Feng sensed the ugly jealousy in the depths of his heart that he didn’t get close to Huo Tian during the summer vacation at the end of last semester. Instead, he applied for a summer camp for which he had to travel to the South Pole.

He needed to sort out his feelings in a cold, quiet world without any messy things to calm down the jealousy that shouldn’t have appeared.

If he could leave his ugly jealousy on the glaciers, Huo Feng might be able to continue to play the role of a good brother beside Huo Tian.

Huo Feng had thought of waiting for the light on Huo Tian’s body to completely dim and for her to slowly become like the rest of the Huo Family’s members.. Or perhaps, after he obtained absolute authority and power, he would bring Huo Tian, who had never had the fire in her soul extinguished, far away from the Huo Family’s dark hell.

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