Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 308 - Desire Grows

Chapter 308: Desire Grows

Huo Feng had sorted out his emotions, but the person waiting at home after he came back from the South Pole trip was not Huo Tian, who Huo Feng had been feeling conflicted about for the entire summer. Instead, it was a completely unfamiliar girl. Like all the Huo Family’s members, she would make Huo Feng feel heartfelt disgust.

“This is your biological sister. Youyou is ten thousand times better than that ignorant and incompetent Huo Tian. Little Feng, I know you’re on good terms with Huo Tian, but our Huo Family doesn’t need a daughter who brings shame to the family. From now on, pretend that this person never existed, understand?”

Huo Feng still remembered the scene back then. The luxurious and brightly lit Huo Family’s villa made him feel even colder than when he was on a scientific research ship near the polar region.

He wanted to tell his parents not to compare Huo You, whose exquisite skin covered a dark soul, to Huo Tian, whose soul was as dazzling as light.

However, after a moment of anger, Huo Feng immediately regained his rationality. He didn’t defend Huo Tian nor did he have any conflicts with Huo You.

His parents sighed at how sensible he was in front of everyone, but Huo Feng knew that he was just temporarily unable to accept reality.

“Huo Tian isn’t a real member of the Huo Family.” This thought echoed in Huo Feng’s mind for a long time. It was as if there was an unknown seed wrapped in it. Every time Huo Feng muttered something like “So Huo Tian isn’t my biological sister” in his heart, it would cause the seed to quietly accumulate power until, in the end, the seed grew roots and germinated.

Huo Feng finally understood what that meant.

When he felt the desire in his heart begin to bud, Huo Feng could not help but feel excited.

That was right. Huo Tian wasn’t his biological sister. Huo Feng thought excitedly that this was good news for him, right?

If they were biological siblings, then one day, they would have to form their own families respectively. As time passed, they would probably become relatives who could only greet and chat with each other during festive periods.

However, now, Huo Feng suddenly realized that he had a chance to occupy the light that occupied his heart forever.

However, Huo Tian, who had left the Huo Family, became even more outstanding. She started to release her talent without any restraint.

She no longer needed to express her resistance to her family and life through rebellious-looking clothes and makeup. She was like a polished piece of jade, becoming increasingly dazzling and involuntarily attracting the gazes of others.

Take for example, Bi Ying, who used the convenience of doing research together with her to almost always stay by Huo Tian’s side. There was also Si Huan, who openly occupied the seat beside Huo Tian.

The admiration in their eyes was unconcealed, making Huo Feng’s mood extremely bad.

What was even more unbearable for him was that he couldn’t look at Huo Tian with admiration like they did.

Huo Feng could only lean over warmly like a younger brother who liked to rely on his sister. Only when Huo Tian’s gaze occasionally left did Huo Feng dare to look at his sister, who was no longer his sister, with a crazy possessive gaze.

Si Huan had been accompanying Huo Tian and was listening to Huo Tian and Huo Feng whispering to each other with one of his ears.

He realized that the two of them were only talking about school life and other ordinary topics. He did not know why they could chat so happily.

Si Huan felt a little frustrated and he couldn’t help but feel jealous.

When Huo Feng occupied most of Huo Tian’s attention, Si Huan, who had nothing to do, looked pitiful.

He used his other ear to pay attention to the movements of the surrounding guests and stopped paying full attention to Huo Tian and Huo Feng.

Actually, Si Huan could have gone to socialize with the other guests. He was now the head of the Si Family and many people wanted to befriend him. Even if he went to exchange pleasantries with the guests in suits and leather shoes, it would be more interesting than listening to the girl he loved chat idly with her brother on some meaningless topics.

However, Si Huan felt an inexplicable sense of crisis and subconsciously didn’t want Huo Tian to be alone with Huo Feng.

There was once when Si Huan occasionally looked up and realized that Huo Feng had looked at Huo Tian’s side profile with an ambiguous gaze. This made the sense of crisis he was feeling reached its peak.

Alarm bells rang loudly in Si Huan’s mind, and he instantly came to an absurd conclusion. Huo Feng, who was a brat who hadn’t reached adulthood yet, had feelings for Huo Tian that were definitely not as simple as siblings who had grown up together..

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