Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 306 - Obedience

Chapter 306: Obedience

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Looking at the interaction between the biological siblings, Si Huan suddenly felt a sense of wariness.

In his impression, Huo You was impulsive and completely irrational. Why would this crazy woman be so obedient toward Huo Feng?

Si Huan thought to himself that it seemed like this Huo Feng was definitely not as simple as he appeared to be.

Huo Feng’s subsequent behavior deepened Si Huan’s thoughts. Huo Feng stopped Huo You’s emotions from erupting, then stopped her and whispered a few words into her ear. Huo You’s emotions immediately calmed down.

She glared angrily at Si Huan and Huo Tian, who were holding hands, then turned around and left quickly.

When Huo Feng turned to face Huo Tian, he immediately smiled sweetly. Just like every younger brother who relied on their sister, his tone even had a hint of irresistible acting spoiled. “Sister, I’m sorry. Huo You’s personality is too impulsive. You weren’t angry just now, right?”

In Si Huan’s opinion, Huo Feng’s demeanor and actions were extremely pretentious, but Huo Tian didn’t sense anything wrong with it.

Huo Tian subconsciously waved her hand and said, “It’s okay. This is not the first day I know that Huo You is crazy. I won’t hold it against her. Moreover, didn’t you guys realize that Huo You has been avoiding eye contact with me tonight? Back in school, even if I ignored her, she would still have to show her presence in front of me. She has learned to be good tonight.”

As Huo Tian said that, she even sighed regretfully. Humans are indeed a complicated species. In the past, Huo You was really annoying when she saw her looking for trouble. However, now that Huo You wasn’t looking for trouble, Huo Tian felt that something was missing. For a moment, she wasn’t used to it.

Si Huan sneered. “That woman’s personality is a complete replica of her parents’. She simply has it written in her bones that she bullies the weak and fears the strong. You’re the Hill Family’s princess now, so they can’t wait to curry up to you. How would they dare to come and find trouble for you?”

Huo Tian didn’t completely agree with Si Huan’s words. “That couple from the Huo Family is indeed like that, but I feel that Huo You is actually still different from them. Even if I have my father as my backing, even if I achieve a position and achievements that no one can shake, Huo You hasn’t changed her attitude towards me. She still hates me very much.”

If it were an ordinary adolescent girl who was hated so bluntly, she would inevitably develop complicated emotions. However, Huo Tian looked like she didn’t care, as if she wasn’t talking about a topic related to her at all.

Hence, Si Huan, who had subconsciously wanted to console her, could only swallow his words of comfort.

During the one or two seconds Si Huan was silent, Huo Feng, who was beside him, suddenly spoke.

He said softly, “Sister, Huo You doesn’t hate you. She’s just jealous of you.”

“Jealous?” Huo Tian was a little confused. “Why would she be jealous of me?”

“This is very normal. It’s because Sister is indeed a person who easily attracts jealousy from others.” A smile appeared on Huo Feng’s face and he took the seat on the other side of Huo Tian without a trace.

When the waiter passed by with a tray, Huo Feng called out to him, took a cup of tomato juice, and handed it to Huo Tian. “In the past, Sister always liked to personally fiddle with fruit and vegetable juice. You said that this tomato juice is good for the skin. Does Sister still like it now?”

Huo Tian nodded. “Of course I do. Mom often makes them at home for me too.”

Si Huan’s attitude towards Huo Feng was not considered good, and it could even be said to be cold. However, Huo Feng did not take Si Huan’s targeting to heart. When he was getting a drink, he helped Si Huan get a cup of soda.

Si Huan’s upbringing did not allow him to be rude to the kindness shown by others. He frowned slightly but still took the glass of soda without a word.

Huo Feng didn’t seem to realize that Si Huan, who was still standing beside him, was emitting a chill at any moment. He seemed to treat Si Huan as part of the background and only cared about talking to Huo Tian.

His voice was neither fast nor slow, seeming to have a different kind of attractiveness. “Sister, of course Huo You will be jealous of you. Her desires are hard to quell, but she doesn’t have the means and ability to realize her ambitions. When she sees that you’re living better than her regardless of the environment you are in, she can’t help but feel jealous. Sister, you’re born to be looked up to.. This kind of jealousy isn’t strange at all, so don’t take it to heart.”

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