Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 305 - Creating Problems Intentionally

Chapter 305: Creating Problems Intentionally

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At this moment, Si Huan seemed to be able to empathize with Xi Cheng. Facing Huo Tian, he also felt feelings of helplessness and adoration.

(Forget it.) Si Huan let out a long sigh and thought to himself. (Why should I be jealous of a little brat? No matter what Huo Feng’s true feelings for Huo Tian are, in her heart, he’s just a younger brother.)

With this in mind, Si Huan gently explained to Huo Tian the reason why Xi Cheng had helplessly shaken his head and sighed. “Uncle Xi doesn’t like Mr. and Mrs. Huo. You know that, right?”

Huo Tian nodded, but she still didn’t understand. She asked blankly, “Of course I know Dad doesn’t like them. Our entire family doesn’t like them. Isn’t this something that everyone can tell?”

“That’s right. Originally, most of the guests at the banquet were inclined to believe that the Huo Family had been hated by the Hill Family. However, when you greeted Huo Feng so amicably just now, I think many people will doubt their previous judgment and think that the relationship between your two families isn’t that bad. They might think that after today, the relationship might even become more intimate.”

Huo Tian frowned very clearly and said subconsciously, “How is that possible?”

“But that’s the truth.” Si Huan smiled at Huo Tian, who was staring at him in surprise. “I think Uncle Xi’s conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Huo was to let the guests guess his true attitude and cause some psychological pressure on Mr. and Mrs. Huo, but after what you did just now, Uncle Xi’s actions were rendered completely ineffective. That’s why he shook his head and sighed earlier.”

After such a detailed explanation, Huo Tian finally understood that Xi Cheng had just had a psychological battle with the Huo couple, but she had accidentally ruined it.

She wrinkled her nose in embarrassment and looked away guiltily, just in time to see Huo Feng and Huo You not far away.

Only then did Huo Tian realize that she and Si Huan had actually been discussing how to put pressure on their parents without any restraint in front of the two of them. She belatedly thought that they should actually avoid the parties involved.

It was probably because geniuses were easily immersed in their own world that Huo Tian had such a small problem. She often ignored the surroundings and would be immersed in her thoughts.

However, even if she didn’t realize it, Si Huan had always been considerate and meticulous. Logically speaking, such a mistake shouldn’t have occurred.

Huo Tian, who was feeling a little puzzled, looked at Si Huan, who was beside her. This time, she sized him up secretly.

Huo Tian then realized that Si Huan was facing Huo You and Huo Feng’s gazes. He looked calm and his standing posture was very relaxed. He didn’t care about the Huo Family’s siblings at all. His aura was inexplicably similar to Xi Cheng.

In the face of Xi Cheng’s disdain for the Huo Family, Huo You and Huo Feng acted as if they did not hear him and did not show any displeasure.

However, when they were facing Si Huan, who also didn’t care about the Huo Family, they didn’t feel that they needed to back down.

This was especially so for Huo You. Her disgust for Si Huan was brought back from her previous life, and it was so deep that it seeped into her soul.

She looked at Si Huan coldly and said through gritted teeth, “I thought the head of the Si Family would at least put on a respectful attitude when facing other families.”

“Respect?” Si Huan raised his tone a little and glanced at Huo You indifferently. “I don’t think the Huo Family’s members have the right to be associated with this word.”

“You…” Huo You felt anger rising in her chest. If it wasn’t for the fact that there were many guests at the banquet, she might have lost control of her emotions and gone crazy from anger.

Fortunately, Huo You’s rationality prevented her emotions from erupting. She only gritted her teeth and said, “Is this your upbringing, Si Huan? You’ve really broadened my horizons.”

Si Huan’s lips twitched. He was about to say something when he was interrupted by a young man’s voice.

“Huo You, don’t embarrass yourself.”

Huo Feng said slowly. There was clearly no pressure in his tone, but it made Huo You, who was on the verge of erupting in anger, immediately shut up.

Huo You’s curses were forcibly suppressed. Her cheeks were a little red from anger and grievance, but her mouth was tightly shut.. She didn’t say a word, but when Huo Feng’s light gaze turned over, she glared back with slight dissatisfaction.

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