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Chapter 304 - The Depressed Si Huan

Chapter 304: The Depressed Si Huan

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The Huo couple left with the waiter. The guests who were secretly peeping at them immediately realized that the atmosphere around Mr. Xi, who had appeared amiable and was smiling just now, had changed.

His gaze was disdainful and superior, unconsciously bringing along an arrogant attitude.

The guests who had wanted to gossip about the feud between the Hill Family and the Huo Family didn’t dare to provoke Xi Cheng, so they walked away naturally.

Therefore, other than their own people, only Huo You and Huo Feng heard Xi Cheng’s disdainful tone when he mentioned the Huo couple.

Normally, children would be angry that their biological parents had been humiliated.

However, both Huo You and Huo Feng’s expressions didn’t change much. It was as if the ones being despised weren’t their biological parents.

Xi Cheng’s gaze was fixed on his wife and daughter. From the corner of his eye, he noticed the Huo siblings’ overly calm attitude, so he looked at them in surprise.

Xi Cheng had been through bloody battles on the battlefield and had also experienced power struggles. When he focused his gaze on a person, the other party would often show nervousness under the pressure of Xi Cheng’s aura.

However, the siblings in front of him, who were not even 20 years old, performed much better than most adults under the pressure of Xi Cheng’s gaze.

The moment Xi Cheng’s gaze landed on her, the muscles on Huo You’s back tensed up and she could not help but feel flustered. However, she used her exquisite long nails to grip the soft flesh on her palm and barely managed to maintain her composure through the pain.

Xi Cheng could tell at a glance that Huo You was bluffing, so he did not pay much attention to her.

What surprised him was Huo Feng’s performance. Huo Feng’s back was straight and it could be seen that he was a little nervous, but there was no panic in his eyes.

Xi Cheng let out a long sigh in his heart. He thought to himself that for Huo Feng to be able to maintain this state in front of someone who had just insulted his parents, it had to be because he was born with reserved emotions and a scheming personality, or because he shared no kinship with his parents at all.

Or perhaps both reasons were applicable. The more troublesome thing was that this boy had a good relationship with Huo Tian. In order not to anger his daughter, Xi Cheng could only adjust his plan to deal with the Huo Family.

The thought that this brat called Huo Feng might disrupt his plan to eliminate the Huo Family completely made Xi Cheng feel a little strange.

He looked helplessly at his daughter, sighed, and waved his hand. “Since you like this child called Huo Feng so much, go play with him. I’ll bring your mother to meet the Hill Family.”

No matter how dull Huo Tian’s emotions were, she could sense the helplessness in Xi Cheng’s eyes when he looked at her.

She did not understand what was going on and subconsciously sought help from the person she trusted the most.

Hence, she looked at Si Huan, who had been standing silently beside her, with a puzzled expression.

Huo Tian didn’t get Si Huan’s response immediately, so she stretched out a fair finger and poked Si Huan’s arm.

At this moment, Si Huan’s heart was aching. Although he knew that Huo Tian only treated Huo Feng as her younger brother in her heart, the two of them were not related by blood. Moreover, this child from the Huo Family kept staring at Huo Tian with a fervent gaze. That demeanor he had didn’t seem like a younger brother’s reliance on his sister at all.

Si Huan couldn’t show his displeasure and could only sulk silently at the side.

Of course he had sensed Huo Tian’s puzzled gaze immediately. He also knew that Huo Tian wanted him to explain to her why Xi Cheng had sighed so helplessly just now, but he did not want to mention Huo Feng’s name at all. Hence, for the first time, he threw a small tantrum and did not respond to Huo Tian’s question in time.

Then, Si Huan felt his arm being poked a few more times with greater force. He looked at the girl beside him and met Huo Tian’s puzzled gaze.

There were no negative emotions in her eyes, only pure questioning and an imperceptible reliance…

Si Huan had just felt a little depressed when he was looked at by such a pair of clear eyes.. That depressed feeling immediately dissipated.

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