Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 303 - : Siblings Relationship

Chapter 303: Siblings Relationship

Huo Tian felt a little guilty towards Huo Feng. The current Huo Tian was no longer the sister with whom he had mutual support in the Huo Family. The Huo Tian from the past had completely integrated with her soul, which came from a hundred years later. She didn’t know if Huo Feng had noticed the change in her personality or if he had ever doubted her identity.

Because of this guilt towards Huo Feng, Huo Tian subconsciously flipped through the memories related to him in her mind.

In Huo Tian’s impression, Huo Feng was a little quiet and introverted. When he was with others, he would always pretend to be polite. Only when he was with Huo Tian would he reveal his innocent and lively side. He would even act a little clingy in front of Huo Tian.

In his memories, Huo Tian and Huo Feng had a good relationship. This was especially after Huo Feng turned five. He was very smart and quick-witted as if he could see through other people’s thoughts. Mr. and Mrs. Huo doted on him a lot, but the person Huo Feng liked the most was still Huo Tian, who wasn’t too close to him.

When Huo Tian was sorting through her memories, she realized that Huo Tian didn’t like Huo Feng, this little follower, at the beginning. Sometimes, in order to make little Huo Feng stay away from her, she would often scare the fair and plump child. She would even reach out to pinch his chubby cheeks. However, even though he was bullied like this, little Huo Feng still liked to get close to Huo Tian.

Later on, Huo Tian gradually accepted this clingy brother, but she retained the habit of pinching his cheeks.

Huo Tian even remembered that before she left the Huo Family, Huo Feng’s face still had some baby fat. Huo Tian liked to pinch his cheeks from time to time, but now, Huo Feng was taller and thinner than he was half a year ago. The baby fat on his face had all disappeared as if there was only a thin layer of skin left.

His entire disposition had also changed drastically. He seemed to have become quieter and more melancholic. He was already completely different from the younger brother who liked to act spoiled towards her in her memories.

Huo Tian had integrated with the memories that belonged to the original owner of this body and seemed to have inherited a portion of the other party’s emotions. Her heart couldn’t help but ache a little for the increasingly skinny and silent Huo Feng.

She did not notice the subtle atmosphere between Xi Cheng and the Huo Family’s couple at all. She followed Mrs. Huo’s suggestion and said, “I want to chat with Little Feng too. I wonder how Little Feng’s results are this semester. Did he get into a relationship…”

Huo Tian asked subconsciously because in her memories, Huo Tian, as the older sister, would always like to care about Huo Feng’s studies and his relationship status. Only when she sensed everyone’s gazes on her did Huo Tian realize that her words seemed to be a little inappropriate.

She blinked and felt a little embarrassed, then coughed lightly and whispered, “I’m the older sister. Of course I have to care about my brother’s results and life.”

Huo Feng felt very sweet inside and smiled so widely until his eyes were curved. The gloomy disposition he had immediately dissipated.

There was a smile in his voice too. “Sister is still the same as before.”

Mrs. Huo’s expression was gentle as she looked at Huo Tian with a smile. “Tiantian and Little Feng are still on such good terms. I’m really happy to see that the two of you are no different from before.”

In order to show her happiness, Mrs. Huo’s eyes glistened and she looked extremely relieved.

Mr. Huo’s originally pale and grim expression now turned a little rosy. He didn’t look like a sick patient who wasn’t feeling well at all.

He looked at Huo Feng, feeling relieved and glad at the same time. Fortunately, after Huo Tian left the Huo Family, this son of his still secretly kept in contact with her. With Huo Feng, who was not blood-related to Huo Tian but was still as close as siblings to her, the Hill Family’s head would have to be careful of not taking action recklessly against the Huo Family even if he was displeased with them.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had pretended to be unwell in front of everyone, Mr. Huo would definitely not have given up on this opportunity to get involved with the Hill Family’s head. At this moment, he could only give Huo Feng some instructions, looking forward to his usually quick-witted son being able to build a good relationship with the Hill Family and the other guests at the banquet.

Mrs. Huo supported Mr. Huo and led him to the lounge under the guidance of the waiter. After they left, Xi Cheng, who had been maintaining a calm expression just now, looked helplessly at his precious daughter, who had ruined his plans.

“Tiantian, why did you give the Huo couple face?” He didn’t care that Huo Feng was still present and his words and expression showed his dissatisfaction with the Huo couple..

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