Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 302 - Hunter

Chapter 302: Hunter

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The current Xi Cheng was like an unperturbed hunter, and the couple who had abused his daughter was the prey he had chosen. He would not be softhearted and would destroy everything they cared about.

Back then, the reason Xi Cheng had left Ding Rong, who was pregnant, and returned to America to participate in the family struggle was to gain enough power to protect his wife and child.

Now, Xi Cheng had become the leader of the Hill Family and had complete control over this colossus. It would be too cowardly for him to let the guy who had bullied his wife and daughter live on unscathed. It wouldn’t match the bloodthirsty and cruel image the Hill Family’s head was rumored to have.

Therefore, during this period of time, other than being busy with this important banquet, Xi Cheng had also gotten people to carefully investigate all sorts of news about the Huo Family and Hein Corporation.

The couple from the Huo Family had to pay the price for abusing their daughter, and the Hein Corporation’s CEO, He Yu, had to be punished for planning Ding Rong’s kidnapping.

The law could not punish the mastermind behind the kidnapping case without reliable evidence. Xi Cheng did not intend to take revenge on He Yu through legitimate means. In the 20 years he had been the head of the Hill Family, he had long learned the methods of capitalists.

He was already used to manipulating votes, amending laws, and even influencing politics using large amounts of money so that his interests would be maximized. He did not mind using his influence to punish the mastermind who dared to harm his wife.

Xi Cheng’s mind was thinking about how to turn the Huo Family and the Hein Corporation into dust, but he still smiled warmly and looked at Mr. Huo with even greater concern.

He said very gentlemanly and kindly, “Mr. Huo is unwilling to cause me trouble, but as the host of the banquet, I’m very worried about your health. I think your children are also very worried about their father.”

The surrounding guests did not dare to openly watch the scene of Xi Cheng and the Huo Family talking. They went about with what they were doing calmly, but their ears were pricked.

Upon hearing Xi Cheng’s words, some guests who were not good at managing expressions could not help but look toward Huo Feng and Huo You, who were standing not far away from Mr. and Mrs. Huo. They saw that the two of them had calm expressions. Even when everyone’s gazes landed on them, they didn’t even care to pretend to be concerned about their father’s health. They didn’t look worried at all.

However, Xi Cheng continued to talk without batting an eyelid, “Fortunately, my butler’s capabilities are outstanding. He considered all the sudden situations that might happen at the banquet in advance and had invited a professional doctor to be on standby at all times. Mr. Huo, why don’t you follow the waiter to the lounge and let the doctor do a preliminary checkup for you? If your physical condition is really fine, your family and I will be at ease.”

Mr. Huo did not hesitate and immediately agreed. “Mr. Hill’s arrangements are very thoughtful. Then I’ll excuse myself.”

From the moment Mr. Huo said that she wasn’t feeling well, Mrs. Huo held his arm and acted like a virtuous wife. At this moment, Mr. Huo patted Mrs. Huo’s hand gently.

Mrs. Huo understood that Mr. Huo wanted the Huo Family to leave the banquet temporarily. However, this banquet was a chance to befriend wealthy families both domestically and abroad. This was also one of the reasons why the Huo Family had tried so hard to attend this banquet.

Therefore, Mrs. Huo was unwilling to waste all her time tonight in the waiting room. She looked at Mr. Huo and asked, “Your discomfort should be due to your chronic illness. I’ll accompany you to get the doctor to check on you. Little Feng hasn’t seen Tiantian in a long time. Why don’t we let the siblings have a good chat?”

At the latter half of the sentence, Mrs. Huo’s gaze shifted to Huo Tian.

Huo Tian had originally felt a little bored and was lost in her thoughts. She only came back to her senses when she heard someone mention her and Huo Feng’s names. She blinked belatedly and subconsciously looked at Huo Feng, who was a few steps away from her.

Huo Feng was staring at Huo Tian with a burning gaze as if he had many things to say to her.

Huo Tian gave him a big smile. Huo Feng was stunned for a moment, then he smiled too and mouthed silently to her, “Sister.”

Huo Tian was a little stunned and thought sadly that Huo Feng really liked the original Huo Tian a lot.

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