Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 301 - Unwell

Chapter 301: Unwell

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The Hill Family’s wealth was measured in trillions. They had enough money and power to make a perfect banquet.

The temperature of the entire manor was controlled to a comfortable range. It didn’t let the ladies in off-shoulder dresses feel cold, nor did it let the guests reveal their sweaty and ungraceful sides after a ballroom dance.

However, at this moment, Mr. Huo seemed to be in an unbearably hot environment. His face turned from white to red, and a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead. At this moment, he could not be bothered about how inelegant he looked. He took out the pocket square that was only used for decoration and kept wiping the sweat on his face.

However, Xi Cheng, who was opposite him, still had an amiable attitude. He had a friendly smile on his face and looked at Mr. Huo with concern. “Mr. Huo, you don’t look too good. Are you feeling unwell?”

At this moment, Mr. Huo only wanted to escape from everyone’s sight. He nodded without hesitation. “I’m sorry, I’ve been feeling unwell recently. I think I’d better leave with my wife and children first. I won’t disturb everyone’s mood…”

“How can we let you leave when you’re sick? If those media who always like to cook up stories were to capture this, they’ll say that our Hill Family and the Huo Family have a bad relationship. I don’t think you want the outside world to maliciously speculate about our relationship, do you?”

Xi Cheng’s expression was clearly concerned, but his voice was still unhurried, making it impossible to discern his true attitude from his tone.

Mr. and Mrs. Huo’s expressions turned extremely grim. Mr. Huo was still a little hesitant. Through the short conversation with Xi Cheng, he sharply realized that Xi Cheng’s attitude towards the Huo Family was definitely not as friendly as he appeared to be. Therefore, he did not want to continue staying at the banquet, afraid that some accident would cause the Huo Family to lose face.

However, it was indeed as Xi Cheng had said. If they left the Hill Family’s manor now, the Huo Family would definitely become the focus of everyone’s attention.

The reporters hiding outside the gate of the Hill Family’s manor were unable to take pictures of the internal situation of the Hill Family’s banquet. They would definitely place additional emphasis on the investigation and report on the Huo Family, who had left first. The irritating media would not show mercy to the Huo Family and their reputation might be crazily smeared. That would be an outcome that Mr. Huo was even more unwilling to see.

Just as Mr. Huo was hesitating, he felt a slight tug on his sleeve. He turned his head slightly and realized that it was Mrs. Huo, who was beside him. Her gaze darkened slightly and she shook her head at Mr. Huo.

Having been husband and wife for decades, Mr. Huo instantly understood what Mrs. Huo meant.

After receiving Mrs. Huo’s gaze, Mr. Huo finally made up his mind.

He wiped the sweat on his forehead again and barely managed to maintain his composure. When he spoke again, he had regained some of his usual composure. “Mr. Hill is right. If I leave now, it will damage the reputation of both our families. My condition is just a small problem and I’m feeling much better now. Mr. Hill, please don’t worry too much.”

Mrs. Huo and Mr. Huo were well-coordinated and she was wearing a gentle smile on her face, speaking in line with her husband’s words. “Yeah, we’re here as guests. It’d be bad if our unintentional actions were to tarnish the reputation of our two families.”

Of course, Xi Cheng could tell what this couple was trying to say. They were threatening him that if he were to fall out with the Huo Family, the Hill Family would not have a good reputation either.

At this moment, Xi Cheng could not help but look at the Huo couple in a different light. He had thought that Mr. Huo was just an incompetent idiot who relied on his family’s background to enjoy a rich life. He did not expect him to still be a little scheming. He was still sweating and feeling dizzy from the scare just now, but in just a few seconds, he had quickly calmed down and even dared to threaten him.

The smile on Xi Cheng’s face deepened a little. He thought with interest that things would only be interesting like this. If Mr. Huo was too incompetent, the Huo Family in his hands would be easily destroyed. How would he be able to enjoy the joy of this game then?

There was no change in his expression as if he didn’t understand the meaning behind this couple’s words. His voice was as gentle and calm as usual too. “Since your wife thinks so too, then as the banquet’s host, I can’t be rude and let Mr.. Huo leave the banquet early.”

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