Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: You Can Have Whatever You Want

Gu Bailu couldn’t feel any worse. “Ah Luo, somebody burned me alive! My legs were reduced to ash!”

Ah Luo patted her back. “My lady, you’re still alive. Your legs are fine, too. Did you have a bad dream?”

Gu Bailu looked at her, then checked her legs. They were indeed intact.

Relieved, she patted her chest. “It really was a dream. What a horrible one.”

Although it was a dream, Gu Bailu was still uneasy. She knew that every dream happened for a reason.

Some dreams were omens, too.

Was that going to be her fate?

No! No! No! It couldn’t be.

The man who had launched the purple sword at her obviously brought her pain. She had never been in love, but she knew that she had met a terrible man in her dream.

How could she meet a terrible man? She never intended to fall in love with anyone.

“My lady, dreams are fun.” Ah Luo wiped her tears for her. “I had dragon meat in my dream. It was delicious.”

Gu Bailu smiled. “Silly girl, what’s so good about dragon meat? It’s too old and rough.”

“My lady, you’ve had dragon meat before?” Ah Luo asked excitedly.

Gu Bailu shook her head. “No, but I’m sure that it doesn’t taste good.”

Dragons all lived for more than a thousand years. Their meat was too old.

“The dragon meat in my dream was delicious, and I had it with jam made from Snow Goddess Fruit.” Ah Luo was drooling as she spoke.

“What’s Snow Goddess Fruit?”

“The fruit from Heavenly Palace Cliff, of course. You gave me plenty of Snow Goddess Fruits, my lady.”

Gu Bailu laughed and touched her head. “What a silly girl. You need me to give you things even in your dream.”

“Of course I need you to give them to me, my lady.”

“Fine, whatever you want. I’ll give them to you if I have them.”

Ah Luo asked in delight, “Really? Will you give me everything I want, my lady?”

“Yes, whatever it is.” She would give her life away if Ah Luo asked for it.

Ah Luo suddenly hugged her. “I know you’re the best, my lady.”

The door opened at that moment. A girl in pink walked in and laid two bowls of rice on the ground. “Don’t starve.”

“How long are you going to keep us locked in here?” Gu Bailu hurried to ask.

The girl stopped and glanced at her. “Depending on when you want to die. If you want to die sooner, I can satisfy your wish right now.”

Gu Bailu frowned. Why did the woman hate her?

She had done nothing more than see Shao Di’s face. Did they have to be so hostile?

“Go away already. I haven’t lived enough yet.”

The girl didn’t say anything and simply left after shutting the door.

“My lady! It’s Snow Goddess Fruit!” Ah Luo exclaimed, holding the tray.

There were two bowls of rice on the tray as well as two white fruits. They were the size of plums and had a pleasant fragrance.

“That’s exactly what Snow Goddess Fruit looked like in my dream.” Ah Luo took a bite of the fruit. “It tastes just as delicious, too.”

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. She had seen such fruit on the table in the pavilion where Shao Di had been playing chess before.

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