Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The 150-Year-Old Monster

Ah Luo must’ve remembered it after seeing that. That was why she ate the Snow Goddess Fruit in her dream.

All her talk about Heavenly Palace Cliff was nonsense.

“Have one yourself, my lady.” Ah Luo handed it over, but Gu Bailu shook her head. “You can have it.”

Blinking, Ah Luo looked between the fruit and Gu Bailu, but still gave it to her. “No, you have it.”

“Are you refusing what I’m offering you?” Gu Bailu was amused.

“Have it, my lady. It can help you grow a spirit root.”

Gu Bailu was dazed. “What are you talking about?”

“The Snow Goddess Fruit in my dream can turn someone into a great deity!” Ah Luo drew a circle with her hands. “In that case, you don’t have to worry about being burned by anyone.”

Gu Bailu chuckled, and she felt warm.

Ah Luo was truly a good maid. She thought about her even in her dream.

Seeing that the maid would rather not have it, Gu Bailu had the Snow Goddess Fruit.

It was indeed delicious, both crisp and sweet.

“Doesn’t it taste good, my lady?” Ah Luo asked.

“It does. Let’s steal some later.”

“Alright, my lady. Let’s make jam with it later. It tastes better with meat.”

“Ah Luo, how long have we been locked up?”

“I don’t know. You slept for such a long time that I think I can eat a cow.”

Is that so? You can eat a cow anytime and anywhere.

Gu Bailu looked around. The place was dark and cold. There was no light except for the torches on the wall.

The dark swamp outside looked like the blood in her dream.

The gate was made of thick stone, and impossible to break.

Gu Bailu took out her runes, hoping to blink pass it.

Then, she realized that all her runes had disappeared. What strange place was this?

She seemed to have broken into an incredible place.

She woke up the ghost in her bracelet. “Do you know that man?”

“I don’t. However, the Shao Di they referring to is the master of the Imperial Residence. Nobody has really seen him before. So, I’m not sure if it’s him.”

“What’s the Imperial Residence?”

“You don’t know?”

Gu Bailu asked, “Should I?”

For cultivators in this world, the Imperial Residence was their holy land. People might not know Southern Glory Empire, but they certainly knew the Imperial Residence.

Cloud Mirror Academy, which they established, was a school that all cultivators wanted to go to.

The best geniuses on this continent were all students of Cloud Mirror Academy, which turned them into even greater geniuses.

The emperors of the other seven countries in this world were also all from Cloud Mirror Academy.

“So, it’s a factory for manufacturing experts.”

“It’s said that the master of the Imperial Residence is more than 150 years old, but Shao Di appears too young, so I’m not certain.”

Gu Bailu scoffed. “He’s 150, and he’s still Shao Di 1?”

“That’s because there’s still a Di Zhu 1 in the Imperial Residence. It’s said that he’s almost 300 years old and has become a deity.”

“Doesn’t that mean he’s dead?”

The ghost felt that she couldn’t continue the conversation anymore. All cultivators longed to become deities, but for this woman, it only meant being dead.

You shouldn’t deride other people like that just because you can’t cultivate.

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