Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: No!

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“You can kill me, but you should at least let me know why.”

She didn’t believe that it was only because she had trespassed.

This sort of place couldn’t be broken into easily, either. It had to be Shao Di behind it.

“You should’ve minded your own business.” Shao Di put a chess piece down and won the game.

He stood up, and his long arm slid before Gu Bailu’s eyes in an elegant curve.

Gu Bailu passed out in agony.

“My lady!” Ah Luo suddenly unleashed her spiritual power and jumped over, holding Gu Bailu in her arms. “Nobody touches my lady!”

Shao Di looked back at them and said casually, “Bring them to Yunjian.”

“Yes, sir.”

Shao Di left gracefully, his long robe utterly free of stains on the jade steps.

Ah Luo fought the girls in pink for a quarter of an hour before she lost her spiritual power again.

“My lady, what’s going on?” Ah Luo was stunned.

Alas, Gu Bailu had passed out and couldn’t answer her at all.

Even if she were awake, she wouldn’t have been able to answer Ah Luo.

The girls escorted Gu Bailu and Ah Luo to the so-called Yunjian.

It was a cold and dark dungeon, with barely any clean space to stand on.

Ah Luo took off her robe and sat on it with Gu Bailu.

The door of the dungeon slammed shut.

Ah Luo realized that her spiritual power was back, so she hurriedly transferred some to Gu Bailu.

However, Gu Bailu didn’t have a spirit root and couldn’t sense Ah Luo’s spiritual power at all.

With no other choice, Ah Luo could only keep Gu Bailu’s body temperature up with her spiritual power.

Gu Bailu felt so hot it was as if she was being roasted over a fire. Many people were preparing something before her.

“The ritual is about to begin. This venomous witch will finally be burned.”

“The Master has finally realized who she is. She thought that the Master could protect her forever.”

“The Fire of Hell will burn her soul and obliterate her.”

The Fire of Hell?

Gu Bailu looked down, only to discover glimmering fire below her, sucking her in like a black hole.

She discovered that her legs had been burnt up, but she didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain from them.

Instead, the pain was coming from her chest, as if someone was smashing it with a mace.

Her heart was broken and black as muddy blood flowed out.

Why was her heart black? Hadn’t she been doing good deeds all this time? She barely used any harmful runes.

Who was burning her? What crimes had she committed?

No! She didn’t want to be burned like this. She hadn’t gotten her revenge yet. She wanted to continue living.

Once her soul was gone, she would truly disappear from this world.

Gu Bailu watched the fire reach her waist and block her vision, when a purple sword stabbed into her heart as quickly as lightning.

She screamed in pain, only to notice a tall person weeping on the other side of the river.

“No!” Gu Bailu sat up in hysterics, tears in her eyes.

“My lady, you’re up! Don’t be scared! Ah Luo is here.”

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