Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Assistance From the Handsome Man

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The man had a chiseled face. When he raised his eyes, he had the charm of an enthralling woman.

However, his eyebrows were long and his deep eyes were filled with the virility of men.

His body was also strong – one could easily tell that there were plenty of muscles underneath the cover of his robe.

He was attractive in both a feminine and masculine way, which seemed completely at odds with nature.

Had she finally been given the first benefit of her transmigration?

She blurted out, “Hey, handsome, you look like my next boyfriend.”

But she immediately regretted it. The pickup lines from thousands of years later probably wouldn’t work in ancient times.

As she expected, unconcealed disgust flashed in the man’s eyes. He said, “Qin Shou, throw both her and the sedan chair away.”

Gu Bailu was still regretting her pickup line when a guard threw her into the sedan chair. She shouted, “Hey, let’s just talk nicely. What are you doing… ah!”

Before she could finish, both her and the sedan chair were sent flying.

Damn it. What a barbaric, violent world.

The sedan chair was thrown in the direction of the general’s front gate. As it so happened, somebody was carrying the bride out.

Because of the wind, the bride’s red veil was blown off.

Somebody cried out. It was ominous for the red veil to drop.

Gu Bailu clutched the sedan chair and observed everything.

Was the handsome man great help that God had sent her?

A red shadow flashed forward and caught the flying veil, before it approached the bride. “Qin, are you alright?”

The bride shook her head gently. “Chen, I’m fine.”

She pursed her lips, as if she was holding back her feelings, which made her even more pitiful.

Gu Bailu sneered. It was precisely this gentle and tender woman who had pushed the original owner of her body off a cliff, just so that she could have Gu Bailu’s fiancé.

“Drag that goddamn rogue out of the sedan chair!” the second prince roared furiously after seeing Gu Wanqin’s sadness.

The guards surged forward, but Ah Luo announced next to the sedan chair, “This is my lady’s sedan chair!”

She had been so unstoppable the whole time that the guards hesitated.

The second prince was even more infuriated. He looked at the sedan chair in disgust, only to be stunned. “It’s you…”

“It’s me, Chen.” Gu Bailu smiled.

She was pretty in the first place, and when she smiled, it was as captivating as a blooming flower.

“You’re not dead?” Feng Xuanchen narrowed his eyes ruthlessly.

“A useless person like me will be a burden on everyone for a thousand years. How can I die?”

“Get off. Even though you’re not dead, I’m going to marry Wanqin. If Wanqin hadn’t kindly persuaded me, I would’ve withdrawn my proposal.”

Gu Wanqin clutched his arm and looked at him in tears. “Please don’t talk like that. My sister is better than me…”

“She’s just garbage. How can she compare with you? I’ll never make you feel wronged.”

“Chen, I’m not wronged. I’m the younger sister, after all…”

“Only you can be my wife. Do you not love me? Why are you asking me to marry another woman?”

“It’s not like that. Chen, she’s not another woman. She’s my… big sister.”

The second prince roared in fury, “Gu Bailu, you’re such a shameless woman. You forced Wanqin to back off again and again. Let me tell you. Whatever you do, I won’t marry you.”

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