Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: What Happened?

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Gu Bailu was enjoying the drama, when she was pulled into it. She sniffed unhappily. “Who said anything about marrying you?”

“If not, why are you sitting in the bride’s sedan chair?”

“I came back from far away for my third sister’s wedding, and I’m practically exhausted from traveling through the night. Can’t I rest here? You’re too mean.”

Gu Bailu stood up and walked to Feng Xuanchen gracefully. The red wedding outfit further highlighted her fairness, making her look like a red rose.

“Then who was the one who kept pestering me?” Feng Xuanchen found it hard to believe that Gu Bailu was denying her feelings for him.

Gu Bailu stopped and eyed him up and down. “I thought that you were a decent man, but now…” She pointed at the handsome man she just saw.

“You’re just a dog compared with him. I can only blame myself for being attracted to you.”

“How impudent!” Feng Xuanchen clenched his fists in fury.

Gu Bailu said in disdain, “As members of the royal family, Prince Zi was killing enemies on the battlefield when he was 10, but you’ve defeated no one but your servants. You really think you’re incredible? You have nothing other than your identity as the second prince.

“You were having an affair with my sister when you were betrothed to me. I’m embarrassed for you now that this is out in the open.”

The common folk were stunned. The second prince didn’t seem worthy of respect anymore after what she said…

“Gu Bailu, you’re asking to be killed.” Feng Xuanchen couldn’t take it anymore and threw a punch at her.

Gu Bailu frowned. Another brawl now that talking didn’t work out?

It was indeed a barbaric world.

“My lady, watch out.” Before Gu Bailu could react, her lovely maid kicked her away at the critical moment.

Damn it. Can you choose a better way to save me?

Whose side are you on?

Huh, why am I not hurt?

She raised her head, only to discover a firm chest and the most handsome face…

“Hey, you really look like my next husband… ahhh…”

She slid off the man’s chest before she could finish the sentence. Clutching at random things, she finally steadied herself.

That was close!

Too many people gasped, and all noise disappeared. Even the air seemed to freeze.

What happened?

Gu Bailu got back to her feet. When she looked, she realized that she was clinging to the man’s sleeve with one hand and somewhere under the man’s belly button with the other.

Most shocking of all, the thing was changing in her hands.

Dear god, let lightning strike me now!

“Isn’t that the general’s first daughter? Why is she still alive?”

“She’s really going to die this time. Nobody touches Prince Zi and lives.”

The whispers grew louder, and the handsome man became even colder, freezing the autumn into winter.

Gu Bailu managed a smile. “Thank you for your tool.”

The man gazed at her. He raised his hand, and everybody held their breaths. The woman was about to be blown thousands of kilometers away.

However… The man merely lifted Gu Bailu’s chin with his long fingers and asked, “You’re not scared of death?”

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