Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Handsome Man

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August 10 was believed to be an auspicious day. Pale Emperor City, capital of the Southern Glory Empire, was caught up in a festive atmosphere. Lu’an Alley, which was usually quiet, was crammed with people today.

Today was the wedding of Feng Xuanchen, the second prince, and Gu Wanqin, the general’s third daughter.

All the powerful and wealthy folk had turned up for the wedding.

The common folk crowded into the alley, hoping to get a closer look at the bigwigs.

“My lady, is this your house? It’s so splendid…”

An inconspicuous carriage stopped outside the general’s house. The maid on it was amazed at the gate.

“Stop looking. Here comes the bridal party. Give me the clothes.” Gu Bailu, who had been pursued for a couple of months, appeared before the general’s house.

It had taken her a few months to figure out that, while she had been hunting her nemesis, she had transmigrated into a different world and into the body of Miss Gu, the general’s first daughter.

The girl even had the same name.

Her mother was dead and her father disliked her. In the end, her sister pushed her off a cliff.

Today was her sister’s wedding with Gu Bailu’s former fiancé.

She would be too ashamed to live if she didn’t do anything!

Ah Luo hurried to take out a red wedding outfit and put it on Gu Bailu.

“So? Am I gorgeous in this?” Gu Bailu struck an enticing pose.

“Yes, you’re as beautiful as an angel – but why do you want such a red dress?”

Gu Bailu smiled and lifted the hem of the dress. “It’s eye-catching and most appropriate for stealing husbands!”

“Well…” Ah Luo was stupefied.

Gu Bailu pointed at the gold-embedded sedan chair for the bride not far away. “Do you see that? I want to sit in it. Do you know what to do?”

Ah Luo nodded. “If you want to get on it, I’ll clear a path for you.”

“Alright. If you do a good job, I’ll give you extra meat for dinner.”

Her eyes glowing, Ah Luo cried, “Meat!” She immediately leapt off the carriage and charged at the team that had come to pick up the bride.

Gu Bailu dropped her forehead into her hand. Her maid had always been crazy about meat, and even now was doing her job for it.

She hurried to rush forward and shout, “Dear Chen, you’re finally here. I was worried that you might have gotten lost on your way.”

The team was stunned when the bride came at them as passionately as fire.

Was the bride so frivolous?

The common folk whispered to each other.

“Who is this? The third lady isn’t such a frivolous person.”

“A saboteur, of course. This is getting interesting.”

“Are they trying to get killed? This is the second prince’s wedding!”

The guards realized that it wasn’t the bride, but a random person in a wedding outfit.

“Who’s horsing around? Back off now!”

Ah Luo punched the guard in the face. “Don’t yell at my lady.”

Her fist was fast and precise, and the guard was knocked out after one punch.

“Go now. Capture the rogue.”

The guards flooded forward, but Ah Luo wasn’t scared at all and fought them one by one.

She was small and slippery as a loach. Knocking them down one by one, she made everybody in the team scream in pain.

Gu Bailu took the opportunity to sneak into the bride’s sedan chair. It was unbelievably spacious.

Before she could sit down, somebody approached her and suddenly pulled her out.

Who’s ruining my fun?

She looked back in fury, only to be dazzled. What a handsome man… So handsome that he couldn’t be described in words.

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