Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: You are surnamed Ye from now on

The man was filled with anger.  These two, this s.l.u.t actually dared to hit him!  After growing up to this big, there had never been anyone who had hit him before!

“What is your name!  If you have skills, then say it!”  The man made his decision.  As long as this s.l.u.t told him who she was, he would lead people to destroy her family tomorrow!

“Ye Yu Xi!”  Ye Yu Xi stated her name as she had Qing’er untie the silk holding the girl’s limbs.

Ye Yu Xi gave her name not because she was looking forward to finding trouble.  Rather, if she had to hide her name because of a little trouble, Ye Yu Xi would never do something like that!

“Ye Yu Xi?”  The man revealed stunned expression.  This name seemed very familiar, like he had heard it before.  That’s right!

The man finally thought of who Ye Yu Xi was as his expression instantly turned arrogant, “I was thinking who you are, but you are just the Ye Manor’s waste…..”


Hearing the word waste, Ye Yu Xi moved forward again and landed another slap on the man’s face.

“A waste like you dares. .h.i.t…..”  The man was filled with extreme anger.


When the man said waste again, Ye Yu Xi’s palm ruthlessly slapped out again.

Qing’er untied the white silk linked to the bed while cursing the man in her heart.  This really is a man who thinks with his lower half, he doesn’t even know why he’s being beaten.

Ye Yu Xi used more strength and the weak man turned twice from the slap before falling onto the table.

The teacups and teapot on the table shattered as they fell to the ground.

“I’ll kill you!”  The man had been slapped by times in a row and he had never been slapped this many times before!  He picked up a stool as he charged at Ye Yu Xi.

“Ah!  Young miss!”  Qing Er had just stood up as she saw the stool in the man’s hands.



In front of Housekeeper Qiu and Old Bao Zi’s eyes, the wooden doors of the Floating Fragrance Pavilion shattered as a human figure flew out.

This is bad!

Housekeeper Qiu forgot that young miss Ye did not have any cultivation, so this person thrown out could be young miss Ye!

Gathering his spiritual energy in his feet, he stepped off.  He jumped onto the second floor in just two-three steps, fully displaying the strength of his sixth spiritual level cultivation.

“Good hit, it would be best if this waste dies!”  Old Bao Zi also saw the human figure flying out.

The person inside the Floating Fragrance Pavilion was the City Lord’s youngest son, Yang Wei!  With young master Yang’s temper, how could he stand trouble caused by that waste Ye Yu Xi! Humph, wanting to take my cash cows, in your dreams!  You deserved to die!

Housekeeper Qiu jumped to the second floor and saw a man in the hallway, lying on the ground naked.  He let out a sigh of relief. At least the person being beaten wasn’t young miss Ye. If young miss Ye was beaten under his supervision, he would have to take responsibility.  He was not afraid of the Ye Manor, but there was still the two mysterious alchemist apprentices behind Ye Yu Xi!

Ye Yu Xi in the room sent Yang Wei flying before checking the physique of the girl on the bed.  This girl, Ye Yu Xi was very satisfied with her.

“What is your name and how old are you?”  Ye Yu Xi untied the girl’s bindings.

“I am called Ling Wen and I am thirteen this year.  I ask these two young misses to save me. I can wash clothes and cook food, I can bear all kinds of hardships.  I ask young miss to save me!” After saying this Ling Wen even bowed her head to the ground.

“Rise and leave with me, you are surnamed Ye from now on.”  Ye Yu Xi allowed Ye Wen to fix her clothes.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the kneeling Ye Wen and she thought of herself in her previous world.  She had been an orphan and was sold into a brothel in Vietnam. She had been saved by her master in a similar situation and began walking the path of an a.s.sa.s.sin.

It was because of this that Ye Yu Xi came to this place to find a seed for an a.s.sa.s.sin.  It was because she knew that when a person in despair was saved, she knew how much power they would be able to release!

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