Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Meeting Yang Wei for the first time

Under the pressure from Housekeeper Qiu, Old Bao Zi reluctantly called out the girls.  These girls were her cash cows and were bought for three-five gold coins in the past. Now that they were being sold to Ye Yu Xi, naturally she was unwilling.

There were over twenty girls that were led up, being arranged in a row for Ye Yu Xi to pick from.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes were sharp, like an emperor looking over the army as she looked at these girls with rouge on their faces.  Some were thin as bones, some had tiny eyes, and some just had empty eyes.

Ye Yu Xi occasionally touched the shoulders of a few girls that still had clear eyes, but she shook her head.  Although their minds were clear, their physiques were lacking and could not become first rate a.s.sa.s.sins.

In half a cup of tea’s time.

Ye Yu Xi gave soft sigh.  There were a few girls that had decent physiques, but their eyes were blank.  Their hearts had clearly given up to the prost.i.tute’s style of ‘a pair of arms as a thousand people’s pillows and lips shared amongst the society’.

All in all, there was not a single person that pleased Ye Yu Xi among these people.

“Are all the people under fifteen here?”  Ye Yu Xi knit her brows as she asked Old Bao Zi who was standing the to side in a daze.

Old Bao Zi was standing to the side in a daze, holding her shoulders thinking of something unknown.

“Old Bao Zi, are they all here?”  Housekeeper Qiu spoke up.

“Ah?  Oh, there’s still one more upstairs in the Floating Fragrance Pavilion.”  Old Bao Zi unconsciously answered.

Ye Yu Xi turned around and moved upstairs.  Qing’er followed her upstairs with little steps.

“Ai!  Come back, there is no one inside!  No one!” Old Bao Zi finally reacted, there were still guests inside the Floating Fragrance Pavilion!  If these guests were offended, she would really be left with no husband facing offended soldiers.

Housekeeper Qiu did not care if there were people inside the Floating Fragrance Pavilion at all.  All he need to do was make young miss Ye happy so that she would put in a good word once she met those other two guests.

“Miss Xu, just let young miss Ye do whatever she wants to do.  If anything happens, our Primary Martial Auction House will take care of it!  In Ningyuan City, even the City Lord needs to give our Primary Martial Auction House some face!”  Housekeeper Qiu blocked Old Bao Zi.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er arrived at the first floor, walking in front of the “Floating Fragrance Pavilion’s” door.

“Wu!  Wu!”

There was a faint struggling voice inside the room.  It was not difficult to tell from the voice that the girl inside the room had her mouth gagged.

“This little girl’s temper is quite explosive, they are all like this the first time.  Young master spent two hundred silver coins for you, you have to make sure young master is satisfied!”

There was a wicked man’s voice that sounded from the room.  The voice did not sound old, but it was very weak. Clearly this person had ruined his body in his youth with his debauchery.

Guang!  Dong!

Ye Yu Xi slammed the door open.

“Who the f.u.c.k is this blind!  Scram for this young master!”

The man inside the room was shocked by the door and the part that was hard instantly turned soft.


Ye Yu Xi jumped out and appeared in front of the man to slap him in the face.

Ye Yu Xi did not know what was happening in the room, but the kind of men that came here deserved to be beaten!

After beating the man, Ye Yu Xi looked around the room.

There was a table, two benches, and a thirteen-fourteen year old girl tied up on the bed.

Her hands and legs were tied to the bed frame using white silk and her person formed a “big” character.  There was only a red ap.r.o.n and underwear for her lower half left on her.

[TL Note: The big character looks like this: 大]

The face of the man who was slapped turned red and swollen.  He instantly jumped up from the bed while holding his face, “s.l.u.t, you dare hit me.  Do you know who I am!”

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