Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Bring the girls out!

The strange gaze only flashed on Old Bao Zi’s face before she revealed a full smile, “Look at what Housekeeper Qiu said, there can’t be a guest here.  This card is that waste’s, eh, it was taken out by the Ye Manor’s young miss, ge, ge.”

Housekeeper Qiu ignored Old Bao Zi’s laugh and looked at Ye Yu Xi with an uncertain gaze, “Young miss Ye, that card indeed belongs to our Primary Martial Auction Hall.  There are less than five people in Ningyuan City with this card, where did you obtain this card from?”

If it was said that this well known waste young miss of the Ye Manor caused a large commotion in the Primary Martial Auction Hall and knocked out two fourth spiritual level guards just by raising her hand, Housekeeper Qiu would never believe this!

“Housekeeper Qiu has forgotten so quickly.”  Ye Yu Xi gently said this, but all the hearts of everyone present tightened.

“Could that mysterious girl really be her?  That’s wrong, the voice is different!” Housekeeper Qiu secretly thought.

“Could this waste be related to the Primary Martial Auction Hall?”  Ye Xing Yong also realized that the situation today was not as simple as he thought it was.

Old Bao Zi also covered her mouth with her handkerchief as her heart filled with shock, “This waste really is related to the Primary Martial Auction Hall?”

Ye Yu Xi did not give them too much time to react as she only paused for a bit, “My two friends should have just come from the Primary Martial Auction Hall VIP room because they have an important matter to attend, so they asked me to help them with a matter.  Oh, that’s right, I’ll be coming to the Primary Martial Auction Hall in two days to pick up a few things, I hope Housekeeper Qiu’s subordinates won’t drive me away at that time.”

Ye Xing Yong and Old Bao Zi could not understand Ye Yu Xi’s words, but of course Housekeeper Qiu could understand!

“Of course not, of course not.  Since young miss Ye is the friend of those two guests, of course you are also a guest of our Primary Martial Auction Hall.  This Qiu has been neglectful.” Elder Qiu spoke while returning the gold card to Ye Yu Xi.

This scene was real to Old Bao Zi and Ye Xing Yong who saw it.  What status did Housekeeper Qiu have, he actually needed to be this respectful to a waste?

“Housekeeper Qiu’s memory is very good.  I still have a favour to ask from Housekeeper Qiu.  This Old Bao Zi said that I had no money, so as long as I took out a single gold coin, you would let me pick from among the Floating Fragrance people.”  Ye Yu Xi looked over at Old Bao Zi who had a face filled with shock.

“Oh?  There was such a matter?”  Housekeeper Qiu’s gaze towards Old Bao Zi became unkind.  They had finally managed to appease the apprentice of the mysterious alchemist.  If they offended that mysterious person because of Old Bao Zi, he wouldn’t have minded sending people to tear down the Floating Fragrance House if this did happen!

Old Bao Zi used her handkerchief to wipe the nonexistent sweat on her chin as her mouth fell wide open, “How can Housekeeper Qiu say this.  I was just joking earlier with young miss Ye, how can we treat it seriously? Don’t you think so, young miss.”

Ye Yu Xi’s face turned darker.

Housekeeper Qiu noticed the change in Ye Yu Xi’s expression, “Then we’ll just go with what young miss Ye said.  No matter how many people young miss Ye plans to buy, the final account will be taken care of by our Primary Martial Auction Hall.”

“Family Head Ye, why are you still here?”  Ye Yu Xi did not forget the scolding Ye Xing Yong gave to her!

“Ye Yu Xi, we can still be a family.  Don’t forget the about the family test three months from now.  I’ll follow the family rules at that time and outsiders won’t be able to say a thing!”  Ye Xing Yong knew that he couldn’t do anything to Ye Yu Xi today, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t in the future.

He, he!  Truly shameless.  An entire family wants to chase me out of the Ye Manor?  Why don’t you let the your daughter sleep in the streets?  Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh in her heart.

Housekeeper Qiu gave a cold snort, “Family Head Ye, young miss Ye is a guest of our Primary Martial Auction Hall.  There are some things you still need to consider.”

“Ye Yu Xi, three months from now, don’t blame me for being heartless!”  Ye Xing Yong waved his sleeve and brought his people away.

Watching Ye Xing Yong leave, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes instantly turned ice cold.

Her eyes soon returned to normal and she looked back at Old Bao Zi, “Call out all the girls younger than fifteen.”

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