Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Who are the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s guests?

When Ye Yu Xi heard this person’s voice, she gave a cold smile in her heart.  Second uncle, ah second uncle, you are still a family’s head. I’ve lived this long and heard many people that didn’t want face and even people that didn’t have face speak, but this is the first time I’ve heard someone who doesn’t have face and pretends to have face speak like this!

The seven-eight people outside quickly came in.  Their leader of course was Ye Yu Xi’s second uncle who was also the current Ye Manor’s family head, Ye Xing Yong.

“Yo~~Family Head Ye, you could have just sent some subordinates.  For you to personally come here for a small matter like this, I’m very sorry.”  Old Bao Zi had a bright smile on her face as she walked over.

Ye Xing Yong was currently in a very bad mood.  After leaving the family for two days, the entire family store room had been cleared, two guards and several dozen chefs were all killed, and even his daughter and third wife had been beaten half to death.  They still had not waken up yet, so he could not ask them anything. After investigating for a day, he didn’t even know who the culprit was.

Ye Xing Yong exchanged a few pleasantries with Old Bao Zi before walking in front of Ye Yu Xi, scolding her right away, “You waste, not to mention stealing the family’s money, you run outside to lose face for us!  Watch how I take care of you when we head back.”

“Family Head Ye, I respect you as an elder, so I’ll pretend I didn’t hear what you just said.  If you dare speak wildly in front of me again, don’t blame me for being discourteous!” Ye Yu Xi’s eyes filled with coldness.

She was really acting big!  If it wasn’t inconvenient for him to act, he would beat this girl to death!

“Yo~~ Young miss Ye, even your family head said you stole your family’s money, so what was said before can’t be counted.  I won’t help sell you goods with stolen money!” Old Bao Zi naturally stood on Ye Xing Yong’s side. She had spent at least three-five gold coins for those girls, so if she admitted this money belonged to Ye Yu Xi, would she really have to let her take them away for one gold coin each?

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold smile.  She was not worried, that card had the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s special mark on it.  Once the Primary Martial Auction Hall sent people over, everything would be explained.

“Ye Yu Xi, based on my relation with my past big brother, I raised you, giving you food and clothes.  I never thought you had a dog heart, even stealing from your own family! Do you even still want any face!”  Ye Xing Yong’s voice filled with power.

Old Bao Zi wanted to help by saying a few words, but a displeased voice came from outside the door.

“Family Head Ye is truly bold.  When did my Primary Martial Auction Hall’s gold card become the property of the Ye Family?!”

Another group of people came in.

A flash of light shined in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  She looked at the people walking in and found that the leader was actually Housekeeper Qiu from the Primary Martial Auction Hall!

When Old Bao Zi saw that the one speaking was Housekeeper Qiu, her smile immediately became even brighter.  That old face bloomed like a chrysanthemum, “Housekeeper Qiu, for you to run over here for a small matter like this, I’m really sorry.”

Although the Primary Martial Auction Hall was one of three large auction halls in Ningyuan City, this well informed Old Bao Zi knew that the power behind the Primary Martial Auction Hall reached the sky.  It was related to a certain prince and an experienced person like her did not dare offend them.

“It’s a good thing I came.  If I didn’t come, my Primary Martial Auction Hall perhaps wouldn’t be surnamed Mo, but rather Ye!”  Housekeeper Qiu swept out with his sleeve and walked in with large steps. He looked at the situation in the hall and saw that those two mysterious people wearing cloaks were present.  He then looked at Old Bao Zi, “Ask the master of the card to come out! That is a guest of our Primary Martial Auction Hall!”

Old Bao Zi looked at Housekeeper Qiu with a strange gaze.  Guest? That waste young miss and that little maid that followed her?

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