Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Didn’t bring spare change

“I do have money, I’m just afraid you won’t have people I want.”

“You still have money?”

When Old Bao Zi heard Ye Yu Xi’s words, her face was filled with disdain.  She said in a generous voice, “How about this young miss Ye? Don’t say that I’m looking down on you.  As long as you can take out one gold coin today, the people of my Floating Fragrance Hall, whether they are male or female, you can pick whoever you want.”

“Is this true?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes revealed a strange look as she gestured to Qing’er beside her.

Old Bao Zi also saw Ye Yu Xi’s honest expression and her heart coldly thought: Don’t mention one gold coin, a waste young miss like you can’t even take out a single silver coin.  Although my place is not elegant we are still well informed.

A waste young miss like you only gets two bronze plates a month as an allowance, you think I didn’t know that?  It would be strange if you could take out a single gold coin!

(Currency conversion: 1 gold coin = 100 silver coins, 1 silver coin = 100 copper plates)

“If you can take one out now, I won’t block you!  But if you can’t don’t blame…..”


Old Bao Zi had only said half her words before a card was slapped against that rouge covered old face.

“Who do you think you are, daring to ask my young miss to take out money?  We were very rushed and did not bring spare change. This card has ten thousand gold coins in it!”  Qing’er looked at Old Bao Zi while feeling helpless. Ai, we really don’t have spare change.

Ye Yu Xi’s lips curled into a faint smile, “Call out all the girls you have that are under fifteen years old, I’m not buying all kinds of people.”


Temporary shock!

Ha, ha, ha!

The surrounding old ladies broke out in laughter.

“Aiyo, not only is the master a waste, even the servant has had their head slammed by the door!”

“Who does she think she is.  Even those rich family young masters only bring silver coins and her servant says that there are ten thousand gold coins in that card!”

“I can’t hold on, I’m laughing to death.  I’ve never seen such a stupid thing, does she really think gold coins are all over the streets?”

Old Bao Zi’s face was. .h.i.t by the gold card.  Her brows jumped up as her heart filled with rage, “You dare make a move!  Come…..”

“It’s bests if you look to see if this gold card is real or not.  If you provoke people you shouldn’t provoke, no one will save you.”  Ye Yu Xi did not want to kill this kind of person, she felt it would dirty her hands.

Ye Yu Xi’s confidence made Old Bao Zi’s heart fill with a bit of fear.  She gave a cold snort, but she still bent over to pick up the gold card thrown at her face by Qing’er.

Old Bao Zi looked over the gold card in her hand several times and there as a clear “Yuan” word on the upper right corner.  This card seemed like it was real!

“Xiang Wei, Xiang Hua!”  Old Bao Zi’s loudly called the two men outside the door.


The two fellows had been watching from the side the entire time.  They quickly ran over and rolled up their sleeves. They slammed their fist into the other hand as they said, “Do you want us to throw them out or tie them up in the firewood shed in the backyard?”

“Stop speaking nonsense!  Xiang Wei, take this card card to the Primary Martial Auction Hall and ask if this card is from them.  Xiang Hua, go to the Ye Manor and ask if anyone has lost anything and tell them that young miss Ye is at our place.”  Old Bao Zi sent the two of them away to confirm this. If it was said that even a little servant girl could throw out a card with twenty thousand gold coins, she wouldn’t believe it even if she was beaten to death, “What are you standing in a daze for!  Quickly go.”

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er stood there watching this.  Qing’er moved beside her young miss and asked in a small voice, “Young miss, they are calling the Ye Manor’s people.  What should we do now?”

“Don’t say a word later.”  Ye Yu Xi firmly said.

Ningyuan City was neither big or small.  In half a cup of tea’s worth of time, a group of people arrived.

Before they even came in, their words could be heard.

“Old Bao Zi, I heard that a disappointing girl has stolen something from our place to cause trouble for you?”

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