Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Floating Fragrance House

It was shortly after noon and hadn’t reached night time yet.

The Floating Fragrance House was very clean and not as lively as she had imagined.

There were a few girls and old ladies currently cleaning, wiping off the tables and chairs.

“There are guests~~”  The person responsible for watching the door called out.  That person was curious why guests would be coming at this time and why they were two women!

Old Bao Zi with blurry eyes on the second floor twisted her b.u.t.t as she came down, “Who is it?  It’s this early, so who is this impatient? The girls are still sleeping.”

Old Bao Zi shook the pink handkerchief in her hand.  If it was this early, other than the little young master of the City Lord Palace, there would rarely be any guests here.

“Yo, who is it?  Ai yo yo~~Isn’t this the young miss of the Ye Manor!  Why are you here in our Floating Fragrance House~~” Old Bao Zi did not see Ye Yu Xi clearly from the stairs.  Now that she was face to face with Ye Yu Xi, she could instantly recognize her status.

When Old Bao Zi said this, the surrounding old ladies all stopped working as they stood not far away while pointing at Ye Yu Xi.

“It’s the waste of the Ye Manor, I heard that she would be chased out in just three months.”

“The Ye Manor’s young miss.  The Ye Manor people say that the things she eat in the Ye Manor are things even pigs wouldn’t eat.”

“Look at her shabby dress.  She can’t keep eating that stuff, so she came to our place to make a living.”

“That’s right, that’s right.  What is a young miss, didn’t she still fall to this place.”

Hearing the discussion of the people around her, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes filled with a deep coldness.

Old Bao Zi’s old face covered in rouge revealed an ugly smile.  Although Ye Yu Xi seemed weak, she still had a delicate face. She raised the handkerchief in her hand and waved it, “Young miss Ye’s life in the Ye Manor is not bad and has decided to come to our Floating Fragrance House.  Young miss can be a.s.sured, with you delicate face and figure, as well as me teaching you how to play instruments and sing, I can guarantee that you will become the main attraction of our Floating Fragrance House in just a year.”

Old Bao Zi was thinking in her heart: Humph, although a waste young miss like you has a bad cultivation and don’t have any position in the Ye Family, at least you are a large family’s young miss.  As long as your reputation is released, the people that have had grudges with the Ye Manor will surely come to our Floating Fragrance House to properly have some “painful” play with this Ye Manor’s young miss.

Hearing Old Bao Zi’s words, Qing’er finger of blame was instantly pointed at Old Bao Zi, “Which dog eyes are you using to see that we are here to sell ourselves.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Old Bao Zi, “I’m here to buy people.  Once I find people I want, I will immediately leave.”


He, he.

The old ladies surrounding them began to laugh and even Old Bao Zi began to laugh.

Buy people?  Relying on a piece of waste and a cheap servant?  Her head must have been hit by a door.

The smile on Old Bao Zi’s face instantly turned sly and unkind, “It’s not dark yet, so how could the young miss be sleep talking already?  If you came here to sell your body, I will kindly allow you to stay, but buying people? He, he, you piece of trash from the Ye Manor, do you even have money?  Why don’t you all guess how many silvers this shabbily dressed young miss has brought to come buy people from my Floating Fragrance House?”

“Ha, ha, that’s right, that’s right!  Not looking at what kind of place this is, thinking that it’s the market.”

“Even if it was the market, this shabby young miss Yu would not be able to buy anything.”

“Young miss Ye’s head must be dizzy from hunger.  Which person in the city doesn’t know that young miss Ye’s yearly allowance is even less than that of a worker in the Ye Manor?  I’m afraid you don’t even have a silver and you still want to buy people, he, he.”

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