Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: I beg you, take me away!

“Young miss Ye, are you alright?”  Housekeeper Qiu stood outside the room and did not go in.

Ye Yu Xi allowed Ye Wen to stand up as she said to Housekeeper Qiu, “Is the man outside dead?”

Housekeeper Qiu had already turned the unconscious man over and had seen the man’s appearance.  He couldn’t help taking in a gasp, it was actually Yang Wei!

This Yang Wei did not have any skills and only knew how to drink and play, but he was still the City Lord’s son!  At such a crucial time…..

Housekeeper Qiu revealed a bitter smile as his voice was filled with helplessness, “He’s not dead, he just fainted.”

He waved his hand to let the guards that ran up to the second floor take Yang Wei away to be healed.  Although the Primary Martial Auction Hall was not afraid of the City Lord Palace, but with an extra City Lord’s support, the third prince would have more supporters.

Ye Yu Xi had Ye Wen put on her clothes before they went downstairs.

When they reached the staircase, a woman suddenly charged out of the room beside the Floating Fragrance Pavilion and blocked Ye Yu Xi’s way.

“I beg you, take me away.  Please take me as well! Take me away from this place!”  A ragged young woman tightly clung onto Ye Yu Xi’s legs.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at this woman, “You are not a person I am looking for.”

She was not a buddha, she wasn’t obligated to save anyone.  Not to mention a woman with a weak physique that would be hard to train into a master.

“Young miss.”  When Qing’er saw the young girl kneeling on the ground, her heart was moved.

“Please take me away with you!  I can do anything for you!” The girl hugged Ye Yu Xi’s legs like she was holding onto a life saving straw.

“Quickly take her away.”

The one who spoke was actually Old Bao Zi.

Old Bao Zi looked at the girl blocking the way with a gaze of disdain, waving her handkerchief in front of her, “Don’t look at how this little s.l.u.t looks now, her physique isn’t bad.  She kept trying to escape for an entire month after coming here and I sent her to several brothels yesterday to teach her a lesson, but she can get out of bed already today.”

“Let go!”

Ye Yu Xi’s tone did not waver at all.  Staying in the brothel, at least she could live a few more years, but if she were to forcefully train her, she might not even last a week before dying.

The girl raised her head and her face that wasn’t considered delicate was covered in tears.  She desperately shook her tears while crying and her hands tightly held on.

Ye Yu Xi knit her brows and used her hand to break free from the girl’s fingers.


Ye Yu Xi was surprised, she had already used quite a bit of force in her hand!  But this girl’s hands were tightly holding onto her clothes.

Ye Yu Xi continued using more force.  The girl kneeling on the ground tightly bit her lips as she didn’t cry out in pain and her hand did not let go at all.

“If you don’t let go soon, your fingers will break.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly said.

The girl’s eyes were filled with determination, as if the broken fingers would not belong to her, “You can have me do whatever, just take me away……”

Ye Yu Xie took a deep breath.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t willing to take her, but the things she was doing was too dangerous.  She was fighting against the Ye Manor, the seventh prince, and even the entire royal family! This woman would never achieve a high cultivation in her life, keeping her by her side would be giving up her life.

“Give me a reason to take you.”

Seeing the girl’s eyes filled with determination, Ye Yu Xi’s mind finally softened.  She could not understand why even though this girl’s fingers were about to be broken, she still insisted on leaving with her.

It was like that girl had seen hope in utter despair, “I can help you make a lot of money, as long as you take me away with you.  Please…..”

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned deep.  She did not believe this reason at all!

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