Eternal Melody

Chapter 28 - An Old Legend


When Sumire finally fell asleep, he turned to his companion who seemed very amused. A deep sigh passed Yuhi's lips. Finally he said, "So, where is he?"

"Last I heard he was abroad investigating. But he should be back soon." One of his companions called Jae entered the room the moment Sumire fell asleep.

"I know that much." Yuhi mumbled. The person he was inquiring about was the owner of this bar, Hamano Atushi. "But almost half a year has passed now, he should be here."

Jae nodded. "I have to agree with you there, but do not worry. He should be--"

Right at that moment somebody walked into the room. The sound of the bell rang. Yuhi glanced up and saw a man who just entered.

He sighed. "Atushi." This person walking over is none other than Hamano Atushi, the bars owner and also... Yuhi watched as Atushi walked over to the girl fast asleep on the couch.

'Another rival for her.' At least that was the situation before. He heard that things had changed now.

"So you brought her here?"

"Just today, I wanted to test her a bit."

"Did she pass?"


Atushi replaced Sumire's blanket with a new one and said. "I think it would be too much to say now, with her current state."

"Did you confirm it?"

"I felt that Mamoru's death was suspicious but until you gave me that lead, I didn't think it was serious."

"Mamoru was suck, but even that was artificial."

"That someone will chose Sumire one day." Jae spoke up. "So you want her to join us?"

"It's safer here." Yuhi mumbled.

"Isn't she the rumoured demon Princess? Is it okay for her to stay with us?"

The demon Princess huh? Yuhi found that nickname stupid. She may have monstrous strength but this is too much. That girl deserves to live a normal life just like all the others. She deserves to walk a path of light.

"What did you find out?" Atushi's lips curve to a smile. "I'm surprised your not asking that."

Yuhi sighed. "Is there any need to ask. My theory is right. I can guess who is behind his death. The problem is..." His gaze fell on Sumire. "Does she show any signs of that yet?"

Atushi shook his head. "Not that I know off. She was normal in school but I always felt something was off. It felt like she was suppressing something. Mamoru was the one suppressing that something for her."

"You're not wrong there. I think she is getting nightmares because of her powers."

"The burden of the strong huh?" Atushi mumbled. "Aren't you helping her suppress it?"

"For now." Yuhi agreed. "My powers are more on the destructive rather than healing side. There is a stronger chance of her remembering something around me."

Or rather, Yuhi recalled how she was the other night. 'It seems like Sumire is starting to remember already.' Yuhi however wasn't going to tell Atushi that. It would be bad if Atushi thinks it's too dangerous for him to stay with Sumire.

Even now it remained a mystery to him. Why do powers exist in this day and age? It isn't just powers but craving for blood like a vampire would.

"I know what you are thinking King, but nobody has an actual explanation for it." Atushi said.

"Isn't it something to do with a old legend?" Jae brought up.

Yuhi raised his eyebrows at that comment. "Huh, legend?"

Jae nodded. "They say the first songstress came in contact with strange town and went missing. She woke up and lived there for awhile. She knew she was different from all the people who lived there but she treated them like family. Lena-san fell in love with of the village people. They had children and lived there for a few years."

"Then at most it should run in their family." Yuhi intercepted.

Atushi shook his head and joined in. "No, it actually makes sense. The village people aside, that man was an outsider too. He came from an old European traditional family. It seems like his parents dumped him in the forest."

Yuhi flinched at that and sighed. It seems like his parents have a strange habit of dumping g kids in forests.

"Medieval England, that was a time for those kind of people."

Yuhi frowned. "For a random conversation, this theory actually makes more sense."

At that comment Atushi strolled over to the bar and went over to the bottles. "Care for a drink?"


Jae chuckled. "Too much information for you."

"More like you two didn't discuss this before I came, right?"

Atushi quickly made him a drink and placed the cup in front of him. Yuhi gratefully takes it and took a huge sip. However it tasted bitter than usual. Yuhi frowned. "This is expired."

"Is that so? I haven't checked on the drinks here in awhile."

'That's a lie, Atushi did that deliberately.' Yuhi knew better than to say anything though.

"Hey you two, the little Princess looks unusually red." Jae suddenly said.

"She is sick." Yuhi admitted. "Let her rest."

"Uh-huh." Jae trailed off. "But her face looks flushed."

At that comment Atushi left the bar counter and returned to where Sumire was. He watched as Atushi brushed his hands across the forehead. Yuhi frowned when he saw that. 'Didn't Atushi touch her far too easily?' Yuhi immediately left his seat and grabbed Atushi's arm.

"H--hey now."

"Don't touch her." Yuhi mumbled. It was only three words and yet the anger in his voice is evident.

Atushi sighed. "Sumire already rejected me before."

"You confessed?"

"Of course and now I have closure, I can be friends with her."

That annoys him a bit. It makes it seem like Sumire is close with this guy. Then again, he was separated from her for a year. She must have made memories with this person, and so many other people.

"She has a bad fever since earlier." Yuhi muttered.

"Sumire likes the cold and has a bad habit of wearing thin clothes."

"I gave her my scarf."

"You should have given her your coat." Atushi shook his head. "I suppose it can't be helped, your a nice guy but ---"

"Oi quit it." Yuhi didn't bother debating any further and turned to the girl.

Yuhi frowned as he watched Sumire toss and turn. She wore a uncomfortable and distressed expression on her face. Is she having a nightmare again? Yuhi walked over to the couch and the moment he did, she reached over and grabbed his hand. Huh? He confirmed that she was sleeping and sighed. She must have sensed him in her sleep, what a foolish girl. But then again, he is one to talk when it comes to doing foolish things.

He didn't hesitate and picked her up.

"Wai—wait King, you can't possibly be thinking of taking her to your room?" Jae exclaimed.

"Hah?" Yuhi snapped. "Where else would she go?"

Jae beamed happily. "Funny you should ask."

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