Eternal Melody

Chapter 29 - Living Together?


Jae brought him to one of the rooms on the second floor. Yuhi looked around at the room and sighed. "When did you prepare this?"

"Now King, don't you remember? We prepared this room for her, since you thought she would come here any day."

Now that he thought about it, something like that happened.

"Is it clean?" he questioned.

At that comment Jae sweat fell and he turned to the door with Sumire in his hands.

"Clean it up first." Yuhi mumbled and walked out of the room with Sumire in his arms.

Its not like his room is that bad. But he understood where the others came from. The moment he stepped into the room, a heavy scent filled the air. Maybe he ought to quit smoking so much. Yuhi carefully laid Sumire down and joined her on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. He noticed whenever she stayed over at his place, Sumire could sleep peacefully. This is why he kept asking her to stay over.

He doesn't do anything more than hug her. Well maybe he gives her a morning kiss or two, but the walls won't talk. Besides it's not like he is the type to take advantage of someone just because they are weak. If it were anybody else though, he wouldn't have the patience to deal with them.


Sumire opened her eyes and felt a pair of warm arms around her. It belonged to none other than Terashima Yuhi. Her gaze softened when she saw how tightly he was holding her. 'This warmth, I have never felt something like this before.' She snuggled up to him, so very comfortable. What is this? When was the last time she felt at ease? Sumire didn't understand it very well. When she is with this person, she feels peaceful and so content. It feels like all her worries will fade away, exactly like a flame.

"King is like a huge lion, would you not say so?" a familiar voice said.

"You're here." Sumire mumbled.

Atushi nodded. "Sorry I'm late. I went abroad to investigate but it seems I can't do anything about it." He trailed off. "I didn't say anything to Yuhi yet."

Sumire shook her head. "Its okay, I didn't want to say until I was sure anyway."

"Do you understand what is happening?"

"Not at all, but then again I do believe in the supernatural. Everything happens for a reason."


Sumire glanced over at Yuhi who was fast asleep beside her. "I am very grateful."

"Is he treating you well?"

"Yes, I'm happy. For the first time in so long I can say this."

Atushi reached over and patted her hair. "That's good. I'm sure that person would be relieved too."

Sumire sighed when she heard that comment. "Do you have to remind me of him? Are you that cruel?"

"Sorry, sorry." Atushi laughed. "I understand that Yuhi is the most important person to you right now."

"It's more like he is the only person." Sumire mumbled. Yuhi is the only person she would make this exception for.

"So he is that important, huh?" Atushi seemed amused. "I was thinking it isn't like you to get so emotional Sumire."

Sumire laughed awkwardly. "I guess he is influencing me already."

"What cheesy stuff are you saying, brat." A familiar gruff voice said.

Her cheeks burned red when she saw Yuhi awake. Sumire laughed. "You heard me?"

Yuhi yawned and sat up. He pulled her into his arms. "I heard every word. I have been wracking my head and thinking about what I can do for you. But it seems like just me standing by your side is enough. I'm not Tsueno and I never will be, but is it okay for us to always be together?"

Her gaze softened. "For the first time I can hear your real feelings." She trailed off. "I would like that a lot Yuhi."

"Then it's decided, live with me."

Wait what? What did he just suggest there? Live with him?!!

Sumire could only look at him with wide eyes. But Yuhi did not let her refuse.


Two days later

Her gaze fell on the building in front of her. Yuhi mainly stayed in the school dorms but he also has his own place. Living together? Sumire wanted to refuse. Sure she has stayed over a few times already but that was different. Yuhi grabbed her bag and led her inside.

"I'm still fixing up your room, so for now—"

"Wait." Sumire interjected. "This is a bit too much." She genuinely cares for him but this felt very strange to her. They aren't dating, why do they have to live together?

"Look, I understand what you're thinking. But Sumire you can't live by yourself. You don't eat or sleep when your alone. You will die if you continue that way."

"I.." She looked down at her feet. "It isn't that bad."

That was a lie, Sumire knew how bad the state of her body is. Ever since Mamorus death, she has had a lack of appetite. Falling asleep? Sumire did not want to sleep knowing she would wake up to another day without Mamoru. It became a habit of hers to call him whenever she woke up.

If she doesn't sleep, the day will never end.

Mamoru didn't die, the day never changed.

It was her way of escaping from the truth. The first night she slept, Sumire woke up scared and so very frightened. She broke that chain and after two weeks of not sleeping finally slept. She woke up to a world without him. It was painful and ever since that time she had a hard time breathing. Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi grabbed her luggage.

He briefly brushed her forehead against hers. "You seem to have a bit of a fever, just lay down and rest. I will unpack for you."

Sumire wanted to refuse but she knew she could not do so during this situation. She nodded and awkwardly walked over to the bed. Yuhi's room smelt like him. The smell of cigarettes and tobacco filled the entire room. But Sumire did not dislike it,


10:30pm - Park

It was difficult for her to fall asleep. For the first time since she came here, she couldn't sleep very well. Sumire felt very restless. She understood the reason why. 'From now on, I would stay right by Yuhi's side.' Her thoughts became unsettled at the thought of sleeping beside him every single day. It felt stupid, why is she so self conscious? Was that even the right word? Sumire tried to escape but Yuhi ended up following her.

To her surprise he didn't lecture her, instead he joined her.

In the end the two of them stopped by the usual park and sat beside the huge tree. It was still in full bloom, a rare sight for the winter. 'Fresh cherry blossoms.' Sumire suspected there was something mysterious about this tree.

"By the way if I resembled him, what do you think would happen?"

"Alright, you over there. Stop trying to imagine it. Rather, come over here."

"Pfft, if you want me to sit closer just say so."

"Yuhi-san, I'll have you know I'm not in the mood for jokes." she trails off when he shifts closer to her and kisses a strand of her brunette locks. "Or anything affectionate either."

"I know Sumire." Yuhi said softly.

Sumire couldn't miss the tender expression on his face. 'Making that type of face should be cheating.' Then again,

Why does he know? It isn't fair sometimes. They have not met in a year and yet Yuhi knows everything about her. He knows everything that has happened in the time they didn't meet.

He and Ru must have planned all of that. After all, the only ones who knew about that meeting were the ones who took part. As well as Yuhi and her fiance, the later would never blab about such matters to anyone no matter who it is. However if it's Yuhi, he would tell Ru without hesitation.

Even now Sumire does not understand the relationship between those two very well. If one could call it a friendship at all.

For the two people who she fell in love with so deeply to be on such good terms. Sumire found it peculiar.

"Having overwhelming desires that will lead to making everyone miserable. Or restraining yourself so much that you suffer endlessly. For it to be either that or something else. It's scary isn't it? But there is something more frightening." Sumire trailed off as her gaze fell on the sky.

A pitch black sky and yet there was something beautiful about it.

"I'm conscious of one thing." She turned to him. "A terrible seed of desire exists inside me. No matter how indifferent I act, one day that desire will take over me."

Without Ru by her side she is a complete mess. However ever since she met Terashima Yuhi, that changed. She is slowly becoming normal again. Sumire felt conflicted.

"That must've mean that I've gotten old."

Right if she's starting to talk like master, then it simply means that she is older now.

Yuhi however didn't immediately reply.

"Why aren't you saying anything I wonder. .. Could it be, Yuhi really thinks that and that's why you didn't do anything more than kiss me yesterday?"

"No that's not...." Yuhi trailed off. "Wait, why do you know I kissed you?"

"I woke up with strange marks on my lips." Sumire trailed off. "You think I'm oblivious? Acting like a Knight during the day but your a beast during the night."

"Uhhh." Yuhi looked away awkwardly. "Well you know how things are now."

Sumire chuckled when she saw him look away. 'What a clumsy person.' She hesitantly extended her hand out and Yuhi immediately grabbed hold of it. "Did you realize something Yuhi?"

"I've realized many things since you came here."

Her gaze softened. "Then do you realize why I haven't run away yet?"

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