Eternal Melody

Chapter 27 - I Want To Freely Walk Hand In Hand With Her


Yuhi never thought of it before, but if he had to say. "My type is a tall girl maybe around five feet seven and five feet eight, I won't go lower. You see, I'm thinking of this practically. Kissing and sex become a pain if the height difference is too much. I would hurt my neck and back." He trailed off. "I'm not fussy about body types or even intelligence and skill. When it comes to my sexual preference though, I don't mind inexperienced girls but experienced ones are better."

'Now that I think about it.. All the girls he dated so far have experience.' It was a coincidence, he wasn't picky despite what those rumors say.

Sumire looked down at the ground. "I see, that isn't me though."

He raised his eyebrow at this comment. Does she want it to be her? Well, he can't be too sure about that. He has never done it with her so who knows about her drive? Yuhi noticed her curious gaze on him still and awkwardly ran his free hand through his hair. It felt awkward explaining all of this to her, but since she is the one asking.

"My ex girlfriend was like that. I don't have a proper type. It's just the girls I have dated so far happen to be like that." Yuhi explained.

He genuinely does not want to mention that woman in front of Sumire. It would be bad if she learned about the reason for the break up.

If Sumire learned that he broke up with that woman because of her, would she get mad? Back then he confessed to her before he broke up with that woman. Maybe it was a good thing Sumire rejected him, otherwise he would end up with two girlfriends.

"Your ex?" Sumire repeated. "How many girls have you dated?"

"In high school, three- five." Yuhi admitted.

At that comment Sumire backed away from him, she looked horrified. "Yuhi, how many people did you date within a year and a bit? I thought you said to me that you don't fool around."

Since it has come to this. I should be honest with her.

Yuhi took a deep breath. "I lied. I did fool around."

Sumire blinked before she burst into laughter. "I already knew that silly."


"I know the name of two of your exes too."

Wait what? Yuhi looked at the girl dumbfounded. Why does she know? Is she pretending?

"Amano Touko from the art department and Miyazawa Makino from the music department. Both of them were famous in their third years. The first one got transferred to a school abroad on a scholarship due to the results of winning a tournament. The last one randomly dropped out of school at the end of last year. She was a good vocalist and had.."

'She knows.' For a moment Yuhi thought she was joking. A troubled expression appeared on his face. "If you researched then you should know right?"

"I do." Sumire looked away. "Is the sex drive thing that important?"

'I can't believe she even asked that.' Then again, Yuhi already knew from the start. Ibuki Sumire isn't innocent, she went through so much after the death of her parents. 'That's the one thing I can relate to her.' The death of his parents? Yuhi didn't even know if they were dead, but they abandoned and left him in a forest of all places.

"Not important." Yuhi admitted. "I honestly don't have a preference since I've never really been interested in anyone but you."

Sumire laughed. "I see." Her gaze softened. "I don't think I have a type either."

"You don't?"

She shook her head. "I don't." Sumire turned to the stall. "Let me treat you."

"Huh, I'm fine."

"Nope, I have to slowly repay my debt."

Yuhi didn't get a chance to refuse since Sumire was already lining up. A deep sigh crossed his lips. It's not like he doesn't understand what she is trying to say. For people like them falling in love is dangerous. But they still end up falling in love, they end up feeling emotions they shouldn't.

'I like her, one day I will take her back from you.' When Yuhi recalled the words he said to Tsueno a year ago, he couldn't help but sigh. Yuhi didn't think things would change so drastically like this. That person, why did he die and leave Sumire alone?

Isn't it fine this way? There is nothing wrong with their current relationship. Yuhi tried to convince himself but it did him no good. It is no good like this. The more time he spends with her, the more Yuhi realizes that he wants to be with her. He wants to freely walk hand in hand with her.

Damn these crazy thoughts of his. But Yuhi understood, it isn't that easy. He underestimated the love Sumire has for Tsueno Mamoru. Underestimate? It was more like he was too confident about Sumire liking him.

His thoughts broke off when somebody passed him a crepe. "Here." Sumire said as she sat beside him.

"Weren't you getting something else?"

"I'm extra hungry."

Yuhi saw the contents of the small paper bag which she placed between them. There were various hot food in small containers. Is she cold? Yuhi picked up the meat bun and bit into it. His gaze kept flickering onto Sumire who was happily eating her crepe. "You're eating more now." He muttered.

When she first came here huh? Only a short amount of time has passed since Sumire came to Tokyo but for him it felt like she was always here beside him.

Sumire sighed. "Did I worry you that much?"

"Well," Yuhi paused and thought his words through. "You worried me but is that not normal? Anyone would worry if they see somebody barely eating and sleeping."

Since she is better now, it should be fine to bring her to that place, no?


K Bar

The place he brought Sumire to was the last place he thought to bring her. 'Then again when she first came here. I found her in that place.' A normal bar, that's what it looks like on the surface.

But the reality of this place? The bar is a mere front, this is a place where those bestowed with power come to. By power, yes he means those with supernatural like powers. Yuhi sighed as he glanced over at the girl sat on the couch, she sat there patiently without asking questions. But Yuhi could not miss how she looked around the room with such interest. Why do her eyes sparkle so brightly whenever she is interested in anything? Yuhi did not understand her at all. Since they came in, his men seemed very cautious, none of them knew what to do. Naturally they were all curious, but nobody said anything. He did come here holding hands with her.

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