Eternal Melody

Chapter 26 - Everything Has Changed

Tokyo Main Streets - 4:45 pm

Yuhi glanced over at the girl he was walking with. The days seem to go by so quickly, ever since she appeared in his life again. Before she came, every day was so slow and seemed to drag on endlessly. But now? Now everything has changed.

"Yuhi? Why are you looking at me?" Sumire questioned.

"Give me some." He pointed to the ice cream in her hands.

Sumire laughed. "Okay." She looked at the cone and him for a few minutes before she extended it toward him.

Yuhi bent down and ate some. Sumire clearly didn't expect this since he saw her cheeks turn red. "Uhh…."

His lips curve to a smile. "Something wrong?"


No huh? But she is blushing. Indeed the bright red color stood out to him.

Right now, Sumire only loves Tsueno Mamoru. But before she met Mamoru, Yuhi was sure that Sumire was in love with him. Then again, he could be overthinking it. Sumire never said those words to him, and she even turned him down before. Yet it was only because Tsueno showed up. If she did not meet him, then maybe something would have happened already.

"Do you need more?" Sumire suddenly asked.

Yuhi nodded. "Yeah." He bent down again and this time brought his lips closer to her fingertips. He licked away the stray drops of ice cream. "Sweet."


"Says the one turning red."

"Ahhh, I don't understand you," Sumire exclaimed. "Why are you like this?"

"Because I like you."

It's true he does not expect anything from the girl now. But who said he would not confess to her whenever he got the chance to? Besides, lately, it seems like Sumire is getting too comfortable around him. He wants to remind her, so she stops getting so close. To his surprise, Sumire did not get embarrassed and simply walked a few steps ahead of him.

He needs to be careful there too. I can be bold, but do not push it. Right now, Sumire's emotions are like a ticking time bomb that can explode at any moment.

"Hey," Yuhi called out.


"I need a few supplies, could you come with me?"

"You ran out already."

"I need a few colors," Yuhi mumbled. "You know when you use certain colors more than others?"

"Ah, I understand that. I think I need things too."

"Then come along."

Sumire nodded. "Okay." she agreed before adding. "Yuhi, you always bring me with you."

He raised his eyebrows at that comment. "You don't want me to invite you?"

"No." She shook her head. "I like it, but I wonder if it is fine. I mean you're very popular."

"So are you." Yuhi shot back. The two of them wore the usual disguise items, hat, glasses and a mask. Sumire insisted that she did not need one. But Yuhi did not want to take the chance. What if somebody recognizes her?

He does not mind people seeing him around Sumire. It would relieve him more if he could do that. But he is taking into account her feelings. He grabbed hold of her hand. "Don't worry. I am here beside you."

"Then I guess I have to rely on you."

"You know I'm quite dependable."

"Is that so? I seem to hear other rumours. People say you are very lazy, so they would rather do the tasks themselves than ask you."

Yuhi clicked his tongue, annoyed. How could they say something like that about him? How does he impress her now?

Sumire laughed. "But you know, when we are together, I can rely on you. When I was sick recently, you cooked and cleaned for me."

'I only do that for you.'

But well, he supposes there was no need to tell her that part. Let Sumire's impression of him improve. "Are you cold?" Yuhi asked.

"A little."

Yuhi lets go of her hand for a moment and removes his scarf. He wrapped it around her neck. "Be careful; you get sick easily."

"Yuhi, isn't this the scarf I bought you?"


Yuhi looked away awkwardly. Why did he wear that scarf now of all times? Then again, that's the only one he has. So it is not like he has much of a choice. What does he tell her though? The more Yuhi wracked his head for an answer, the more puzzled he became. He did not realize that the expression on Sumire's face had changed. It was not until she stopped walking.

"Sumire?" He called out concerned.

"Say Yuhi, you asked me to talk to you about ru, remember?"

"I did," Yuhi admitted.

Why is she bringing that up now? Unless…

Yuhi sighed. "My bad, seriously. Tell me if I overdo it, it's true that I kept this scarf because of my feelings. But don't feel awkward. I mean… I don't expect anything from you now, Sumire. I am happy with what we have now."

It sounds stupid and foolish. But Yuhi genuinely felt this was better. If they were dating officially, it would cause more problems. Certainly, more people would talk, and many people would criticize her. In terms of status, Sumire would be richer than him. So normally people would not have a problem with it, and yet because the other person is Sumire, people will talk.

They criticized her heavily for dating somebody who isn't a celebrity, and many people are jealous of her as an idol. The main reason for this is Sumire's senpai, Takashi Yumi. The number one idol that people respect the most, a legendary figure in the music industry.

"Yuhi, look." Sumire tugged on his sleeve.

He glanced over at the direction she pointed at and saw several foods stands. His sweat fell, were they not talking about something serious? Then again, he should be glad that she casually changed the topic like that. A deep sigh crossed his lips. "Don't overeat."

"Do you prefer slim girls?"


"What is your type Yuhi?"

She is asking something so ridiculous again. Type? Well, since she is that curious. He should just tell her. A type, huh?

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