Eternal Melody

Chapter 25 - I Adore You


Clock Tower

Yuhi brushed his fingers across her lips and removed the piece of food. Sumire laughed. "Uhh, okay. Thank you, Yuhi."

'She looks so cute.' Yuhi looked away from her. Is he becoming mushy? People called him a cold hearted man before. But these days he doesn't frown as much, and he even smiles. Why does he keep staring at her too? Sumire is cute but there are so many other girls who look better. Then again, those other girls only throw themselves at him without getting to know him.

Sumire is better than. Even though he told her he loved her, she won't sway. 'She is loyal, huh?' Yuhi wondered what Sumire would do if she knew what kind of person he truly is. He isn't a good person.

"Did you come to Tokyo for me?" Yuhi mumbled.

The girl stopped eating, a pained smile appeared on her face.

"Something of the sort. If I directly said it, people would say I am favourites and that would be no good. However, indeed perhaps there is a terrible seed of desire involved that dragged me here."

At that comment his eyes widened. It's not like he didn't understand. A part of him already noticed it a long time ago. 'I wouldn't be so bold and confess if that weren't the case.' When Yuhi realized that there was something strange about Ibuki Sumire's feelings toward him. 'I went for it.'

He went for it, knowing that he might stand a chance.

"Do you like me Sumire?"

Yuhi figures he should just ask and get it done with. He has to ask because if he doesn't then all of his thoughts will explode.

"I do like you."

Hold on a second is she----he saw the girls expression and sighs as he pulled the brunette into his arms. "Not that sort of like. Not the like you have for everyone else."

"I see, your planning a confrontation."

"You can hardly blame me."

"That's true. But I'm sorry, this is how it has to be.. "

He knew, he knew that she was going to say that. No matter how close they have become with each other.

At the end between them it will always be like this.

"Believe me when I say I adore you from the bottom my heart." Sumire gently caressed his cheeks and brushed their forehead together. "I know you like me a lot. But, I'm having a hard time Yuhi. Sometimes I want you to treat me terribly."

Yuhi didn't say anything back. 'What could I say?' Right now, he can't do anything for her - that is the painful truth.


Library - 1:30pm

After they finished eating, the two of them had the same idea and headed to the library. They both sat back to back and were reading. Since it was already late for them to head back to class, they ended up skipping.

"Are you planning on anything in particular?" Sumire asked.

He raised her eyebrow at her question. He was only half paying attention, since he was now reading too. "Hm?"

"The April Festival."

Oh, she must have heard about it already. At the mention of it though he sighs recalling how annoying Akatsuki was being on the matter. "Not really, I'd probably just start painting whatever comes to mind." Yuhi mumbled.

He never bothered so much with the school festival pieces. Yuhi would usually just take a look around his current surroundings and pick a random theme from that. It was during the actual tournaments where he became serious. "

"How carefree.

She is one to talk there. Skipping class when she only just came here.

"Aren't you bothered about not being serious?" Sumire suddenly asked.

"That's a difficult question to answer. However, I suppose if I actually get inspired anytime soon I'll be serious," Yuhi admitted. However that in itself is easier said then done.

Even when it came to music it was like that. He discovered that it took him awhile to gain inspiration to compose his pieces. Even when it came, for some reason he felt as though something was missing. Something was… Yuhi paused in mid thought.

No he knew exactly what it was. The reason why he started composing music in the first place. The reason why he entered the music industry and began to take it seriously was because of her. Though he didn't know about the art thing until much recently.

Sumire's painting he already saw plenty since she transfered and yet she has yet to see any of his. Yuhi wanted to confirm it properly, with his own two eyes. That she was the person who drew that painting.

The winner of the middle school art competition.

When he received the results about coming in second place, he questioned it. After all Yuhi had been sceptical of the judging panel and didn't think they were professional enough. But he was wrong. When he went to the exhibit that day and saw the painting that won first place. He instantly understood that his perspectives had been wrong.

The judging panel was professional, it was him who was being too cocky. The person who won first place, the one who inspired him to change his ways. Yuhi wanted to meet that person. But when he searched for a name on the painting he couldn't find one.

What kind of person forgets to put their own name? Clumsy. That's the first impression this person gave him. When he confirmed their gender and age, he was beginning to form a sort of vague image. Yet he still wanted to know more details. The black hair boy didn't want to ask the administration office, he knew if he did then it would have been much easier.

But that meant asking those bastard-- the judges again. He already knew what would happen if he showed himself in front of them after the competition. ' It's a real shame isn't it?'. They'd start spouting words of pity and sympathy that they didn't mean at all. He didn't want that.

But later Yuhi realized that maybe he should have just swallowed his pride and asked. Since his investigation got no where. Even though he was still at the main HQ then. He couldn't find the source at all.

Yuhi thought that the person would enter a competition again and waited. He waited for a long time. But much to his dismay no such paintings like that one showed up again. Eventually he found a clue in the most unexpected form, from a certain male idol group. Though they had been around for quite awhile he hadn't paid much attention to them.

Later on though when he stumbled upon them due to Akatsuki, he realised the connection. During the time period that mysterious girl won the competition, Nanairo feather debuted. Seven colours. Although there was only six then, he could see it. The same feeling from that painting.

The next step then would have been searching for a girl that's close to all of them. Yet he didn't need to do anything like that since he saw the broadcast. Sumire. Yuhi had been really surprised then but realised that if that's the case then he wanted to make sure. That's why he kept showing himself in front of her.

It was then after he left, after he left he realised that he truly didn't look properly. He had gotten rather busy and didn't have much time to look anymore, so he momentarily forgot it. Until he saw the announcement of Nanairo feathers ' center' member and saw the performance. It all came rushing back to him, that feeling of confirming who that person was.

Yuhi already knew. Perhaps even before all the pieces came together, he already knew who it was.

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