Eternal Melody

Chapter 24 - I Think I Might Like You

Nakara Shin falling in love with Sumire wasn't unexpected. Yuhi knew she would eventually end up attracting more guys than necessary with that straightforward personality of hers. Still, he leaned against the wall and sighed.

'She does not understand what kind of ability she has to attract others.' One day that will cause her problems, but for now, he can protect her.


Sunday XX February 2015

A bright painting that illuminates and warms the heart, and yet at the same time, it's so very sorrowful.

The type of person who would create such a painting, the kind of colors that person would use for their next piece. It was something Yuhi always wanted to know, the type of person who would create it. Did that kind of person experience the same deep feelings when he/she created the painting?

He doesn't understand why they have classes at the weekend. He lets out a deep sigh, then again, even if he says that. Only the gifted and talented individuals from each class from each year are around. It's something that can't be helped, and yet Yuhi at least wished she was here.

When he woke up earlier, a heavy female scent surrounded him. Yuhi knew who it belonged to, considering how he was with Sumire the whole of last night, it could only be her. As for what happened, though, it was already a blur in his mind. Man, this sucks.

Yuhi walked over to this antler only to find a freshman hovering over his works, at least that would have been fine for him if the guy wasn't kissing the portrait of Sumire.

"Oi. What are you doing?"

Yuhi didn't know how to react. It's not uncommon for this kind of thing to happen. But this was the first time he had ever encountered someone who would directly challenge him. The guy turned around, startled, and yet remained composed.

"Oh my, it seems as though you caught me Forgive me, but I was only admiring this beauty."

His eyes twitched, annoyed at the guy's words, oi does this guy know what he is saying?

"Surely since you drew it in such detail, such a person must exist. I came to inquire about that."

This guy knows nothing from the looks of it. Just as he was about to explain, though, Sumire appears in the doorway.

"Yuhi, I was wondering if you have some—" Sumire was cut off when the guy grabbed hold of her hands.

"Wait; what? Who are you?" Sumire said, puzzled. She seemed disgusted, and Yuhi sighed in relief.

"Ah, my angel, I've finally found you. Indeed you're exactly like the rumors say. A beauty."

"Uh…thanks, but?" Sumire said, puzzled. She looked at their interwinded hands with a dark gaze in her eyes.

"No, no, this is where it all begins."

The guy reached over and was about to kiss the girl. Buy Yuhi reached over and pulled the brunette towards him. A dangerous look in his eyes.

Yuhi snapped. "Your a first-year student from the looks of it, so it makes sense you wouldn't know. But hands of my woman."

'Saying this, Sumire will be upset later.' But if he did nothing, Yuhi knew this gut would continue messing with her. To his surprise, the girl suddenly leaned into his hold.

"I'm Yuhi's."

She didn't tell him, 'I love you.' But admitting that she belongs to him is just as bad. 'Damn her, what is she trying to do?' The guy frowned, but he didn't say anymore. He quickly scurried out of atler.

"So uhh," Sumire trailed off awkwardly.

Gee…how annoying; he nuzzled his face on her neck.

"Y—Yuhi? As expected, your mad, aren't you?"

Yuhi deeply sighed. "I'm not mad, just jealous," he mutters ever so quietly. It was the first time he ever admitted it to her; the words sounded so foreign in his lips. Yet just then, he couldn't take his anger.

Her middle school male friends are already an issue; now, he has to worry about her guard squad. Tsk.. " Even so, I do still want to stay like this. I thought I would die of stress, not seeing you."

Sumire glanced over at him then. "Die. But we were only apart for half a day at most?"

"At most half a day? You know that's—" he paused in mid-sentence, realizing what he was just about to stay. Yuhi felt his face color turn bright red. "Don't talk nonsense."

Yuhi saw the girl's expression, indeed, to see a similar shade of red on her face.

"I—I see...."


In the end, the two of them sat down; the brunette positioned herself on his lap. Sumire didn't agree at first, but he persuaded her.

Yuhi buried his face in her neck and inhaled her scent; it seems to feel just right when she's in his arms. He doesn't want to let her go anywhere. But he knew that was impossible.

When those people come here, the time he has with her is limited.

If he could remain this way here like this for a bit longer, then — "What did you need from me?" Yuhi wondered.

"That expected without color comes to mind...I haven't been able to finish the painting I'm sorry.."

His eyes went wide, she —she thought the same thing as him. Ah ha, really, of course, it's that way. "You're not the only one. As expected without you, I can't do anything. We should paint together."

Even though it's still a duo piece, the director instructed them to do two separate paintings. To showcase both their talents — and yet, Yuhi discovered that he couldn't do such a thing.

Sumire pulled away and smiled at him. "That's not possible."


"I think I might like you."

At that comment, his eyes went wide; this was the first time she said such words to him. Though they've been together for a while now, he was the only one who said such words. Yuhi understood why that was, but a part of him probably wanted to hear it.

"You think?" Yuhi said weakly.

Sumire laughed. "I think." She repeated, she shyly covered her mouth with her sleeve. "Yuhi..".

She suddenly leaned over and planted a kiss on his cheek, causing his eyes to widen even more. "To reach you and stay by your side. I accepted the director's offer. I understand that he probably holds a form of dislike against me, and that's understandable. By accepting this challenge, I could more or less understand why he did it to taunt me. To isolate me. Either way, it's because I am fond of you that I can do this. It's lonely now, but be patient; because of that, you should paint your world."

Honestly, it's because she does stuff like this.

Yuhi pulled away from her. "Sassy." He said as he pushed her towards the door. "Alright, I get it. I'll leave you alone until later on."


"But it will only be until then only until this ends. Because my frustration will be at its peak."

At that comment, he noticed the pained smile on her face. Yuhi pulled her back into his arms. "Sorry." Yuhi apologized. "Too straight forward of me." He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Do you want to have lunch together?"

Sumire nodded. "That's why I came here. Are you still working?"

"I need a break.

At that comment, Sumire beamed happily. "Then, let's go out and eat. The weather is nice."

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