Eternal Melody

Chapter 23 - Like An Equation Part 4

Sumire has been in Tokyo for quite some time now, and yet Shin did not report it. One of the main reasons was his new friendship with Terashima Yuhi. Now that Terashima has become his friend too, Shin was having a hard time deciding what to do.

Atsuro should come first, but — his gaze fell on his phone. Thirty missed calls from Atsuro. Shin felt guilty, and so he did not answer his phone. He can't keep it up forever, though.


Physics Prep room

When he thought about Ibuki Sumire, he recalled what his friends said when he defended her.

'You're enamored, aren't you?'

It was an incident that happened a long time ago. Back when he was still involved in the delinquent world. An incident that led to Ibuki Sumire saving him. He didn't have much luck back then. He got dragged into the underground world and became a gang leader. That incident, however, was ridiculous; he ended up getting caught up with the Yakuza of all people.

The one who saved him back then was Ibuki Sumire.

After he got back that day, it happened too quickly. Shohei thought it was Ibuki who hurt him and made a huge deal out of it. However, the passing by Kirishima saw it differently and understood what had gone on. The next day and the following ones afterwards, the news spread like wildfire.

Many people who wanted revenge on Sumire believed that it would be their chance now. Indeed hearing that the Yakuza are after her translates to people that eventually she will die in their hands. Those people saw it as an opportunity to get to her before that happens.

At one point, Shin, too, thought to bring her down. But that all changed after she saved him. No, perhaps a long time before his opinion already changed. 'I won't let them lay a finger on her.' he said those words, despite being covered in injuries and could barely move. He stuck to those words to the very end.

To the point, it convinced the stubborn ginger head who misunderstood the situation. But that's when Shohei said it those words. His friend told him that she enamored him could only mean one thing.

There are many synonyms for it. To be in love with, infatuated with, besotted with, smitten with, love-struck by, captivated by, charmed by, enchanted by, fascinated by, bewitched by. Shin paused when he thought it through. He could continue this forever.

A list of words appeared in his head, entranced enraptured, keen on, taken with, head over heels for, under the spell of, consumed with desire for the other individual. In simpler terms, he was in love with her.

Shin considered the possibility, and even now, he was still thinking about the reason. One thing he could confirm was he couldn't brush it off as having another meaning. The other meaning being 'Admiration'. If he said it was that, then those two would have stopped bugging him about it.

Still, now that he has met her again. Shin doesn't understand whether he admired or respected her. If it's love, Shin will back down quickly. He would be fighting a losing battle.

Shin sighed as he recalled the events of earlier that day. 'Yuhi is so straight forward to the point it's harsh.' But Shin couldn't refute his words. His thoughts broke off when he spotted a certain brunette hair girl standing before him.

"Is there something you need?" Shin asked uncomfortably. He wants her to leave quickly.

Sumire pulled out a book from her bag. "Thank you for letting me borrow it. I enjoyed it."

That's right... Yuhi told him not to get involved romantically. But there is nothing wrong with him getting involved in the physics side.

"I see I'm glad to hear it. You know there are plenty of research materials here. You can't bring it with you, but you can come here and read."

Sumire looked reluctant, but she slowly nodded her head. "Okay."

That was quick.

But then again, he supposed she can use this place to hide out from the people who are always chasing her. They would never think to come here. Students need to knock before entry too. She ought to be safer here than anywhere else.

Sumire suddenly bent down. "Anyhow, where is that book you just mentioned?"

Sumire tried to remain calm, but he could not miss the excitement in her eyes. That was fast, indeed. She is surprisingly honest when it comes to this stuff. She is fast to jump at any opportunity people give her.

It seems like she has a real interest in Physics, but how does he get her to take it seriously...? Shin did not know why he was so focused on this. But he wanted to do something for her.

His thoughts broke when he remembered the events that happened at the shoot. This isn't the time for him to be doing this.

He should concentrate and think of how to solve that problem with that director. Otherwise, leader will chew him out on the matter. That guy is scary when he's mad too.

"Fufu. I think I found it." Sumire holds up a rather large paperback, "Is this the one?"

Shin recognized the title and nodded.

"It's long, though. I doubt you mind it?"

Sumire nodded. "Yup! I'll be looking forward to this."

Her violet orbs glimmering exactly like jewels, that innocent look on her face with her cheeks puffing up and the hint of red that shows up whenever she gets in close contact with someone. This person Shin wants to see more of it. More and more of those expressions. Even if it is against that person's will.

Like an equation, like a formula, this 'Interest'' Love' is ...complex.

But exactly like an equation, he can't pull away from her. Still, he recalled the expression on Yuhi's face. 'I won't do anything.' It would be wrong for him to intervene.

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