Eternal Melody

Chapter 248 - Don’t Overthink It

"Since you're free to talk have you heard about Quatro light?"

Sumire nodded and sighed. "It's going to be annoying. I don't mind them coming here but what if they trouble my dearest? Dear, don't worry I will protect you."

Yuhi chuckled. "Relax you don't need to worry so much."

Asuka quickly intervened. "They came not just for you but to test Yuhi."

To test Yuhi? Sumire recalled what Atushi said earlier and her eyes widened. Ah wait a moment---the fifth member Quatro light wants to recruit could it be Yuhi?

Yuhi and those guys? For some reason, she could see it working.

"Don't look so excited." Yuhi interrupted. "I know they like you."

Uh right, her dearest has jealousy issues and there is that thing from before. Although she wants to see them as a group it does not seem like it will be possible.

"When I get there I will test them myself."


Yuhi sighed. "Dear Sumire, I saw that look in your eyes just now."

"Uh." She laughed awkwardly. "If you don't want to you don't have to force yourself."

"Well it's not like I'm not interested. Those guys are quite good."

Hmmm her dearest actually gave them a compliment? Terashima Yuhi is the current number one in the entertainment industry. It isn't a stretch to say that receiving a compliment from him was something godlike. Now that she thought about it her dearest always compliments her singing.

"Not as good as my wife."

Sumire pouted. "Wait where is the ring?"

If he is going to call her his wife shouldn't there be a ring?

Yuhi pulled something out of his pocket and her cheeks turned red. "Wait you really got me one?"

"Your souvenir."

A ring for a souvenir? This man is so shameless!! Still, it made her happy knowing that he was actually considering the whole dating with marriage in mind.

"I think I understand now." Asuka suddenly spoke up. "Idiot couple.???


"I can't help it since she is so pretty."

She suddenly feels a lot more relaxed now. To think she felt tense this entire time. Then again spending every day with Sano is exhausting. She can't let her guard down just in case he tricks her. No matter how kind he is to her, there is a limit to that kindness.

"Yuhi, will you come back soon?"

She doesn't want to give birth without Yuhi by her side. These days her sickness is getting a lot worse, and Sano informed her that it would happen anytime soon. She needs Yuhi to be here.

"I will." Yuhi nodded. "So hang in there okay?"

After a few more words the call ended and Sumire sighed deeply. Hang in there huh? It isn't easy at all for her. Each day Yuhi is away from her the crazier she becomes.

Sano is taking his time. Although his actions make her uneasy, at least she isn't alone. When she is alone for a long time she ends up having such crazy thoughts.

Sumire tossed about on the bed for a few minutes before she decided to get up. Her entire body still felt bad but unlike earlier, she felt slightly better. The moment she stood up she heard a clattering sound by the balcony area.

For a few minutes, she paused and warily looked over at the spot but confidently walked over. The moment she opened the balcony door, she felt a heavyweight fall on her arms. That weight was none other than a person. But he immediately pulled away from her. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was.

"Sh-shin?" Sumire said startled.

"Hah…" Shin groaned in pain.

"Y--your hurt." She immediately panicked when she saw his bloody appearance.


She was about to extend her hand out but he slumped forward and he fell into her arms once more. "Shin…"

"'re safe."

Ah-huh she is safe. But what on earth is he talking about? He is the one who is this injured. What a fool. Then again this isn't the first time.


Sumire doesn't reply and leads him inside.


Her gaze fell on the first person who was fast asleep. Sano returned moments ago and patched up his wounds but Sumire was still worried. To think he got hurt to this extent. Although she frequently joked about Shin being weak, it was all a joke. Sumire understood how strong he was.

"He isn't dead, do you have to act this way?" Sano seemed very irritated.

Sumire however frantically shook her head. "I've never seen him this way before."

Shin is usually so calm and collected. This is the first time she has ever seen him in such a weak state.

Sano angrily grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet. He dragged her over to the adjacent room next door. "Sano--wait.."

He is kissing her harshly again before she could even think.


"Terashima aside, I don't like it when you're so concerned for other men."

Sumire deeply sighed when she heard those words. "He is only a friend. Why are you getting so worked up?"

"I know he likes you."

At that comment, Sumire flinched. It seems Sano has investigated the people around her. Her thoughts broke off when he leaned forward again and nibbled on her bottom lip. He moved his lips from her mouth to her ear, all the way down to her collarbone. She felt his free hand undo her shirt button and she flinched.

She shuddered at the brief contact of his lips on her skin and Sano paused. "Why are you still afraid?"


"It's okay for others to touch you but not me?"

That isn't the point here. While he does make a point, she does not flinch when it comes to other people. But if it is him she ends up immediately disgusted.

Sumire couldn't miss the sadness in his tone and eyes when he said those words. This is so troublesome. She needs Yuhi to come back soon. Her dearest is the perfect weapon to chase away people like Sano. Indeed when Yuhi is by her, Sano does not go overboard. These days Sano tries to touch her more often, she is afraid what will happen if Yuhi leaves for long.

But her only other option would be Atsuro. Aaagh, that one is no good either. She needs somebody else who is a good medic - then she wouldn't have to put up with this treatment.

She could easily go to another hospital. But what hospital would respect her privacy so much? The answer is none at least in Tokyo. If it were back home then she knew it would be safe but in this place? As much as she dislikes Sanos advances at the very least he is keeping her safe. There has been no coverage from the media about her being hospitalized let alone any leakage of her pregnancy.

She has to put up with this.

"Don't overthink it," Sumire mumbled. "You said it yourself that I no longer dislike you."

The anger in his eyes seemed to vanish and he loosened his grip on her wrist. "That's true."

Her wrist was swollen from Sano's grip and she rubbed her sore wrists to lessen the pain. Sano grabbed her wrist and bent down to place a gentle kiss on the now red spot. "Sorry, I don't mean to hurt you. But I just want you to understand. I really, really like you Sumire."

Psycho… that is the only word that would describe his bipolar like behavior. One second he behaves aa a monster and then the next he acts like an innocent animal. There must be something wrong with his head.

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