Eternal Melody

Chapter 249 - Enter Quatro Light

Before she could say anymore she heard a clattering sound from the room next door. She immediately pulled away from Sano and re-entered the room. A pale face Shin was leaning against the wall by the exit breathing heavily. Sweat clung to his skin and his face was even redder than before.

Sumire rushed over. "Shin!"

"....I'm fine. I need to.." In the next second Shin coughed out a large amount of blood.

She bent down and wiped his lips with her handkerchief but more blood came out.

"I wouldn't move so much, they poisoned you." Sano pointed out.


Shin sighed. "A poison fog? I'm not fast enough to escape that situation."

A poison fog? Sumire bit her lip. The only way for the enemy to make that move is for the entire place to be evacuated. It would have to be in an area that has no people. She recalled the incident that happened not too long ago when she first came here. It cant be the same one.

"Sumire you should...go….and find Atsuro."


"Those people...are after you. It's not safe anywhere else."

Indeed Shin makes a valid point there. Even if Sano keeps her safe, he only has the power to do that for normal people. But what if those people like herself and Shin attack? Right now she is a sensitive time frame of her pregnancy. Any day now she will give birth, it is too risky.

Sanos gaze dimmed and her sweat fell. Uh she won't be able to get away even if she wanted to.

Shin glanced over at Sano. "You should think about what is best for her."


Sano did not reply but she gradually felt the atmosphere grow even more tense.

"It's okay Shin. Sano protects me quite well, I will be fine." Sumire quickly said.

"Is Yuhi not back yet?"

"No.." She trailed off and warily looked over at Sano. "But if you're so concerned. Quatro light are coming here." They are most-likely on their way already. She wouldn't be surprised if she saw them tomorrow.

Shin blinked surprised at her announcement. "They followed you?"

Sumire deeply sighed. "I should have known better." If she knew they were going to follow her she wouldn't have told them where she was going.

"No this is a good thing. I am afraid that I will have a hard time protecting you." Shin coughed again. "Sumire you have to contact them, tell them what's been happening here."


Is she really in danger this time? Exactly what did he see in that place and how did he get so many wounds? Sumire paused as something came to mind. That abnormal earthquake from earlier is related to him? If it is like that then it makes sense.


Four hours later

It was easier than she thought it would be persuading Sano if she could go out and search. She contacted Asuka again and apparently they were in Tokyo already. She was walking very slowly and had to take breaks from time to time due to her poor condition. This is the first time her body has felt this weak before.

Aahh no good she is getting dizzy again. Sumire looked around the area she was in, she was in a residential looking area not the main streets. She skimmed the place and saw a bench not too far from where she was.

"Easy there."

Sumire blinked when she heard a familiar voice. Huh? This voice is-- she opened her eyes and saw a tall man with spiky silver hair and pale skin. A man with one silver coloured eyes and one purple eye.

"R--Ran?!!" Sumire exclaimed.

Ran sighed. "Your voice is still as loud as ever." He trailed off. "Let me put you down."

Sumire quickly realized their position and she nodded as he gently placed her back onto the bench.

She stared dumbfounded at the man before her. To think she would find one this quickly. Spotting the guitar on his back she immediately understood. Ah, it must have been a street live. Ran likes doing these type of concerts despite being very famous.

Iwa Ran, Quatro lights vice member. He was previously in a rock band, and he was one year her senior.


"Quit looking." Ran said irritated.


Ran looked troubled but quickly explained. "I actually came to find you. I received word that you were looking for us so I thought it would be easier to come to you."

"The others?"


Working already? They just got here. Then again Quatro light is popular. A deep sigh passed her lips. "Will you tell me why you guys came here?"

She still doesn't understand what they are doing here.

At that comment Ran leaned forward and grabbed her cheeks. He stretched them and said irritated. "Because you're a huge idiot! Don't you know the media intends to continue harassing you? Haven't you heard the latest rumors? Its very bad Sumire."

Sumire blinked surprised at his words. The media is saying negative stuff about her? But she hasn't heard-- Sumire recalled Sano rushing off and being on the phone a lot. Now that she thought about it could those phone calls be about her situation? She thought it through and immediately analyzed Sanos behaviour. So that is why he was so adamant about letting her go out. Ah it all made sense to her.

"Really you're so foolish, what am I going to do with you?"

"For one quit pinching my cheeks! I'm fragile!"

Ran rolled his eyes at that comment. "I'm sure you are--" He paused and looked over at her stomach with a frown. "Are you really pregnant?"


"It's definitely Mamorus?"

Sumire mustered her strength to step on his foot and Ran yelped in pain. "Hey I was just making sure. I mean you slept with Atsuro and you have a weird relationship with that doctor…"

"That's enough! What do you take me for?!"

Ran sighed. "I'm just concerned. I don't want you to end up disappointed if it isn't his."

Indeed that could happen. But she still strongly believes that this child is hers and Rus. Her gaze darted towards Ran. "Where are you staying?"

"We rented out an apartment. The company said it was too much of a hassle for the four of us to live individually."

Ah she supposes that made sense.

"So now you've found me, what's your next move?"

"You ought to stay with us." Ran said after much thought.

Wait, wait what? She ought to-- Sumire scanned his expression and saw the concerned look on his eyes. It seems this person is very concerned. Normally Ran is the type who would ignore rumors but for him to take this seriously, the current situation must be very bad right now.

"It's okay Ran."

Besides, she is worried about those peoples movements. Sir Fredrick propose a truce with her, if she doesnt stay in his place for the next few days won't he turn hostile? Sano aside, those people are very troublesome. She has to be very careful.

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